Yes, he’s back. 🙂 I was thinking Edgar around Xmas time last year and he’s resurfaced in my quest to put something “on the charts” on a boy. I realised the other day that all the boys names on our list bar Edward, Francis, Oscar (all wildcards) and Arthur are fairly odd, if you get my meaning.

So Edgar. He intrigues me more than Edward. Maybe it’s because of “Twilight” (which was fine but I’m no 16 year old girl anymore and ho hum, am bored with hearing about “teh hot vampire”. Enough already!

Edgar Frog is where my brain goes first. Yeah, I’m generally a vampire fan, but Edgar was a vampire hunter in “Lost Boys” and I’m the perfect age to be a huge fan of that flick! Edgar Rice Burroughs is next for me, Tarzan & John Carter rule! 🙂 Then Edgar Allan Poe third, Big fan of him here. Off the top of my head, there’s also Edgar Degas, he of the ballerinas on canvas and Edgar Cayce, American psychic, too. I’m sure there’s a handful I’m still missing but these few are what I first associate Edgar with myself.

I like Edgar, his brooding, Gothic vibe really appeals to me. But then, deep down inside, I’m a Gothgirl. 🙂 He’s also a bit pugnacious feeling to me, anyone else get that sort of vibe?

Have been thinking combos but only have beginnings:
Edgar Ignatius (for the patriarch)
Edgar Damien
Edgar Conan (Because Arthur doesn’t work, two ‘r’ enders together 😦   )
Edgar John (bland yes, but it’s one of Pop’s middles)
Edgar Blaise/Bleys (Blaise for the Math, Bleys for Zelazny!)
Edgar Graham (His grandpop, too ggg-y?)
Edgar Magnus (just because)
Edgar Florian (I LOVE Florian but realise it’s too flowery for a Yank boy)
Edgar Tiberius (for Kirk)
Edgar Rudolf (because I love him)
Edgar Jocelin (because it’s one of my favorite gone girly boys names and I know better than to use it up front)
Edgar Morgan (Piratey & rummy)
Edgar Xerxes (because I dig the sound and love the strength)
Edgar Malcolm (Malcolm sounds cartoony with my surname up front, so I think he fis well in the middle)
Edgar Maxim (still trying to fit my G. Uncle’s name in somewhere)
Edgar Valentin (another G. Ucle and Pop in a roundabout way)
Edgar Porfirio (Sweet! I love the swoosh of Porfirio!)
Edgar Cotton (as a nod to NE)
Edgar Hugh (I think Hugh softens Edgar up a bit)
Edgar Taliesin (Because I like the myth and have a friend with the name too [‘husband’ of my GF Sue])
Edgar August (For Mom)
Edgar Barnaby (Barnaby lightens up Edgar nicely)
Edgar Malachy (another lightener upper?)
Edgar Phineas (I like his expansive feel next to Edgar)
Edgar Peregrin (as a nod to da MAN)
Edgar Maxfield (for  Parrish, our favorite Artist)
Edgar Lucius (maybe Lucius isn’t so heavy in the middle?)
Edgar Miles/Milo (Still thinking about this one from Josephine)
Edgar Laszlo (One of the G. G. Uncles)


And that’s where my brain stops.  There’s a couple (well, more than a couple) that I really like up there. I was trying to stick those more “out there” names he likes in the middle just because I can and I think Edgar carries off the “odd in the middle” quite well.


 What do you think of Edgar these days and does anything up there jump out at you?  Let me know, please? 😀


Thinking about Edgar recently. Nothing serious yet, I mean, he’s been in the back of my head for a few months and I’ve been thinking about his possibility as a first name for two days. 🙂 I’m actually liking him quite a bit. Edgar feels strong, a bit jazzy, rather dashing and cool.  Between Edgar Allan Poe, Edgar Rice Burroughs & Edgar Degas, I’m rather swoony on Edgar right now.  He’s not going to replace Rufus anytime soon, but I’m starting to think of combos for him…

Edgar Milo John
Edgar Milo Peregrin
Edgar Morgan John
Edgar William Wilder
Edgar Finlay Jude
Edgar Taliesin Bede
Edgar Finbar George/Edgar Finbar James

Of course, this is only a start, anything there to make you think I may be on the right track?

 As far as the Ed- names go, what do you think of Edgar? Anyone else see how I get the handsome, jazzy somewhat Victorian vibe from him?

 Am I the only soul who likes Edgar? Some days it feels like it. 


So, the question for today, obviously; – Edgar?  😀


The Middles

I thought I’d talk a bit about those names that you always see in my middle spots and why they’re there. It seems as if the same ones show up again & again and that can be tedious to  see over & over again.  At least, that was the thinking at the beginning of this post, I have no idea where this is going yet.   Now, onto those names!


The guys:
Edward/Edgar – I have two Uncles named Ed-, One married into the family (Edgar), one was born into the family (Edward).  I liked Edgar better than Edward, as far as Uncles go but like both names pretty much equally.

William/Willem – William is the family name, I have had several cousins with this name. Willem is my “MIL’s” Pop’s name, I found out recently.  Never thought to ask her parents names before this past summer. Duh. 😀

Arthur – One of my favorite Great Uncles on Pop’s side.  The sweetest guy on earth (next to my other half, that is).

Barnaby – He’s in the middle because we both like him very much. We allow ourselves one name that doesn’t honor. I’ve got him in a combo up front too. Which seems apt since we both do like him enough to do so.

Balthazar – Great Grandpa on Mom’s side. Father of my Babci and her 12 brothers (and one sister who died at 2). Mighty awesome dude with some really great stories. I like it enough to use up front but he’s wary of Getty. So in the middle he goes.

Henry – His Grandpop. I like Henry but not enough to use him up front. So in the middle he goes, again.

John/James – One of the other half’s middle names. James is the other.   He’s not fond of his name but like James & John. That’s why they’re on this list.

Valentin – My personal favorite of The maternal Great Uncles. Balthazar’s boys.   And he backhandedly seems to honor my Pop too, Valentine’s Day was his birthday and I’ve been  thinking  it’s a grand way to honor my Pop who hated his given name.


The gals:

Lucy – This is what my Mom wanted to name me, or Alice. She called me Lucy about 80% of the time anyway. I like the way I feel when I say Lucy. As Lucy though, I think she’s too short to stand well next to big sister Josephine.

Lily/Lilias – Lilian was Grandma. She went by Lily to one & all and called me Lily too. Lilias is just the Scots version that goes better with my surname.  I dislike the intense popularity of lil- so they go in the middle, where I can enjoy them but not share them often.

Alice –  She goes into the same category as Lucy. Even though she didn’t call me Alice very often, it still feels familiar and most definitely reminds me of Mom.

Elinor – I like her but not enough to actually use it in front. She honors a cousin of his that even I knew as a kid.  She died very young and I still miss her.  It’d be morbid up front too, for me.

Frances – Was Mom’s name.  She forbade me usage on a girl but She’s been gone so long (she died the same year the boys were born, but earlier in the year), I don’t think she’d begrudge me honoring in the middle, I hope.

Ruby – is a roundabout way of honoring me! It’s my birthstone. I love rubies too, more rare than diamonds, more precious too. Again, she’s unbalanced next to Josephine but works beautifully in the middle.

Esme/Esmée – Is the Barnaby of the girls list. We just like her. I prefer the streamlined Esme, he prefers the more obviously feminine Esmée. So I try out both variations to see where they’d fit best.

Violet – My lovely  Aunt. Well, sort of. I always called her Aunt Violet, she always answered to it. And always wondered why the older cousins & mom called her Val. But long after her death I find out her name was actually Valeria or Valeriana. The latter is on her BC the former on her SS card. And Violet is on her death Certificate!  I always remember her as Violet though, so Violet is what goes in the middle.

Kathleen – My younger sister. She’s a darling and I love her to pieces. She’s childless by choice and 39 so I doubt she’ll have any herself in the near future. I thin it’s one of the freshest forms of Kate around right now and love it because it’s her name.
Pandora – only shows up in the middle because it’s my “MIL’s” name. (I put mil in quotes because we’re not married and she’s not technically my mil, but  we’ve been together so long it’s like she’s unofficially so). A lovely, unassuming woman. She stepped right in when my Mom died and took over for her. Made  me feel safe again. Even though its usually “dead to be honored” around here, she means so much to me, I’d love to see her face  when she realises it’s for her. We’re not telling her beforehand.  I love it and would use it up front but the myth rather bugs me. So in the middle she goes. Where she’s safely honoring.


 And those are mine.  Any you like? Dislike?   What names do you find only “fit” for middle use?