Rethinking My Top Girls

My top girls have been ordered & reordered for months and I’m thinking of reordering them yet again. Here’s what I’ve got (& why):

Clementine – I just love her sprightly sound and the fact that she feels perfectly matched with Josephine. Her combo: Clementine India Jane is divine!

Winifred – Honors and I love Winnie. I have to admit the potential for Freda/Frida thrills me too. Her combo: Winifred Elinor Plum is sheer perfection.

Cecily – Again, honors, feels pretty but I’m worried about a possible rise in popularity also. I love her combo: Cecily Pandora Jane but I’m toying with a newer combo love: Cecily Oona Violet.

Maud – My favorite favorite. She honors the same relative Josie’s middle does and I adore that link between possible sisters. I love the delicate sound & the simple simpatico of four letters. Absolute perfection. She’s remaining on top, her combo makes me swoon: Maud India Scarlett.

Beatrix – I love Trixie! And her combo is sweet & her middles honor: Beatrix Violet Jane. Simply perfect.

Zelda – Don’t care about the video game, Zelda’s been my favorite name forever! And her combo makes me feel like singing: Zelda Violet Blythe.

Ottilie – Has been my # 1 or 2 for years. still deciding on combos, Ottilie Alice Ghislaine is lovely but Ottilie Frances Valentine, Ottilie Frances Godeleve & Ottilie Frances Loveday thrill me a bit more (while honoring too).

Jemima – The name on my list that’s been there near as long as Zelda! I love her nn potential: Jemma/Jem & Mimi. Her combo is perfect for us too: Jemima Lucy Maud.

Imogen – I love the quiet, regal feel of Imogen. And Immy’s cute, even if it’s not my fave nickname possibilty. I’ve got a couple of combos I love equally: Imogen Violet Mathilde, Imogen Ottilie Frances & Imogen Violet Ophélie.

Edith – Love Edie’s funky, starchy feel and her combo is divine: Edith Ottilie Violet.

Look for the Wildcards (read: runners up) in the next day or so!

Working on Cecily Again

I’m still loving Cecily to honor Babci Cecilia/Cecylia. I’ve had a lovely combo for awhile now too: Cecily Pandora Jane. As you might recall, Pandora’s his Mom’s real first name and Jane was my Mom’s middle.
But I’ve been rethinking a bit.

Cecily Violet Petronel is a combo I’m revisiting. I love Cecily Violet together and Petronel not only honors great uncle Pyotr, I love Petronel’s fairytale feel.

I’ve also got:
Cecily Scarlet Godeleve (he Loves this one)
Cecily Winifred Malu
Cecily Scarlett Matilde
Cecily Petronella Grey
Cecily Violet Elinor (is almost too bland for me, but he rather likes it)
Cecily Valentina Grey
Cecily Oona Violet (I’m loving Oona in the middle!)
Cecily Esmée Violet (which honors as well: Esmeralda/Esmée/Esme. I prefer the girlier Esmée.)
Cecily Violet Raube (Raube is my Grandma’s maiden name)
Cecily Violet Odetta

So, do you think I should stick with Cecily Pandora Jane or do one of these newer thoughts strike you more? I would love to know! And as always, thanks for stopping by.

Harold & Philo

You read that right. Harold & Philo are the newest dudes on my “thinking” list right now.

Now Harold is one I know is not going to get much love from anyone. But I’m loving his starchy feel. And his nickname Hal is absolutely the bees knees for me. I loathe Harry. It sound sloppy coming out of my mouth but Hal snaps. 🙂 I’m wild about Hal.

Thinking about Philo too. Philip’s been a fave forever but I mostly love Phil. I know, and I cannot make myself use just a nickname on the birth certificate. And Philip makes him make faces, he also hates the Phillip spelling. So I’ve been thinking of Philo as a jauntier Philip and an equally easy way to get Phil, should I want to.
I’m working on combos as I type. Thinking along the lines of Harold Xavier John or Harold William George. Not that I’m wanting to bury my beloved George in third place but there he fits.
Philo’s trickier to pair. More uncommon middles don’t help him any. So things like Philo Willem James or Philo George Stephen perhaps. I really need to work more on these two handsome guys. Well, I think so. What about you? Any thoughts on either of them? I’d love to hear if you do! 😀


I’m heading out the door in a few, taking Josie to her first birthday party. The birthday boy is Blake and I’m already gearing up to collect all the rest of the names I hear today. Wish me luck and check back later for an update! 😀

Alright, we’re back! Josie had a blast; climbing “rocks”, sliding, bouncing around and playing laser tag!

As I said, Blake was the birthday boy (what a sweetie!), but there were a good bunch of well named kids (I think) there as well. Here they are:

Dylan (x2)
Nathaniel (went by Nate almost exclusively)
and the three girls: Genevieve, Megan (I asked about the spelling) and of course, Josephine.

It was a fun party, hope the next one’s not too far in the future!

Most Recent Loves

Here for your perusal are the names that sit highest in my estimation right now, wanna give me your thoughts on them?

Without further ado:

Lettice (Leticia)


Yeah, all those -gus names thrill me. I must really be liking Gus as nickname option! 😀

So, what do you think? Anything up there you’d like to see used? If I ever get a positive, this kid is going to get a name I love, to heck with convention! So, talk to me! 😉