Xanthe Redux

I am still crushing on Xanthe. I know, I know, she’s not the most fitting sister for Josephine but I adore Xanthe as much as Josephine. Also, if you crush on a name for more than a year, is it still a crush name? 😀

Either way, I still adore Xanthe and thought to try her out paired with another, longer love: India. I’d much rather India in the middle where her overtones are hidden a bit. Next to Xanthe, India shines for me.

Here are a handful of combos I came up with earlier, what do you think of them?

Xanthe India June
Xanthe India Lenore
Xanthe India Violet (maybe too much color?)
Xanthe India Annabel
Xanthe India Margaret
Xanthe India Rosamund
Xanthe India Gwendolyn

Anything jump out at you?

Just wondering. I’d love to hear thoughts on Xanthe, Xanthe India & the full combos I’ve got. Anyone? 🙂

As always, thanks a million for reading!


Alright, I can lay this infatuation at Emmy Jo’s feet, I first realised just how much I liked it after reading her “Names that Sound Like No Other” post and have been toying with the idea of Rosamund ever since. This is one of my favorite 499px-queen_eleanor__fair_rosamund         pictures, ever.  I love the imps & the cherubs!  This is the reason I cannot stand the spelling Eleanor (or Aliénor or  Éléonore as well) and prefer Elinor.  Nevermind that Elinor is family and Eleanor is not.

Fair Rosamund Clifford has been a fascination for me since I was a small child and wow, would I love to use Rosamund up front but have hit a brick wall, in terms of nicknames. I already have a Josephine, Josie and while Josephine & Rosamund look spectacular together, and while I don’t mind full names rhyming a bit, I think Josie & Rosie is a bit much. Then again, they don’t exactly rhyme. Josie is jo-see, Rosie would be rose-ee. But that’s likely to just be here, at home, even though Josie’s already taken to correcting people at school, as she did last week.  Whether she keeps that up with her peers is something I’m leaving up to her. What I’m looking for are other possible nicknames for Rosamund. Are there any? I can’t think of a single thing but then, I’m a bit brain dead at the moment.  Can anyone help?  I’d really appreciate it!  Thanks!

I have a few beginnings, not sure if it’ll go further but here they are, see if anything jumps:

Rosamund Cora, Mina
Rosamund Ivy
Rosamund Xanthe, Sophie, Oona
Rosamund Clara, Helen
Rosamund Alice, Ruby, Frances
Rosamund Viola
Rosamund Lydia
Rosamund Lucy, Pearl
Rosamund Sylvie, Tilley
Rosamund Sibyl


So overall, what do you think? Am I nuts?


Alright, I’ve been trying to get people to call *me* Cleo since I was two and have failed miserably. 😀    So I keep coming back to her for another girl. yeah, I’d use Cleopatra for myself, even now but not on a kid, she was too nasty a bint, ruined it. So Cleo it is. (I love Clio, the muse but seeing as how Verity already has a daughter ‘named’ Clio… I feel I should go back to my first love). Still sticking with Cleo Portia; I have a whole bunch of combos to sift through, wanna help? 🙂

Cleo Portia Clementine
Cleo Portia Matilde
Cleo Portia Delphine
Cleo Portia Rupinder
Cleo Portia Melisande
Cleo Portia Rosamund
Cleo Portia Katharine
Cleo Portia Valentina
Cleo Portia Bluebell
Cleo Portia Clotilde


My favorites are Cleo Portia Clementine. Cleo Portia Matilde, Cleo Portia Rupinder (yes, still trying to fit her somewhere, I think here is Perfect!), Cleo Portia Rosamund & Cleo Portia Katharine (Katharine might balance Cleo & Portia a fair bit).  But couldn’t pick one if my life depended on it. (well, maybe Cleo Portia Rupinder).

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks! 😀