Quick Help for a Friend

The pregnant lady down the street shared her thoughts for a girl this morning:
Sibyl/Sybil, Millicent, Frieda & Phyllida (which is as close to Phyllis as I’ve ever seen)!  This would be a sister for Byron.
Her potential brother list is smaller still: Lysander, Leon, Leander & Lucan (which she’s not so sure about) I suggested Hugo, Samson & Tillo/Tycho (somehow I thought with poetic Byron, Tycho was a pretty good fit).

I just thought it would be nice to share her list and potentially ask for suggestions for her, she’s due in June!  So here it is, a plea for suggestions! 

Thanks gang!


Philippa once again

Have been mulling Philippa yet again. Philippa Saskia Violet is the standard bearer but I’ve been thinking more “fun” than “solid” and came up with these few:

Philippa Lucy Jane
Philippa Ruby Jane
Philippa Romilly Elinor
Philippa Ottilie Pearl

So I’ve got ‘fun& cute’ twice, a little ‘trendy’ one, once and a ‘musty oddball’ one. And Philippa Saskia Violet is still on the wildcard list (but may be moving North soon).  I’m really liking the thought of Josephine & Philippa! And I even talked to Yvonne (the Swedish GF) who said as long as I was okay with hearing  just ‘Philippa’ from her, she could accept that. 🙂  Makes me happy, as I’m not entirely adoring of Pippa myself, it would be an occasional nickname at best. She’d be Pip or Pippin far more often at home, I think!

I’m really drawn to Philippa again. I heavily considered it for Josephine but ended up writing it off because it’s not exactly family. I say “exactly” because my Great Auntie Lesley’s married surname was Philips, so it could be considered a slightly honoring sort of name, perhaps.  What do you think? And yes, I like simply Philip as well, but we have three friends who are either named Philip/Phillip or have a son named so.

Anything up there strike you as “better” than Philippa Saskia Violet? or is she the keeper here? All thoughts are most welcome, as always!

Edith, revisited

I’m still thinking about Edith. I have my standard bearer, the one on the list: Edith Viola Petronel, which I’m still loving.

But I had a new thought yesterday, Edith Moon. yeah, Hippie thread on BtN. I’m a closet Hippie, thanks Mom & Pop! and I have to admit, the thought of Edith Moon ___  or Edith __ Moon really intrigues me. I tried out Edith ___ Moon first, as that’s how closet a Hippie I am and came up with these few that really wow me:

Edith Eulalie Moon
Edith Fenella Moon
Edith India Moon
Edith Raphaela Moon
Edith Roxana Moon
Edith Clarissa Moon

What do you think?  Anything there that looks better than Edith Viola Petronel? Or even Edith Zenobia Violet, which held place for a few weeks?  Sorry for the short post today, We’re off to the park (if it’s not raining by lunchtime)!


Thanks for any & all thoughts, they are most appreciated!  😀


Yes, he’s back. 🙂 I was thinking Edgar around Xmas time last year and he’s resurfaced in my quest to put something “on the charts” on a boy. I realised the other day that all the boys names on our list bar Edward, Francis, Oscar (all wildcards) and Arthur are fairly odd, if you get my meaning.

So Edgar. He intrigues me more than Edward. Maybe it’s because of “Twilight” (which was fine but I’m no 16 year old girl anymore and ho hum, am bored with hearing about “teh hot vampire”. Enough already!

Edgar Frog is where my brain goes first. Yeah, I’m generally a vampire fan, but Edgar was a vampire hunter in “Lost Boys” and I’m the perfect age to be a huge fan of that flick! Edgar Rice Burroughs is next for me, Tarzan & John Carter rule! 🙂 Then Edgar Allan Poe third, Big fan of him here. Off the top of my head, there’s also Edgar Degas, he of the ballerinas on canvas and Edgar Cayce, American psychic, too. I’m sure there’s a handful I’m still missing but these few are what I first associate Edgar with myself.

I like Edgar, his brooding, Gothic vibe really appeals to me. But then, deep down inside, I’m a Gothgirl. 🙂 He’s also a bit pugnacious feeling to me, anyone else get that sort of vibe?

Have been thinking combos but only have beginnings:
Edgar Ignatius (for the patriarch)
Edgar Damien
Edgar Conan (Because Arthur doesn’t work, two ‘r’ enders together 😦   )
Edgar John (bland yes, but it’s one of Pop’s middles)
Edgar Blaise/Bleys (Blaise for the Math, Bleys for Zelazny!)
Edgar Graham (His grandpop, too ggg-y?)
Edgar Magnus (just because)
Edgar Florian (I LOVE Florian but realise it’s too flowery for a Yank boy)
Edgar Tiberius (for Kirk)
Edgar Rudolf (because I love him)
Edgar Jocelin (because it’s one of my favorite gone girly boys names and I know better than to use it up front)
Edgar Morgan (Piratey & rummy)
Edgar Xerxes (because I dig the sound and love the strength)
Edgar Malcolm (Malcolm sounds cartoony with my surname up front, so I think he fis well in the middle)
Edgar Maxim (still trying to fit my G. Uncle’s name in somewhere)
Edgar Valentin (another G. Ucle and Pop in a roundabout way)
Edgar Porfirio (Sweet! I love the swoosh of Porfirio!)
Edgar Cotton (as a nod to NE)
Edgar Hugh (I think Hugh softens Edgar up a bit)
Edgar Taliesin (Because I like the myth and have a friend with the name too [‘husband’ of my GF Sue])
Edgar August (For Mom)
Edgar Barnaby (Barnaby lightens up Edgar nicely)
Edgar Malachy (another lightener upper?)
Edgar Phineas (I like his expansive feel next to Edgar)
Edgar Peregrin (as a nod to da MAN)
Edgar Maxfield (for  Parrish, our favorite Artist)
Edgar Lucius (maybe Lucius isn’t so heavy in the middle?)
Edgar Miles/Milo (Still thinking about this one from Josephine)
Edgar Laszlo (One of the G. G. Uncles)


And that’s where my brain stops.  There’s a couple (well, more than a couple) that I really like up there. I was trying to stick those more “out there” names he likes in the middle just because I can and I think Edgar carries off the “odd in the middle” quite well.


 What do you think of Edgar these days and does anything up there jump out at you?  Let me know, please? 😀


I think everyone knows I’m completely taken with India at the moment. I have her in two different combos in the middle:

Maud India Scarlett
Clementine India Jane

But am still toying with India possibly up front. What do you think of these possible pairings?

India Callisto Elinor
India Clementine Jane (why not?)
India Frances Elinor
India Elinor Valentine
India Frances Isobel
India Lucy Kathleen
India Mathilda Irene
India Margery Primrose
India Lily Marigold
India Lily Winifred
India Mehetabel Jane
India Lucy Raphaela
India Alice Valentina
India Lily Gwendolen
India Ivy Marguerite
India Esme Lavender
India Violet Mathilde
India Aurelia Violet
India Gwendolyn Adele

Anything there make India a bit more appealing as a first name?  there’s a half dozen up there I’m really digging. I’m finding I really like India with C names, M names and L names next to her (and that’s the only clues you’re going to get for now).   What do you think about India, alone? As a set? Usable? No? Talk to me!  😀

Ruby Marilyn

I’m loving this tiny pairing right now. Ruby warms Marilyn right up. And Marilyn is one of my favorite Aunties on Mom’s side that’s still alive. I love her to pieces! And of course, Ruby’s for me, the July kid.

But what to pair her with?  I have a few thoughts:

India Ruby Marilyn
Edith Ruby Marilyn
Esmée Ruby Marilyn
Beatrix Ruby Marilyn
Imogen Ruby Marilyn
Ottilie Ruby Marilyn
Xanthe Ruby Marilyn
Fenella Ruby Marilyn (yeah, he suggested this one!)
Mina Ruby Marilyn


Anything there jump out at you? I’m liking a few but don’t want to say anything now as to sway anyone. I want first thoughts on these, really. What do you like here? Or not?   Let me know!



Quick decision!

Trying to decide which one belongs in 10th place, here they are, you tell me:

Winifred Elinor Plum
Araminta Violet Isobel
Xanthe Iris Dorothea

Which one would you pick? Why?





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