Philippa once again

Have been mulling Philippa yet again. Philippa Saskia Violet is the standard bearer but I’ve been thinking more “fun” than “solid” and came up with these few:

Philippa Lucy Jane
Philippa Ruby Jane
Philippa Romilly Elinor
Philippa Ottilie Pearl

So I’ve got ‘fun& cute’ twice, a little ‘trendy’ one, once and a ‘musty oddball’ one. And Philippa Saskia Violet is still on the wildcard list (but may be moving North soon).  I’m really liking the thought of Josephine & Philippa! And I even talked to Yvonne (the Swedish GF) who said as long as I was okay with hearing  just ‘Philippa’ from her, she could accept that. 🙂  Makes me happy, as I’m not entirely adoring of Pippa myself, it would be an occasional nickname at best. She’d be Pip or Pippin far more often at home, I think!

I’m really drawn to Philippa again. I heavily considered it for Josephine but ended up writing it off because it’s not exactly family. I say “exactly” because my Great Auntie Lesley’s married surname was Philips, so it could be considered a slightly honoring sort of name, perhaps.  What do you think? And yes, I like simply Philip as well, but we have three friends who are either named Philip/Phillip or have a son named so.

Anything up there strike you as “better” than Philippa Saskia Violet? or is she the keeper here? All thoughts are most welcome, as always!

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  1. ysaxenia
    Mar 31, 2009 @ 23:52:51

    I’m not very attracted to Philippa, it may be something about the “ph” sound. Curious, as I do like Philomena. Pippa is so spritely, I think Pippy Longstocking! Also, a random thought- there was a book I used to read as a child called “Pippo,” I think he was a hippo. Really cute. 😀 I actually like Philippa better on a girl or a young adult, but on an older person she seems a little musty, and I’m not sure if Pippa could carry through to adulthood.

    As for the combos, I am deeply in love with your original, Philippa Saskia Violet! You are so lucky to have a Saskia in your family, I would leap for the chance to use her somewhere if I were you. Saskia with both Violet and Jane enchant me. Of these, nothing stands out further than PSV. Philippa Lucy Jane and Philippa Ruby Jane are sweet, but don’t have nearly as much character as your original! Philippa Romilly Elinor is super heavy to the ears, and sort of a forest green. My favorite of the newbies is Philippa Ottilie Pearl, but I think putting the not widely admired names Philippa and Ottilie in the same combo is pushing it a bit (not my opinion, but the general public, perhaps even within the revolutionary name community. But hey, you’re fine with being the funky oddball, right? :P) I think what makes Philippa Saskia Violet so attractive is that she manages to be old-fashioned yet all three names have this kick to them which really brings the combination to life. I wouldn’t tamper with it!


  2. Lola
    Apr 01, 2009 @ 08:59:03

    I am indeed fine with being “funky, odd man out” wherever I go. It’s been that way since Grammar school.

    Then Philippa Saskia Violet stays for sure. He’ll just have to get over Romilly. 🙂 I’m still trying to get her on the official list. She’s down in wildcards, I think right now because he’d rather Araminta, Zuleika or Henrietta. I think Philippa’s odd enough and still feels familiar enough that she’d be easier to live with. Or am I feeling wrongly? Not entirely sure yet but working on it!


  3. realpraise
    Apr 03, 2009 @ 11:53:47

    I am totally in love with Philippa. Why, I don’t know, but with the nickname Flip I flop ;). Philippa Saskia Violet is so lovely I can hardly stand it!


  4. Lola
    Apr 03, 2009 @ 12:34:43

    Aww, Realpraise, Flip reminds me of a girl I knew as a kid: Flipper. I kid you not. She was the cousin of the girl next door, Helena (hel-AY-nah). I know it was a nickname, but we never addressed her as anything but Flipper and I only hung out with her during the summer (she lived in the same little town as my Babci) so whatever name she was known by in school, I’ll never know.

    Philippa for me would be Pip or Pippin more likely, with Pippa coming in third (I think). She’s definitely rising in my own estimation!

    Thanks for the thoughts! (how nice to see you here too!)


  5. babynamelover
    Apr 23, 2009 @ 17:58:32

    Philippa Ottilie Pearl is so lovely


  6. Lola
    Apr 23, 2009 @ 18:49:31

    Thanks dear, She’s somewhere in the Wildcards, but maybe in the offline set. I have too many “We like these a lot & would love to use them” combos vs. “Wow, we love these best and will use one of these” (Top 10).


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