Yes. Really.

Xanthe has intrigued me for quite awhile. Strong, pretty and unusual, with that X up front. I have a fantastic combo for her, up front: Xanthe Iris Dorothea too. But  next to Josephine? (never mind Leo & Simon!) I’m not so sure. I could see me using it, oxymoronically, since I have one blond and two brunettes (although Josie looks to be going blonde, herself).  Since I’ve been thinking Josephine rather stands by herself since the boys are so much bigger and how bad, really is Josephine Rosamel Anne & Xanthe Iris Dorothea?


If not, he suggested Xanthe as a middle for Henrietta the other day: Henrietta Xanthe Violet. I’m not completely sold, but yes, I am charmed. I think Xanthe gives the pretty but somewhat flat Henrietta a nice kick in the pants, makes her feel stylish. And Violet, well, the color’s a bit clashy but honoring’s a bit more important, I think. And since Henrietta and Violet both honor, what’s a little flash in between to humor him?


Just curious as to whether any of this make sense to anyone but me, what do you all think? How crazy is this idea?