Quick Help for a Friend

The pregnant lady down the street shared her thoughts for a girl this morning:
Sibyl/Sybil, Millicent, Frieda & Phyllida (which is as close to Phyllis as I’ve ever seen)!  This would be a sister for Byron.
Her potential brother list is smaller still: Lysander, Leon, Leander & Lucan (which she’s not so sure about) I suggested Hugo, Samson & Tillo/Tycho (somehow I thought with poetic Byron, Tycho was a pretty good fit).

I just thought it would be nice to share her list and potentially ask for suggestions for her, she’s due in June!  So here it is, a plea for suggestions! 

Thanks gang!

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  1. audeline
    Mar 31, 2009 @ 13:39:21

    Ohh Frieda! I love Frieda so much! Byron and Frieda aww!

    I actually don’t have any combos though. My “Frieda” combo is Jane Siegfrieda and I never went past that. Frieda Frieda Frieda!

    I definitely like Leon best out of her boys. The others have always struck me as a bit wimpy and current. Leon’s bold and ancient and bemused. And regal! Byron and Leon are such regal brothers.

    Um. Maybe she would like Loius / Louisa. Nigel? That seems a bit nerdy next to the ones she has. Ralph? or prn Rafe? Walter? Faust, as long as we are being boldly literary? Ylva, Zelda, Cecily, Frances, Inga, Ingrid, Augusta?


  2. Lola
    Mar 31, 2009 @ 13:57:59

    Ooh, thanks Audeline! Walter’s fabulous! I’ll toss that at her later, for sure. Louis or Louisa too. And Ralph/Rafe/Raphael too. I’m not sure I want to toss Zelda at her, I love that one far too much myself! But Cecily, Frances, Ingrid & Augusta are fair game, indeed. And I’ll tell her she’s got at least one fan in Frieda, I’m rather fond of her too. But tops on her list for me is Sibyl/Sybil, whichever way it’s spelled. It’s literary, like Byron, soft, sweet and strong. I prefer Sibyl, looks wise but most everyone else automatically assumes Sybil.

    Thanks a million, she’s sort of stressing a bit, doesn’t know what she’s having (they like the surprise) but can’t decide. She hit me up because I’m always talking names :I heard this one at the mall yesterday, what do you think? How about this one from the library?: That sort of thing. And she thought I might find something that just pops for her. I told her I’d ask my online friends and see what they thought. Thank you so much! 😀


  3. ysaxenia
    Mar 31, 2009 @ 15:04:54

    Ooh, what a fabulous list! Learning of people like these gives me hope for the names of the future generation. 😛

    I think Sybil and Byron go very well together. Millicent with Byron, not so much, but I know a Millicent that goes by Millie who is my age, and she is the sweetest girl. Phyllida is the name of my second aunt who wrote a few childrens’ books in South Africa. I definitely like Phyllida better than Phyllis, but wow, maybe not ready to bring that one back yet! Frieda is so very cool.

    I like the boys even more! Lysander would easily be my favorite, although I’m not sure on his usability. Maybe? I don’t know. Leander would come in second. I don’t think Leon and Byron go together as well as some of her other options. Walter is dashing! Byron and Walter would be so cute.

    Ok, I’ve slightly cheated by using Nymbler:

    I hope this helped. Tell her congrats, and good luck!


  4. appellationmountain
    Mar 31, 2009 @ 15:14:54

    Hmmm … I like ysaxenia’s ideas of Claudia and Evander. Oh – and Simeon.

    Byron and Evander, Byron and Simeon – they sound like sibs.

    From her original list, I’d choose Leander for a boy. It splits the difference between Leon and Lysander and gives her a way to use Leo as a nickname. I like Byron and Leander together, too.

    I like Byron and Hugo, too. Hugo Leander or Hugo Lysander both work. (Depending on surname.)

    Byron and Claudia is great, though I also like Byron and Cecily.

    Hmmm … I’ll also suggest:



    I’m not sure if I’m getting her style quite right, though. She’s got great taste in names – it must be a treat to hear parents call out names in your neighborhood!


  5. Lola
    Mar 31, 2009 @ 15:58:24

    Thanks Gang! She is going to be so happy tomorrow! I now have a big list for her, thanks to you guys!

    I’m just copying down all of these and handing them to her with a “I have awesome friends online, here are their suggestions for Byron’s sibling”
    I’m really digging the suggestions of Simeon (I think everyone know how much I love this one), Matthias, Felix & Evander for boys, Claudia, Antonia, Penelope & Rhea (Wow!) But really, I’m going to give them all to her. Again, you folks are completely awesome, Thanks! 😀

    And Verity, it is a great neighborhood for names. As the weather warms up, I’ll be spending my early after supper hour outdoors and I’ll make a note of what I hear and post it here. I know three of the ladies in the area had babies within the last 2 months and there are four more due between June & September (or maybe October, I forget). The older kids have decent, if somewhat bland names: Laura (yeah, she’s 16 and lives across the street, talk about weirding me out!), Madeleine & Conor (her sibs), William, Vincent, Henry, Teodore, Willa & Paola are the few I can think of off the top of my head. Vincent & Henry are brothers and they have 2 little sisters whose names escape me at present. William has an older sister in college named Anne (I sort of expected that one) and Teo * Paola lives with their Grandparents at the top of the hill (we’re at the bottom) and he’s got 6 or 7 cousins that are over every weekend. Someday I’m going to get their names too. Willa’s three weeks older than Josie and turning into her bestest friend. Her folks are thinking about #2 from what I gather. And there’s the most recent gossip from the ‘hood! 😀


  6. Emmy Jo
    Mar 31, 2009 @ 21:36:03

    My favorite girls’ name from your friend’s list is Millicent, and I think Byron and Millicent sound good together. The best match to me might be Byron and Phyllida. I love Phyllida’s literary feel, but I can’t help thinking “phyllo dough” when I see her. 🙂 Byron and Sybil is another great match. I’m not a fan of Sybil, but for someone who is, I think she’s a great choice. I don’t really like Frieda, and I think it sounds odd with Byron. Of other people’s suggestions, I love Cecily and Augusta.

    On the boys’ list, I adore Byron and Lysander. Lysander is one of my literary loves, and the Y’s in both excite me. Byron and Leander is a close second (possibly more usable). I don’t really like Leon or Lucan here. Of your suggestions, I think Hugo is a great fit.

    A few that haven’t been suggested yet:



  7. Lola
    Apr 01, 2009 @ 08:54:32

    Emmy Jo, thanks! I wrote all these down and handed them to her this morning. She took the list home with her and I’ll see her later, when I pop over with Josie to play this afternoon after lunch. (we’ve found if we let them play for an hour after lunch, they actually nap for an hour or two! )And four year olds don’t nap much at all, normally.

    She seemed very excited by the long list(1 sde of a sheet of steno paper, girls on one side, boys on the other). I can’t wait to see what she says after lunch!


  8. Emmy Jo
    Apr 02, 2009 @ 13:24:24

    So what did she think?


    • Lola
      Apr 02, 2009 @ 13:58:50

      She loved the list and gave me a few that they liked in particualr: Frances, Claudia, Cordelia, Sylvia & Louis, Walter, Felix, Linus, Giles & Evander. I’m still trying to sell Simeon to someone I know. I so wish I’d used it myself! She said Giles was an instant hit with him and she’s quite partial to Claudia. She’s due the 12th of June, so I’ll know soon enough what she had and what she’s using. I will post here immediately upon learning! 🙂


  9. Emmy Jo
    Apr 02, 2009 @ 14:38:01

    You may be able to sell me on Simeon when the time comes. My husband likes it (though he says he prefers Simon). He’s rejected my beloved Gideon because it alliterates with our last name; I think Simeon is probably the closest alternative.


    • Lola
      Apr 02, 2009 @ 16:04:39

      Oh very cool, Emmy Jo! I was all set to name him Simeon and when I looked at him, it just wasn’t him. I’m still wishing I’d just done it. Josephine proves to me once & for all that kids do grow into their names.
      He’s 23 this July and I’m still wishing I had named him Simeon instead of going with the tamer Simon. Talk about namer’s remorse, hmm? I’m not beating myself up over it but I would love to see Simeon used by someone other than myself. It’s such an awesome name!


  10. babynamelover
    Apr 23, 2009 @ 17:57:00

    How is she going? not long to go now! What about Homer, Arnold, Ernest, Ivor, Percival or Roscoe

    Magdalene, Ramona, Templa, Dulcima, Wilhelmina or Zita.


  11. Lola
    Apr 23, 2009 @ 18:46:55

    Ooh, I’ll ht her up woth those next time I see her (which will probably be at the BBQ on Sunday afternoon. Josie & Byron are becoming fast friends! Ramona would be awesome! 😀


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