The Girls in my Head

After taking a break and trying not to think about names (Ha!), I find these name combos still in my head. Any here that catch your eye?

Ottilie Frances Jane – Tillie still thrills me, and I’m charmed by the thought of Josephine & Ottilie sisters.

Wilhelmina Esme Jane – Yep, Mina is darling. 🙂 Esme & Jane are pretty light and tiny next to weighty Wilhelmina, whose solidity makes me smile.

Araminta Lucy Violet – Again with Mina/Min possibility, I’m enchanted. I also think Josephine & Araminta are pretty stunning sisters.

Cecily Pandora Jane – Remains at the top of my “emminently usable” list. And Cecily is charming, if a bit confusing in my Cec- loaded family (yet Cecily remains unused!).

Clementine India Jane – Yep, Clementine thrills me. Cleo/Clio are possible nicknames but like Josephine, she’d be Clementine most often.

India Mehetabel Jane – India’s short but three syllbles, which makes her sit well with Josephine in my head. The middles, as always, honor.

And still tops after the break: Maud India Scarlett. Yes, India & Scarlett together. I like colors but find them a bit too much, the double ‘t’ makes it more namey, less color-ish for me. And India is one he adores, but I’m not thrilled with “Indy” potential.

Any up there that you prefer over the others? Or just let me know what you think of them. I’d love to hear!

As always, thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it!

Better late than Never!

Sorry for the long break, Josie started school this September and I’m enjoying the bustle & routine. I have been storing ideas and finally can expand one: Josie finally came home with her class list! Without further ado, here they are:

And that’s them. Josie’s particular favorites are: Genevieve, Cora, Alyssa & Cassandra from the girls & Reid, Edward, Dylan, Philip & Lionel from the boys.

With the girls, I want to play “One of these Things is not like the Others” with Alyssa, whose name feels trendier & fluffier than the others. But other than that, I have no problems with any of them.

What do You think and which are your favorites up there, if any? Sorry for the huge lapse, hopefully I’ll be a bit more regular again now. Take care all and Thanks!