Quick Help for a Friend

The pregnant lady down the street shared her thoughts for a girl this morning:
Sibyl/Sybil, Millicent, Frieda & Phyllida (which is as close to Phyllis as I’ve ever seen)!  This would be a sister for Byron.
Her potential brother list is smaller still: Lysander, Leon, Leander & Lucan (which she’s not so sure about) I suggested Hugo, Samson & Tillo/Tycho (somehow I thought with poetic Byron, Tycho was a pretty good fit).

I just thought it would be nice to share her list and potentially ask for suggestions for her, she’s due in June!  So here it is, a plea for suggestions! 

Thanks gang!

Philippa once again

Have been mulling Philippa yet again. Philippa Saskia Violet is the standard bearer but I’ve been thinking more “fun” than “solid” and came up with these few:

Philippa Lucy Jane
Philippa Ruby Jane
Philippa Romilly Elinor
Philippa Ottilie Pearl

So I’ve got ‘fun& cute’ twice, a little ‘trendy’ one, once and a ‘musty oddball’ one. And Philippa Saskia Violet is still on the wildcard list (but may be moving North soon).  I’m really liking the thought of Josephine & Philippa! And I even talked to Yvonne (the Swedish GF) who said as long as I was okay with hearing  just ‘Philippa’ from her, she could accept that. 🙂  Makes me happy, as I’m not entirely adoring of Pippa myself, it would be an occasional nickname at best. She’d be Pip or Pippin far more often at home, I think!

I’m really drawn to Philippa again. I heavily considered it for Josephine but ended up writing it off because it’s not exactly family. I say “exactly” because my Great Auntie Lesley’s married surname was Philips, so it could be considered a slightly honoring sort of name, perhaps.  What do you think? And yes, I like simply Philip as well, but we have three friends who are either named Philip/Phillip or have a son named so.

Anything up there strike you as “better” than Philippa Saskia Violet? or is she the keeper here? All thoughts are most welcome, as always!