The Boy List!

I know I announced our top boy name. It’s very likely that should this one have boy parts, he’ll be Rex. I just can’t get enough of Rex and I know my instincts are right in that he’s going to rise some more. Don’t ask me how, I just *know*. ;D

But we do have a small list, which Rex tops, just in case he’s clearly ‘not’ a Rex. It happens, and did happen with Simon, so I want to be prepared. Call me the boy scout of name nerds, but I like having stuff on hand for all eventualities!

With that said,here’s our small but handsome boys list:

Rex Aurelian Arthur: Tried Rex Arthur Aurelian but I like the flow better the way we’ve got it now.

Cosmo Henry George: I just can’t make myself take Coz off the list. He doesn’t sit perfectly with my other boys but he honors my dearest Great Granddad, and is absolutely staying, in case he suits. Henry George is for His Grandpop, well, Henry is. George is for the Trek nerd in us/My Pop’s patron St.George.

Remy Edward Xavier: Remy MacKenzie is too awesome for me to pass on just yet. And the possibility of Rex as a nickname (look at his initials!), just fabulous!

Rufus Wilder John: Rufus because we love him and he feels like family. Wilder’s one of the few family surnames that feels masculine to me and John is for Him, it’s his second middle.

Barnaby Edward Rex: Because Barnaby is so fun to say. 🙂 Actually, he’s in our favorite shared musical “Hello Dolly” (which is the only Streisand film I like). Edward for my Uncle & his oldest boy, my cousin. Rex, because Rex is stellar.

Clarence John Porfirio: Clarence is one of His cousins. The cousin goes by Ren, which is why I didn’t make thhe connection. We’d call ours Clancy. John’s for Him, Porfirio’s been my favorite name since I was 2.

and last but not least –
Cassius Barnaby Rex: Cassius because He loves it, Barnaby for *us* and Rex because he’s awesome.

So there you are, what do you think?

And, as always, thanks for reading!

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  1. Emmy Jo
    Apr 17, 2011 @ 23:38:57

    Hi, Lola! I just saw the news on Appellation Mountain that you are expecting, and I wanted to say congratulations! How many weeks along are you?

    Rex Aurelian Arthur is quite regal … and I like that he’d share a middle name with Julius. 🙂

    My favorite first names out of the others are Barnaby and Clarence. As full combos, I’m loving Rufus Wilder John (probably mainly for the “Wilder” bit), and Cassius Barnaby Rex probably has the most appealing flow to me as a combo. My least favorite first name is Remy.


  2. Lola
    Apr 18, 2011 @ 07:29:08

    Thanks Emmy Jo! I’m 13 weeks this Thursday. Thanks also for the good thoughts on Rex. I think Rex Arthur was a bit of “king” overkill, but he’s grown on me. Aurelian honors his Grandma: Aurelia. (Why he didn’t mention her earlier is beyond me!) Golden king of kings is ‘approximately’ what his combo means, since Arthur was a ‘king’ too.

    Remy’s not your cup of tuna, hmm? That’s okay. I think he’s lovely. So light & suave. Plus, Remy’d be Rex fairly often, if not 99% of the time.

    Clarence still thrills me as does Clancy. And Cassius is his second choice if he didn’t fit Rex! 😀 I’ll tell Him you like Cassius!
    Thanks again, Emmy Jo!


    • Emmy Jo
      Apr 18, 2011 @ 18:35:59

      I’ve had people say that Julius Arthur is a little too kingly as well, but I love it.


      • Lola
        Apr 18, 2011 @ 23:44:20

        I agree with that, Julius Arthur is fabulous! Very handsome & regal. Just fabulous!

        In a perfect world Josie’s brother would have been Julius. even He likes Julius (we think Groucho before monkey or juice)! But we really don’t like to double letters already used. We did it with Leo and what a headache it was the first few years, I learned to L/S everything because I’m an ‘L’ too. It’s why Jemima’s on the list so low. Even though Josie & Jemma sounds like a chhildren’s clothing line, so charming! Jemima for me would be Mim or Mimi before Jemma. So M instead of J on the calendar!

        Thanks for popping back!

  3. Names4Real
    Apr 18, 2011 @ 10:00:49

    Love Rex and Clancy and I must say, you have fabulous family names. I’m jealous. 🙂


  4. Lola
    Apr 18, 2011 @ 12:48:12

    Thanks, Names4real! I think the last generation was a set of fabulously named people, named by oter fabulously named folks. 😀 Sad to say, my generation doen’t have the same feel. We got more common/popular names. But we, the name deficient have been doing a fabulous job naming the next!

    Thanks for the props on Rex & Clancy! It’s nice to see Rex get some love, in particular. I’ve loved him since at least 2008 (check Appellation Mountain’s page on Rex, see the date & note “who” requested him ) 😀 That’s how long Rex has been on our list.


  5. youcantcallitit
    Apr 22, 2011 @ 07:43:27

    Congratulations Lola!!! I just read the exciting news.

    Rex is completely dashing, still unexpected, and so perfect with your crew. I was thinking about him recently in relation to Max and surprise it hasn’t caught on more… yet. Was watching a soccer game yesterday with OH and there was a player named Dax. I kind of love that one too, though if it were to take off here it would probably just come across as Kr8tyf.

    Cassius is on our list as well, but also because *he* loves it so much. I’m back and forth.


    • Lola
      Apr 22, 2011 @ 09:46:00

      Thanks Elisabeth! We’re over the moon and I can hardly wait ’til early November. 😀

      Rex is pretty fabulous, isn’t he? I’ve been seeing him in all sorts of places lately. A commercial for “Your Baby Can Read”, a toy or three. One’s a GI Joe/Power Ranger sort of hybrid!

      So I just know Rex is perfect for us. Cassius charms me to my toes, but is a long short because of my nicknaming propensity. Cass is not his favorite nn for Cassius (Cash is more his thing) but I’m not sold on Cash! So he sits low on the list while we quibble Cass/Cash.

      Thanks for stopping by! (and I’ll go respond to PGA in a short bit).


  6. English Kate
    Apr 22, 2011 @ 08:50:12

    Hi Lola, congratulations on your pregnancy 🙂 I’ve just spent a charming half an hour reading your last few posts and mulling over the names within them. Your top choices have changed a bit since I last had a nose through them (e.g. the addition of Penelope and Guinevere) but remain utterly delightful! I couldn’t choose between your boys names but Rex Aurelian Arthur has a great flow to it and I love the regal sound. I’ll stop by again when I get the chance…


    • Lola
      Apr 22, 2011 @ 09:52:55

      Oh, lovely to see you again, Kate! Thanks so much, we’re very excited too. 😀

      Yes, things have changed a little bit, our tastes changed a bit *and* I gave Him a bit more leeway on the choices too. He’s far more OTT than I. I’d be happy to have a George, Willem or Arthur. He prefers stronger, more uncommon names. We try to balance between us though and I’d like to think we did a fair job on the boys in particular! Looking forward to hearing more from you!


  7. neschria
    May 09, 2011 @ 20:45:49

    I think Rex is a winner. Rex Aurelian Arthur? Very nice!
    My second choice would be Cassius Barnaby Rex.


  8. Andrew Martin
    Aug 23, 2011 @ 23:46:30

    The Rex combo is pretty awesome in itself. But if the little one isn’t a Rex, these stood out to me from your list.

    Remy Edward Xavier
    Barnaby Edward Rex
    Cassius Barnaby Rex


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