I think everyone knows I’m completely taken with India at the moment. I have her in two different combos in the middle:

Maud India Scarlett
Clementine India Jane

But am still toying with India possibly up front. What do you think of these possible pairings?

India Callisto Elinor
India Clementine Jane (why not?)
India Frances Elinor
India Elinor Valentine
India Frances Isobel
India Lucy Kathleen
India Mathilda Irene
India Margery Primrose
India Lily Marigold
India Lily Winifred
India Mehetabel Jane
India Lucy Raphaela
India Alice Valentina
India Lily Gwendolen
India Ivy Marguerite
India Esme Lavender
India Violet Mathilde
India Aurelia Violet
India Gwendolyn Adele

Anything there make India a bit more appealing as a first name?  there’s a half dozen up there I’m really digging. I’m finding I really like India with C names, M names and L names next to her (and that’s the only clues you’re going to get for now).   What do you think about India, alone? As a set? Usable? No? Talk to me!  😀