Aurelia, part deux

Told you there was more Aurelia in my head!
Aurelia Rosalie Jane & Aurelia Iris Pearl are staying for now as well as what may well be my standard bearer: Aurelia Violet Petronel. Adding to those are these:

Aurelia India Pearl
Aurelia Ivy Katharine
Aurelia Romilly Jane
Aurelia Esme Katharine
Aurelia Zenobia Jane
Aurelia Ottilie Jane
Aurelia Lily Katharine

Anything there strike you as better than Aurelia Rosalie Jane, Aurelia Iris Pearl or Aurelia Violet Petronel? Especially Aurelia Violet Petronel!


I’m quite enamoured with Aurelia right now. She’s feminine, uncommon, beautiful and strong. I like that she doesn’t really have an obvious nickname although I have a few odd things in mind;  Goldie in particular.  I’m going to sit on the less obvious, I’m already seeing other people suggest Clementine/Cleo and I’m tired of seeing that already.  So like I said, I’m sitting on the less obvious possible nicknames for Aurelia.