Aurelia, part deux

Told you there was more Aurelia in my head!
Aurelia Rosalie Jane & Aurelia Iris Pearl are staying for now as well as what may well be my standard bearer: Aurelia Violet Petronel. Adding to those are these:

Aurelia India Pearl
Aurelia Ivy Katharine
Aurelia Romilly Jane
Aurelia Esme Katharine
Aurelia Zenobia Jane
Aurelia Ottilie Jane
Aurelia Lily Katharine

Anything there strike you as better than Aurelia Rosalie Jane, Aurelia Iris Pearl or Aurelia Violet Petronel? Especially Aurelia Violet Petronel!


I’m quite enamoured with Aurelia right now. She’s feminine, uncommon, beautiful and strong. I like that she doesn’t really have an obvious nickname although I have a few odd things in mind;  Goldie in particular.  I’m going to sit on the less obvious, I’m already seeing other people suggest Clementine/Cleo and I’m tired of seeing that already.  So like I said, I’m sitting on the less obvious possible nicknames for Aurelia.  


Yeah, I’m inspired. Aurelia Violet was my first thought and came up with these few:

Aurelia Violet Adele
Aurelia Esme Violet
Aurelia Violet Petronel
Aurelia Violet Isobel
Aurelia Pandora Violet
Aurelia Lilas Violet

And then I started drifting a bit:

Aurelia Iris Pearl
Aurelia Saffron Elinor
Aurelia Ruby Mathilde
Aurelia Ruby Adele
Aurelia Rosalie June
Aurelia Sylvie Elinor


I think I’m liking Aurelia Violet Petronel, She feels like a delicate lady from the 18th century; Aurelia Saffron Elinor, Saffron adds a modern kick to delicate  Aurelia, and with Saffron & Elinor being cousins of his, I feel as though non honoring Aurelia’s balanced.   Aurelia Rosalie June just pleases me with her rhythm and Aurelia  Violet Adele & Aurelia Iris Pearl and pretty tied in my head for most beautiful. 

What do *you* think? Anthing jump out at you? And if not, there are more coming, I’m still rattling her around in my head!

Some of the Newer Infatuations

I have a few names floating around the edges of my lists, don’t know if they’ll make it on the lists or not so I thought I’d toss them out here for you all to dissect. Tell me what you think of these:


Zoltan – is one of those names that hang about the family tree that intrigue me. But it’s so far back there that I wonder if it’s really usable anymore.  I think he’s cool, has power and verve, what’s not to love about Zoltan?

Eugenie – for Eugenia, which is too rich for me. Eugenie, with just the simple  English pronunciation is fine with me. Don’t know about using it, was Napoleon’s first wife, and I’ve already used the name of his second wife. How weird would that be?

Graham – Yeah, he’s showing up on my lists again. It was his Granddad Henry’s middle and after all the Monty Python, I’m loving Graham Chapman again (yes, I know he’s dead…) 😦  Graham Arthur?

Tullia/Tula– Something about that Tu- sound is really appealing to me right now. The oo sound is really pretty!  Related to all the Lu- names floating around my lists, in my head. And Ruby.

Zoya– One of the few simple Russian, names on  the family tree. Zoy-ah. the Russian equivalent of trendy and frequently misspelled Zoe.  I think she’s pretty cool and beautiful too. But it Zoya too odd next to Josephine/Josie?

Belinda– Yeah, really. I’ve always liked Belinda’s happy sound and open feel. And I think it’s one that will age pretty well. But I’m not sure about sistering with Josephine.  *shrug* I think she’s lovely.

Alaric – One of those medieval names that appeals. I could happily name a boy Alaric Morgan ___ .  But then, would anyone get where that came from? He is one of my favorite literary characters, so noble and strong. handsome as he** didn’t hurt either!

Caspar – I like Jasper, really I do, but Caspar’s the related family name. I would love to use this but wonder how usable he really is.  I think he is, but want to hear from others on this! Caspar Felix? Caspar Edward? Caspar John?

Perry– I’ve loved the light & airy Perry for years. Mom used to listen to Perry Como, the cousins watched Perry White take chunks out of Clark Kent and in my own Generation, Perry Farrell doesn’t hurt Perry at all.  He feels jazzy and debonair to me. I’ve thought about Peregrin, nn Perry but would happily just use Perry. Usable, or no? Perry Willem & Perry Felix are floating around my head right now.

Aurelia -This has been floating around my thoughts for a long while. I think Aurelia’s absolutely beautiful and perfectly wonderful. I think she stands up well next to Josephine and already have Aurelia Violet kicking around in my head as a starter combo, which is a good sign for usability, to me. What do you all think of her?


The Great Aunts, en masse

I decided to group them all together, the Great Aunts, Grandma’s sisters, Grandpop’s sisters, Babci’s sister & Gagi’s sisters, here they are, the odd bunch of them all. Enjoy!


GrandPop’s Sisters:

Elisabeth Lula Alice / Elsie
Laetitia Amabel Violet / Lettie
Elvira Cora May / Vera

Grandma’s sisters & May’s SIL:

Elisabeth Mary Bea / Bessie
May Dorothea
Lesley Edith
Carolyn Augusta

Babci’s sister:

Genevieve Marianne

Gagi’s sisters:

Klara Malina
Eugenia Mary

His mom has no sisters and her mother had all brothers as well. he has two sisters and between the three of them, we have two girls and four boys.


What do you think of the few Females in the past Family?  🙂

Maxfield & a Narrowing

I’ve been toying with Maxfield again, for Parrish, and I have a couple that really intrigue me. I’ve also gotten Lettie down to two of each option, would you be so kind as to review them and pick your favorite of each, in that case?

So, here’s Maxfield, in all his glory:

Maxfield Jasper Milo or Maxfield Milo Jasper (can’t decide which way I like him best) I’m still attached to Milo (as that would have been Josie’s nickname had she been a boy) and Jasper’s just a neat nature name And I’m digging the possibility of an MJ boy!

Maxfield Hamish John – which roundabout honors Pop all around, his middles are James John!

Maxfield Alasdair John – just looking for alternate homes for my lovely Alasdair, which he dislikes up front for spelling issues.

Maxfield August John – Augie for Mom, she’d be tickled, John’s for him again.

Maxfield August Sinclair – Sinclair’s yet another family surname that was randomly suggested to me, I dragged it to him & He pointed it out. It suits me fine and I like the somewhat girlie feel of Sinclair on a guy.

Maxfield Taliesin John – for both Parrish & Wright, two ‘artists’ we admire a lot, both for their way with light & nature.

If I had to choose, Maxfield Taliesin John or Maxfield August Sinclair would get my vote, because neither is exactly expected and as such, makes me smile. But I’d love to know which you like best!


And for Lettie, We’ve talked it down to four combos, two of Lettice & two of Laetitia, I have my favorites, he’s got his. What I’d love is for you all to pick your favorite of each and tell me why. Let’s see who’s favorites rise to the top! Just a note: Lettice bothers neither of us and if we ended up with laetitia, she’d probably be Lettice at least occasionally.

Here they are:

Lettice Romilly Pearl
Lettice Penelope Jane
Laetitia India Rosamund
Laetitia Amabel Violet


And there you have it, the arguments are mostly over at least for now. Wanna finish us off?  We’d appreciate it!

Lettie and her Full Forms

I have been enchanted with Lettie for a loooooong time. At least five years now, maybe longer, even. As a late teen/early 20 something I read a romance novel (I told you I was a voracious reader? Well, when I run out of new stuff to read, I borrow old romance novels from my MIL) that  took place in Elizabethan England, had a scheming Lettice as a secondary character and a girl, Douglass as a main character. If I remember correctly, the Lettice in question was a fictional form of Lettice Knollys and is what set me on the path of Medieval names.  The one thing I remember, overall, from those novels? It’s so much easier to travel through time if you have an older name!  😀 It’s also why Douglas is in my head as a girls name. Not that I’d use it, it just intrigues me.


Anyway, back to Lettie. Light, lilting, pretty Lettie.  I really dig Lettice, and Mildred’s post on BtN is what brought it up front in my mind again.  If she were to go by Lettie all the time, How awful would Lettice be on the birth certificate?  Gods, if I was Hollywood, I’d have a Lettice, no problem.  I’ve tried it out up here, too. Gone  into Starbuck’s  and said “Lettice” when they’ve asked for a name. Didn’t even get a blink. I’m used to doing this though, I’ve been insisting on something, anything! other than Laura since I was 2. So even friends & family don’t blink when I say a different name.


I have a few Lettice Combos:

Lettice Aurelia Grey
Lettice Romilly Pearl
Lettice Amabel Primrose
Lettice Penelope Frances/Lettice Penelope Jane
Lettice Romilly Katharine
Lettice Agatha Valentine
Lettice Coralie Jane
Lettice Miriam Apolline
Lettice Camilla Isabeau/Lettice Isabeau Camilla/Lettice Katharine Isabeau


And that’s where I stand, for now. The brain’s still going, so there may be more later. (ETA: I’ve bolded my favorites, pinked the one I love most, lit the one I like secondmost).


Also, Found out that Grandpop’s sisters  (he had more than 1) were Elisabeth/Elsie, Laetitia/Lettie & Elvira/Vera.   It’s amazing the stuff my Uncles are full of that I’ve never thought to ask about before. Who knew the guys paid attention!?  😀


 So Laetitia is back on my radar. (I like Elvira but dislike her el-vy-rah pronunciation possibility. It’s el-veer-ah! )

I’ll be working on Laetitia combos later today but wonder about Lettice’s usability. How bad is it really? Especially if she’s only Lettice on the official documents?    What do you think? What other ways are there to get to Lettie? I know the colors: Violet & Scarlett, not that I really want either of those up front.  Is there anything else?



Editing to add Laetitia combos!

In here is the original Laetitia’s original combo, see of you can pick out which one it is. It is emminently one I’d use, despite the exact repeat.  🙂

Without further ado, Laetitia in combo form:

Laetitia Elinor Rosamund
Laetitia Iris Eglantine 
Laetitia Iris Gwendolen 
Laetitia Ivy Miriam 
Laetitia Ivy Caroline
Laetitia Daisy Ophelia 
Laetitia Carys Valentina
Laetitia Poppy Kathleen
Laetitia Sylvie Plum 
Laetitia Lucy Genevra
Laetitia Amabel Violet
Laetitia Sibyl Primrose 
Laetitia Elanor Primrose
Laetitia Helen Ophelia
Laetitia Xanthe Margaret
Laetitia Esme Viola
Laetitia Flora Rosamund 
Laetitia India Rosamund 
Laetitia Edith Petronel
Laetitia Ruby Isobel 


I know this a bit overwhelming a list, but see if anything pops out at you. I have a few favorites here, I want to see if any of them are yours!  As always, thanks a million! (ETA: The pinked one is the great Aunt and lit the three I like best).


Charming, beautiful, princessy Elspeth. Yep, she’s back!


I’ve been toying with her in my head again and I must admit being thoroughly charmed by her.   She feels as though she belongs in a fairytale of sorts, doesn’t she? Elspeth. I love the way she looks too.

I argued Elspeth Margery Violet out of him (he had originally preferred it Margery Elspeth Violet) but EMV is a firm favorite these days.  Went looking for other inspiration as well and came up with these few that appeal in various ways:

Elspeth Coralie Frances
Elspeth Mina Violet
Elspeth Maud Primrose
Elspeth Romilly Jane
Elspeth Poppy Caroline
Elspeth Cleo Marilyn/Cleo Violet
Elspeth Lily Irene


Think eh-REEN-eh  for Irene. That’s how the family says it and how I say it by default. I actually have to consciously think before saying Eye-reen. Isn’t that a hoot?!   I’m fond of all of them for various reasons but find myself most drawn to Elspeth Maud Primrose, Elspeth Romilly Jane and Elspeth Cleo Violet, as well as the original Elspeth Margery Violet.  Anything there jump out at you? What would you think if you ran into a girl named Elspeth? How about a sister set of Josephine & Elspeth?  


Talk to me, any thoughts at all, anything you think is more than welcome here, and, as always, thanks a million!

SuperHero Bruce!

I’ve been thinking about Bruce lately. Yes, really. Say him aloud a few times, he’s got flair. Bruce was one of his Grandpop’s names and as such, would honor nicely.

I’m beginning to really like him, geeky feel and all. I’m not generally a fan of the Br- sound but here he really doesn’t bother me, funnily enough!  Am I the only one who thinks Bruce is still usable?  With the Hulk being re-released by Marvel, I would think  he’s become a bit more familiar to folks.  Is he?  What do you think about Bruce? 

Trying to figure out what to pair him with, he’s tough to pair, for me.


Some preliminary thoughts:
Bruce Edward
Bruce Henry
Bruce Willem
Bruce Arthur
Bruce August (maybe August Bruce)?
Bruce Rafael
Bruce Gavriil/Gavriel/Gabriel
Bruce Hugo
Bruce Valentin
Bruce Constantin
Bruce Edgar
Bruce Milo
Bruce Oliver
Bruce  John
Bruce Stellan
Bruce Magnus
Bruce Peregrin
Bruce Xavier


and now I’m running dry. Anything pop out at anyone? Any other suggestions are more than welcome, feel free , throw stuff at me if you want, I’d love it! 


And thanks for humoring me!


I love Anselm. Merry Anselm. 🙂 Anselm is sleek, debonair and charming. And what a great history he’s got. Read up on Anselm of Canterbury, I won’t bore you here. Suffice to say, he was one of the few dissenters of the Crusades! It takes a strong soul to stand up and disagree (Photoquilty, I’m thinking of you as I write this!) and I admire them, one & all. For a long time it was death to oppose the masses, and those few that dared then, have my utmost regard. Wow!

Anyway, Back to Anselm. I’ve gone into the “family patron saint” thing before and it’s funny that we do this, like my Mother & Grandmother before me, only neither of us are Catholics, where they were (go back to the great, great, greats and you find the Jews in the family)! Anselm charms me to my toes. Not like Rufus, Remy, Bruno or Cosmo do, no, but close.

He’s nearly impossible to pair though. I’ve been working on pairing him for two days and nothing has jumped out at me yet. Now, I know he’s kind of odd to a lot of people but I don’t think he should be. I mean, he’s one letter off of Ansel, and everyone seems to know that one, why is Anselm unusable yet Ansel is?

Here’s the few beginnings that had promise for me:
Anselm Constantine
Anselm Finnian
Anselm Valentin
Anselm Isidore
Anselm Porfirio
Anselm Erasmus

And that’s all I’ve got so far. Anyone have anything else that might mesh with Anselm? I mean, I’ll be spending time tonight thinking of more but I’d love to see what you brilliant folks come up with for me! 😛

What do you think, so far? Is Anselm going to get weird reactions from people or is he really no weirder than Byron (which is what I think)? I think Anselm’s pretty spiffy, actually. And I warn you now, expect to see more of him in the near future!

Have to Narrow it down a bit!

What to do? I now have a top 11 (12 if you count Cleo instead of considering her as alternate for Clementine) and this is insane. My boys are down to 9, and I could easily cut that to four without crying much, but the girls? My goodness, they grow & grow. I sat & looked at this list for about an hour last night and still can’t decide which to cut, or at least put in the wildcards list. I’ve already put Ottilie there, much to my chagrin, I’ve loved her for so long it hurts to see her way down there but I digress, because adding her would make it a top 12 (13 if you count Cleo)!

Here’s my most recent top 11, what would you cut out to make it 10 (or better yet, 8) and would you tell me why
you cut what you cut? I can’t make myself cut anything, I love them all!

Here (with possible nicknames):
Maud India Scarlett – Maudie, Mattie, Mims, Mimi
Beatrix Ivy Frances – Bea, Trixie, Bebe
Clementine India Maud – Cleo, Clio/Cleo Portia Rupinder
Winifred Elinor Plum – Winnie, Winne, Freda
Imogen Violet Jane – Immy, Mimi, Io
Tallulah Poppy Frances – Lulu, Lucy, Tula
Zelda Lucy Violet – Zella, Zellie, Zel
Edith Zenobia Violet – Edie, Dita
Penelope Saskia Violet – Nell, Poppy, Polly, Penny
Cecily Pandora Jane – Celie, Cece, Celia
Eulalie Frances Pearl – Lula, Lula, Lolly

Every time I try to cut one, I think Oh, not that one, it’s too pretty, too lovely, too sweet and try another and waaah! I just can’t do it! Help, please?

Thanks very much. I’d make a lousy surgeon, methinks!

Imogen again and a few Genevieve combos

I started thinking about how perfect Imogen is. Sound-wise, she’s crisp, clean looking and simply elegant. Sound wise, she’s sharp and pretty. Her color is simply golden and she looks fabulous with the forest green surname, like an Xmas decoration! And on top of that,  she’s Shakespearean, what’s not to love?

I have a few combos for her that really appeal:

Imogen Violet Jane
Imogen Sylvie Jane
Imogen Clio Violet
Imogen Lily Elinor
Imogen Ruby Valentine
and the real oddball: Imogen Ruby Malu

Now, for Genevieve combos. This is how I spent my time last night. Watching Monty Python;  have the whole series (all 46 episodes) and last night was the “Spam” , the Royal Episode #13. “Whicker’s World” (Njorl’s Saga), and “Mr. & Mrs. Brian Norris’ Ford Popular”. So my brain was free to wander while I laughed my fool head off. Yeah, we average about 4 episodes a night  (And I found my head at to foot of the big screen).  😛

Anyway, Genevieve combos:

Genevieve Iris Elinor
Genevieve India Pearl
Genevieve Viola Frances
Genevieve Lucy Elinor
Genevieve Ottilie Jane
Genevieve Sylvie Plum
Genevieve Esme Lily
Genevieve Lily Katharine
Genevieve Mina Violet
Genevieve Carys Primrose


 Anyone wanna help me narrow it down?  We each have a favorite or two among these, but I’m staying mum on that for now!  Any thoughts welcome and as always, thanks for stopping by!  😀


Can I get some thoughts on Genevieve? I find Genevieve incredibly annoying to type out and almost as annoying to write out but despite all that, I find Genevieve growing on me.

It’s a family name for me. I talk about my Babci, Cecilia and her 12 brothers a fair bit, but what I usually leave out is her little sister, Genevieve, who died at 2 from whooping cough. Genevieve and Cecilia are the only two family members who are buried, too. Everyone else has been cremated. So I do visit their graves fairly recently. Babci’s is prominent and up front in the graveyard but Genevieve is tucked away in back with a a tiny headstone, suitable for the toddler she was. Babci never spoke of Genevieve but apparently she had before I was born, my Mom knew the story and passed it along to me. She was apparently a social little thing, visiting all the families around them but contracted whooping cough late one winter and that was that. Took her five days to die. I can only imagine the horror of watching that. So for a long time Genevieve has been off my lists.

But I started thinking the other day, what better way to remember her than to use it again? Maybe I should. No combos yet, still testing just Genevieve. I don’t know what sort of nickname I’d use. Gen/Genna doesn’t appeal, Neve/Eve maybe. But Evie is already so ubiquitous! Can anyone else think of a nickname from Genevieve that might appeal to me?

So, what do you all think of Genevieve? Should I consider her or was I thinking right at first? C’mon, let me have it!

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