The Girly Wildcards

I have far too many wildcards, those combos I love but not as much as the top ones. Or in some cases, more, but I find them a tiny bit unwieldy for day to day use.


Ideally, I’d have a top 10 and 10 wildcards. Recently I’ve added three names to the wildcard list, bringing the total up to 16 Wildcards. There’s already 11 girls in the top 10 (I know, I know…) so I need to cull these down to three or four at best and am having the hardest time getting rid of any of them!


Ottilie Alice Ghislaine – Tillie, Ottilie, Leeloo, Lina
Susanna Ottilie Pearl – Sukie, Zuzu, Zanna   
Pomeline Frances Elinor – Poppy, Polly, Millie, Molly, Lina

Laetitia Amabel Violet – Lettie, Etta, Lettice
Araminta Lucy Violet – Minna, Mina
Euphemia Elinor Glory – Effie, Mia, Fifi
Elspeth Margery Violet – Elsa, Elsie
Aurelia Romilly Jane – Goldie, Rellie
Mathilda Lucy Elanor – Tillie, Maud, Maudie
Henrietta Ruby Lilias – Hattie, Hettie,  Etta, Harriet
Lucretia Ruby Iris – Lucy, Lulu, Lux
Jemima Frances Ruby – Mimi, Jemma
Zuleika Esme Violet – Zuzu, Zooey
Zenaida Ruby Frances – Zen, Zeni,  Aida, Zinnia, Flower
Florence Lila Ghislaine – Flora, Flory, Fleur, Ren
Romilly Alice Kathleen – Romy, Millie


If pushed, I’d say probably the bolded 4 are the biggest loves but I’m already mourning the loss of 6 others not bolded. If you had to pick 4 from this list to use on a girl, which 4 would you pick and why? See why I’m having problems?   Any help at all would be completely appreciated!  Thanks!

Zelda Redux!

I’ve been playing around with Zelda again. I wasn’t quite happy with Zelda Rosalie Violet, there’s something a bit too relentlessly cheerful about her for me.  So I went digging  again and came up with these:


Zelda Violet Elinor
Zelda Violet Esmée
Zelda Violet Pearl
Zelda Lucy Violet
Zelda Violet Imogen
Zelda Cerys Violet
Zelda Esme Frances

So far, Zelda Violet Esmée, Zelda Lucy Violet & Zelda Esme Frances are all tied in the poll I’ve got going and honestly I couldn’t decide which one right now if I had to! 

So I need to ask again, which would you pick, if you had to use one of these?

I’ll be running off for the wildcard spot too, since I have 5 girls:

Henrietta Ruby Lilias
Florence Lila Ghislaine
Romilly Alice Kathleen
Imogen Violet Jane (although he keeps shooting her down, I keep trying!)|
Eulalie Frances Madelief


and 5 boys:

Harvey Edward Augustin
Roland Edward Grey
Felix Edward Alasdair
Rufus John Porfirio
Francis Henry Porfirio

That I can’t decide between. I have room for 1 of each from each list on the big list. Wanna help me decide there too?  😀


Edward, Florence and three Oddball girls

I’m going over the most classic name on my list for a boy, an Auntie’s name and the combo: Esme Plum, with three different firsts.


 Now Edward is one I have a love/hate thing going on with. I hated the Uncle attached to him in my head (what a jerk) but I also have a darling cousin with the same name (the jerk’s oldest boy). And it hasn’t yet repeated in tthe family so I think it’s ripe for the picking.  I have a standard for him but was trying out a few other thoughts. Which is your favorite?

Edward Ignatius George
Edward Valerian George
Edward Balthazar George
Edward Constantine George
Edward Apollo George
Edward Wilder George


Have been tossing Florence around in my head again too and am down to these two combos, stalemate. Help me?

Florence Viola Calliope
Florence Lila Ghislaine

And the three Oddballs, which do you like best?

Agatha Esme Plum
Winifred Esme Plum
Ottilie Esme Plum


As usual, any thoughts are greatly appreciated.    Thanks!

Medieval Girls that Rock Today!

There are girls names that have been used since medieval times yet still sound pretty and feel usable even today. here’s a small sampling of the ones I like enough to put somewhere on *my* lists:

Cecily – is my #1 name atm.
Matilda – prefer the Swedish (and English) variant Mathilda. It just looks better to me.
Alice – was what my Mom wanted to name me.
Clotilde – so light, clo-TEELD. Lovely sound!
Elvira – I say El-veer-ah. Doesn’t that sound prettier?
Agnes – I love Agnes. I think she’s so soft & sweet.
Agatha – Another love. She’s a bit stern looking but her sound is lovely.
Elinor – She figures in a lot of working combos because his favorite girl cousin is an Elinor.
Amabel –  Softer than Mabel yet just as sweet.
Anne – I love simple Anne enough to have used it, it’s Josie’s second middle.
Annora – I just love looking at her. There’s something so peaceful about Annora.
Beatrice/Beatrix – Beatrix is a favorite. I like Bea, really, but I am far happier with Beatrix and her possible Trixie.  Old Trixie Belden fan here.  Beatrix is my #3 name.
Clara/Clarice (Funnily, I’m not as fond of Claire) – Clarice has been a favorite since I was 4. She’s Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer’s girlfriend!  *sigh*
Edith – Rounds out my top 10. I love her starched crisp feel.
Euphemia – number 9. I love her look, so strong, so capable but her sound is fluffy cake.
Mirabel – she means “wonderful, for Latin mirabilis. And she reminds me of plums.
Philomena – I just like her look.
Florence – was my mother’s second oldest sister. (Josephine, Florence, Helen, Valeria/Violet & Francesca/Frances they were). I’m fond of her sound but must admit, F is not my favorite letter.
Helen – I like the simple, serene Helen best of all the related names.
Sibyll – although I’d spell it the “modern” way: Sibyl
Ida/Idamay – just fun to say!
Isolde  – How do YOU say this? I say ee-SOL-də.
Jemma – She’s on my lists as a possible nickname for Jemima, along with Mimi.
Thomasina – I’m a sucker for femininsed boys names.
Kateline/Katherine/Katerina/Kathrine – I like quite a few Kath- names.
Lettice/Leticia/Letitia – I’ve love Lettice a long time. I used to name my baby dolls Lettice before I blew their heads off with firecrackers. I think I’m gonna have to name the next cat Lettice!
Lucia/Lucy – Lucy was the alternate “Mom” choice for me. Lucia gives me fits over pronunciation but I still think she looks pretty!
Margaret/Margery – I adore Margery but feel she’s a bit nicknamey. Margaret’s a bit too stern even for me… but Margery works as a nickname possibility that may last until adulthood.
Marion –  Makes me associate with Maid Marian. the two spelling seem interchangeable now but Marion was a G. Aunt of his and remains the preferred spelling for me. 
 Maud/Maude –  Maud is my #4 name. I love her look and her soft sound. Maude makes me think of Bea Arthur. 


So, what medieval names do you think would still work today? Which of those would you use or like to see used? I’d love to hear!

Florence/Flora once again

  Yes, I’m stuck on Florence again. Florence Lila Ghislaine has been the standing combo for a few weeks now, before that, I don’t think I had a standard bearer. I adore Ghislaine. I don’t care if she’s positively decrepit in France, she sounds beautiful and she’s got family significance. Works for me. It’s Lila that bothers me. She’s pretty, undeniably, but I fear trendy. And Lila’s getting hot, fast. She’s already at 259 (2007) from not being on the charts 10 years before that.  That bothers me. I don’t want trendy. I don’t mind popular, as long as it won’t date horribly in the future.  if it had family significance it might be okay too, but she lacks there. Lily, Laura, Leslie/Lesley yes; but not Lila. 

 So, that whole train of thought made me go digging for combos all over again. And I think I found a real winner or two:  

Florence Mina Ophélie  &  Florence Esmée Plum and of course the standard, Florence Lila Ghislaine

 I like both for various reasons. The former’s got Mina in it. I just lurve Mina. Absolutely. Have Araminta on my list because I could nickname her Mina. (Yes, Wilhelmina’s still on there somewhere too!) And the overall color of  Esmée Plum is divine. Pastel purple and deep plum. They go beautifully with the sunset hues of Florence.   Mina Ophélie is darker, more dusky grayish lavender and blue which is balanced by the rich sunset of Florence.  I would have to flip a coin.


Which would you pick? Why? (if you don’t mind)

Any voice is appreciated! 



Henrietta and other Girly Misfits

The names I love that seem to get no love anywhere. Misfits? Maybe. All I know is that I really love them and could easily picture myself using them.

Top of the list, Henrietta. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like Henry. I just don’t like his Harry potential. And don’t get me started on what I think is wrong with Hank (foremost, it makes me think of a hankie). Hal is the only nickname possibility I like for Henry, which is why he’s mainly middle material for me (woah, lots of M’s there!) But Henrietta, I adore her plethora of nickname potential: Hettie, Hattie, Etta, Ettie or simply Harriet!  Generally, the more possible nicknames from a name, the happier I am. I love options more than just about anything!  Henrietta Ruby Lilias is my preferred combo.


Some of the “other” Misfits:

Florence – I love her fiercely but cannot middle name her for the life of me. Closest to best I can do? Florence Lila Ghislaine.

Euphemia – Another “Oh, I adore her”! Effie is just to die for as a nickname possibility and if that’s too fluffy for her, Mia’s not only doable, it’s livable.  Euphemia Violet Esme, Euphemia Alice Maud & Euphemia Alice Valentine are my top favorites.

Zenaida – She was brought to my attentions by Verity, at Appellation Mountian  And immediately Zenaida Ruby Frances jumped into my head (preceded only by  Zenaida Ruby Alice) and ZRF has stuck. I think she’s awesome. She just makes everyone I mention her to blanch.

Gloriana – I’ve been love with her since I was about 8 when I found her in Ruth Alberta Brown’s Tabitha’s Ivy , I think it was the second of the “Ivy Hall” series. Then again in Edmund Spenser’s “The Faerie Queen” where Gloriana’s allegory for Queen Elizabeth I.  She’s so lush and gorgeous, how could she not appeal?  She’s hard to middle.  Gloriana Ivy Mathilde is my best pairing attempt so far, and I’m still not quite happy with that.

And finally,

Edith – I find her sweetly charming and soft in that lispy storybook sort of way I love. Edith Alice Bertille is my combo of preference and I don’t think I could top myself there. Love her to pieces. Too bad everyone else thinks I’m nuts.


So there they are, my Girly Misfits for all to see.  What do you think of them?  Keep them around or mourn their passing? Maybe for the grandkids?  What do you think?

Florence Redux

Some more tries to pair up Florence:


Florence Valentine Alice
Florence Valentine Rose
Florence Carys Valentine
Florence Mary Ghislaine (Not that I’m particularly fond of Mary)


and some that will be going in a Poll today, if I get the time:

Florence Beatrix Maud
Florence Lilias Pearl
Florence Lila Plum
Florence Beatrix Elanor
Florence Elinor Primrose
Florence Violet Cordelia
Florence Violet Celandine
Florence Violet Isadora

Anything jump out at anyone?

Florence Beatrix Maud, Florence Beatrix Elanor, Florence Elinor Primrose & Florence Violet Isadora are the ones that sort of stick out to me.


Thinking Florence L-, also came up with these two:

Florence Lucy Valentina (Really trying to get a a Valentine/a in there for Pop, somewhere)
Florence Lucy Isobel

And I would kill to find a way to put Florence & Alice together without it being too hissy. Alas, I think that’s a losing battle.


I have been seriously entertaining Florence for a while now. I think she gorgeous and would make a stunningly perfect sister to Josephine. I think Flora’s the darlingest nickname but would also entertain/consider: Fleur, Flory & Flory-Dory. But, there’s a problem. “What could be the problem”,  you ask? Middle names.

I just cannot find the perfect middles to compliment her. Here’s a number of tries to date:

Florence Lucy Isobel
Florence Ivy Elspeth
Florence Scarlett Pearl
Florence Sylvie Malu
Florence Isadora Violet
Florence Aurelia Violet
Florence Lily Elanor
Florence Valentine Jane
Florence Ruby Isabel
Florence Mary Valentine
Florence Ruby Eglantine
Florence Daphne Innogen 
Florence Esme Mathilde
Florence Ruby Jane
Florence Lilian Jane
Florence Lilian May 
Florence Ottilie Elinor 
Florence Romilly Elinor 
Florence Violet Elspeth
Florence Ruby Valentine 
Florence Lilian Frances
Florence Ruby Maud 
Florence Eugenie Maud
Florence Primrose Elinor
Florence Romilly Iris
Florence Rose Ophelia
Florence Edme Jemima
Florence Ottilie Jemima 
Florence Edme Mathilde
Florence Elinor Viola
Florence Violet Echo
Florence India Viola

And that’s not the half of it!  So, you can easily see what I mean. Each of these falls short by mere millimeters, for some reason or other.

Of them, Florence Sylvie Malu, Florence Valentine Jane, Florence Ottilie Elinor,  Florence Rose Ophelia & Florence India Viola come closest to perfect but still not quite there. 

Of those almost theres, is there one that you like over the others, or are they all garbage? I suppose I’m off to brainstorm some more!

Nymbler Assocations from Ottilie (Ottoline), Florence, Lucretia (Lucy) & Edith


Mose, Clark, Florian, Porfirio, Urban, Gray, Evander, Tiberius, Fritz, Gustave, Vincent, Clement, Clarence, Lou, Franz, Thelonius, Julian, Chauncey, Octavius, Octavian, Rupert, Francis, Edmund, Amadeo, Algernon,  Willem, Horace, Claus, Amadeus, Tilden, Atticus, Jasper, Caspar,  Claud, Magnus,  Ignatius, Antony, Anastasios,  Leonidas, Benedict,  Sheppard,  Cato,  Rafe,  Silas,  Simeon,  Llewellyn,  Erastus,  Edwin,  Hugo,  Percy, Quincy, Bayard,  Edmond,  Phineas, Maximilian,  Cyrus, August, Zed,  Sylvester, Gus, Constantin,  Julius,  Cicero,  Lazarus,  Casper, Felix, Cassius, Horatio, Lucius, Erasmus, Ephraim, Augustus,   Ambrose, Leander, Theophilus, Marius, Linus.





Myrtle, Frida, Wilhelmine, Millicent, Elinor, Leonore,  Luna,   Wilhelmina, Ophelia, Clarice, Dorothea, Cora,  Louvenia, Rowena,  Louisa, Leontine, Maud, Lenore, Esther, Henrietta, Martha, Zelda, Eulalia, Lucrece, Araminta, Ariadne, Alice, Leonora, Apollonia, Seraphina, Hermione, Leocadia, Ottie, Euphemia, Clotilde,  Violetta, Clarissa, Eugenie, Mathilda, Josephine, Clementine, Frances, Mathilde, Amalia, Antonina, Sylvie, Georgiana, Rosabel, Valentina, Valentine, Cecily, Marguerite, Camilla, Cecilia, Winifred, Filomena, Eugenie, Florence, Edith, Ottilie, Ottoline, Lucretia, Philomena,  Viola, Matilde, Aurelia, Flora, Lavinia, Beatrix, Cornelia.