Charming, beautiful, princessy Elspeth. Yep, she’s back!


I’ve been toying with her in my head again and I must admit being thoroughly charmed by her.   She feels as though she belongs in a fairytale of sorts, doesn’t she? Elspeth. I love the way she looks too.

I argued Elspeth Margery Violet out of him (he had originally preferred it Margery Elspeth Violet) but EMV is a firm favorite these days.  Went looking for other inspiration as well and came up with these few that appeal in various ways:

Elspeth Coralie Frances
Elspeth Mina Violet
Elspeth Maud Primrose
Elspeth Romilly Jane
Elspeth Poppy Caroline
Elspeth Cleo Marilyn/Cleo Violet
Elspeth Lily Irene


Think eh-REEN-eh  for Irene. That’s how the family says it and how I say it by default. I actually have to consciously think before saying Eye-reen. Isn’t that a hoot?!   I’m fond of all of them for various reasons but find myself most drawn to Elspeth Maud Primrose, Elspeth Romilly Jane and Elspeth Cleo Violet, as well as the original Elspeth Margery Violet.  Anything there jump out at you? What would you think if you ran into a girl named Elspeth? How about a sister set of Josephine & Elspeth?  


Talk to me, any thoughts at all, anything you think is more than welcome here, and, as always, thanks a million!

SuperHero Bruce!

I’ve been thinking about Bruce lately. Yes, really. Say him aloud a few times, he’s got flair. Bruce was one of his Grandpop’s names and as such, would honor nicely.

I’m beginning to really like him, geeky feel and all. I’m not generally a fan of the Br- sound but here he really doesn’t bother me, funnily enough!  Am I the only one who thinks Bruce is still usable?  With the Hulk being re-released by Marvel, I would think  he’s become a bit more familiar to folks.  Is he?  What do you think about Bruce? 

Trying to figure out what to pair him with, he’s tough to pair, for me.


Some preliminary thoughts:
Bruce Edward
Bruce Henry
Bruce Willem
Bruce Arthur
Bruce August (maybe August Bruce)?
Bruce Rafael
Bruce Gavriil/Gavriel/Gabriel
Bruce Hugo
Bruce Valentin
Bruce Constantin
Bruce Edgar
Bruce Milo
Bruce Oliver
Bruce  John
Bruce Stellan
Bruce Magnus
Bruce Peregrin
Bruce Xavier


and now I’m running dry. Anything pop out at anyone? Any other suggestions are more than welcome, feel free , throw stuff at me if you want, I’d love it! 


And thanks for humoring me!