Bruno Revisited

I mentioned Bruno yesterday as a wildcard.  Mentioned him again at supper.  I actually got an interested look. And then he said “Again”?

 Yes, “Again”   and proceeded to bring up the following:

My Stepmom. I’m not her favorite person on the planet nor is she mine but her kids and I are great friends and I figure that counts for something. And it couldn’t hurt any if she thought we were honoring, eh? 😉 

 On top of that, which is something I know made him think about it seriously, I thought I’d talk here about him this way:

He means “brown” literally, but to this synaesthetic soul he’s blue.

And such a gorgeous shade, too.   He’s a Saint’s name (Saint Bruno of Cologne,  founded the Carthusian Order), rather than a Pope name (which is what I seem to be drawn to overall). He sounds artistic, accomplished and overall, just awesome.  I can easily see a Bruno being an artist of some sort (photography, perhaps?), there seems to be a preponderance of photographers and chefs/ restaurants named Bruno/Bruno’s. 

He’s absolutely perfect with the sibset,  Doesn’t nickname down easily, similar to the older boys and feels supremely cheerful.


So what if he’s a dog in “Cinderella” and a thousand other dogs elsewhere in the world? Hasn’t stopped anyone from using Max, has it?   Not a concern, dog name, BAH!  I also like his link to Lewis Carroll: Sylvie & Bruno.  Lewis Carroll is a favorite of ours. Jabberwocky is something we read (and recite occasionally) for fun. Of course it means if it’s twins, Sylvie’s out for a girl, forevermore.

Bruno Henry Valentin honors three different family members from three different branches of the family. I count that a plus and a half.  And overall, I think he’s pretty darn snazzy!  Bruno’s aces with me!

The Wildcards

I’ve got names I adore but find a bit hard to use in one manner or another. I try anyway. Figured I’d toss them out for the heck of it today. Here, for your perusal:


The Guys:

Clarence/Clancy– I adore him and he’s actually in the top 10 despite my problem with him. He’s strong, handsome & angelic. I love his gentle feel. My problem? His combo. I’ve tenatively got Clarence Henry Rafael, which is lovely and while I can live with it, it doesn’t make Clarence shine. I want him to sparkle. Any suggestions? 

Malcolm  – He’s a long time love. I mean, Leo was nearly Malcolm, long time. I love his combo too Malcolm Barnaby Edward/Malcolm Edward Barnaby (haven’t decided which way I like it best yet). My problem? I need someone to tell me Malcolm MacK isn’t as clowny sounding as I think it is.  He even sounds awesome with the sibset. *sigh* Talk me into him!

– He’s a family surname of sorts (my Stepmom’s maiden name) and I really like his combo: Bruno Henry Valentin.  I like him lots and think he sounds pretty great with the sibset. My probelm with him? The other half’s not too sure about him and others think he’s a dog. It shouldn’t bother me (doesn’t with Cosmo), but for some reason, that does.

Blaise– I love his brainy, artistic feel and think he goes most superbly with the sibset but I don’t even have him paired, everyone instinctively spells him Blaze, Ugh.

Perry – I adore his easy, breezy style and his lighthearted feel.  I first think Perry White or Perry Mason but even Perry the platypus doesn’t bother me.  I don’t have him paired either, the other half think it’s going to the girls. Anyone have an argument for Perry on a boy?


The Gals:

Romilly – Yes, she’s placename-y (doesn’t bother me, I have cousins in one of the Romillys), and Romy honors a  Rosemary indirectly (that works in my huge family). Milly/Millie, she’s just sweet.  I love her two combos: Romilly Alice Kathleen (honors more, Kathleen’s my sister, Alice was to have been my name) & Romilly Elinor Blythe (Blythe I just like here, very much). My problem? She’s quite odd with the sibset. *sigh*

Pandora– I so would love to use this as a first name, to heck with it to meshing with the sibs. It honors, and I love both her sound and her meaning ‘all gifts’. But “the box” teasing may be too much in middle school as a first so I have her in the middle: Cecily Pandora Jane. Tell me it’s alright, please.  🙂

Araminta– Another one I’ve loved for a good while. I love her frill, her feel and her femininity. She’s lovely but not weak. And Min/Minna & Mina as possible nicknames enchant me to no end. I love her combo: Araminta Alice Green. If anyone knows their “Freedom Train” (not the 1976 one, either) history, they’ll know where Green came from here.  I need Min/Mina somewhere and this works best for me. And Green is so calm and clean, too. Not like the blues or pinks.

Esmeralda– The name of my G. Grandma’s oldest sister. Utterly lovely and breaks down to the tiny & divine Esme.  My problem? She’s quite a bit clashy with the surname: Esmeralda MacK? I don’t think so.  

Wilhelmina – I’ve loved her for at least 5 years.  And I love her potential obvious nicknames: Willa & Mina. My problem? She’s impossible to pair.  Anyone have any ideas?

Xanthe– Love, love, love Xanthe’s breezy sound and snazzy looks. Her meaning’s wicked cool too. I even adore her combo: Xanthe Rosalind Elinor. Problem? Josephine & Xanthe?  Mmm, I don’t think so. Talk me into it, if you do.


And there they are. Lovely, one & all and for the most part usable but not always for me.

Gloriana & Glory

Talking today about Gloriana. She’s old, been around since at least the 1500’s. Edmund Spenser used Gloriana in his epic poem “The Faerie Queen” as allegory for Queen Elizabeth I. She’s was a a character in a trio of books I read at (probably around) 8. “Her Ivy Hall” series by Ruth Alberta Brown between 1910 & 1913. Comprised of “Tabitha at Ivy Hall”,  “Tabitha’s Glory” (my favorite of the 3) and “Tabitha’s Vacation” She was Tabitha Catt and her redheaded orphan friend was Gloriana Holliday.  (The covers were orange and the most glorious shade of turquoise, which is why I think they appealed, originally).


As far as virtue names go, Glory is the one I love best. I know a lot of folks dislike her for her Gl- sound, it’s harsh to them. But that’s what I like about her, that sound is plummy rich truffle pudding to me. She’s also the most glorious shade of burgundy and gold.

I think Gloriana’s awesome; strong, beautiful and euphonious. I have a hard time pairing her though, and I mean really tough. here’s some that have passed already:

Gloriana Ivy Caroline
Gloriana Lily Maud
Gloriana Elspeth Jane
Gloriana  Iris Ophelia
Gloriana Cerys Ruby
Gloriana Iris Lenore 
Gloriana Matilda Elinor
Gloriana Cecily Ruth 
Gloriana Isobel Plum
Gloriana Romilly Violet 
Gloriana Iris Matilda 
Gloriana Ivy Mathilda
Gloriana Ivy Rosalba
Gloriana Lucy Violet

While Gloriana Lucy Violet comes close to the feel I like, I feel like she’s still missing something. Which is why I started concentrating on Glory. I like simple Glory almost more than Gloriana (almost!) and I have her in a spot where I think she’s utterly perfect: Euphemia Elinor Glory.  There’s something about that combo that makes me swoon.  She feels old time-y in a good way, like lemonade on a porch under a huge oak with a tire swing.

Okay, that’s another tick in the “Lola is weird” folder. 😀

But she does feel fresh, sweet & I really like her quite a lot. Despite the similarity to Josephine in sound, despite her slight clunk. Euphemia Elinor Glory gets quite a bit of love from me.


But now that she’s settled,  I’m thinking about Gloriana again. Do you like any othe ones above?  Any suggestions for her, otherwise? I’m rather at a loss at the moment, but have a few ideas floating around. I’ll be working on them at luch (which it is now) and be back with them in an update after!



Update: 10 more Gloriana combos, poll.

My Ee – girls

I’ve been trying to figure out how to narrow my girls list and thought, well, I have three girls on my lists that begin with E. I think they’re all awesome but figure I really need to narrow it to one. It’s a start anyway.  Here they are:

Edith – My charmingly strong and regal one. I’ve mentioned my love for medieval names before and here’s one example. I love her history. Her sound is simple and crisp and like all E names, she’s yellow to me.
I have two combos for her I utterly adore and cannot decide between:

Edith Alice Bertille
Edith Lucy Valentina

Euphemia – She looks heavy, yes, but say her: u-FEE-me-ah; so light and fluffy, like an angel cake, her yellow is deeper, definitely very cakelike. I like that her strength is in her look but not her sound,very, very much.  I only have one combo for her that charms me completely:

Euphemia Elinor Glory

Eulalie – Another light as air baby, u-LAL-ee. She doesn’t look as heavy as the other two Ee girls but she’s got the same ending as my surname and I waffle on whether she’s usable at all. I really love her sound though. And her yellow is the most delicate next to Elinor’s. (the sunbaby on the left is Eulalie’s shade).


This picture just makes me think of her:treby-moondance-eulalie

And her lovely combo is: Eulalie Frances Madelief.

Would you help me decide? 



My Favorite Old Folks

I like old people, always have. I had more fun hanging out with my Grandmother and her sisters, their husbands and their friends as a kid, even.

Never said I wasn’t odd! 😀

Some of them are back now: Lillian/Lilian & Caroline (never left), John and Josephine’s on her way.  While the rest of them are becoming rather obscure or in danger of vanishing completely: Arthur, Roland, Warren, Harvey, Clarence, Philip/Phillip and Leslie on a boy. Frances, May, Sylvia, Florence, Margery.

Helen, Margaret & Edward are the only three falling but not in danger of vanishing just yet.

All of those names are family names for me (if you hadn’t guessed)

I’ve been thinking about them, the old folks I used to know (they’re all long gone now). I wonder of any of their names will come back?   I think most of them are neat. Arthur & Roland and knightly and dashing, Philip/Phillip feels princely (maybe I’ve watched too much “Sleeping Beauty? Hmm)? 😉   Warren feels artsy and creative to me, Harvey feels almost happy, Clarence is warm and softly handsome and I so wish Leslie had stayed boy. I mean Lesley is the girly version, why did they take Leslie? Poor GrandPop!  
May is sweetly charming, Frances is zippy and sweet, and Florence fits in with the place name girls. I’m surprised actually, that Sylvia hasn’t popped up yet. She’s simple yet three syllables, has a ‘v’ and a ‘y’ and seemingly fits in with the Audrey/Ava/Vivian crowd. 

I’ve also been wondering how medieval Margery might come across by herself or maybe as an alternate nickname for Margaret?  I’ve always been a sucker for ancient names and medieval names fit that nicely.  Margery, Edith, Cecily, Beatrix, Amabel, Clarice (I’ve loved Clarice since I was a tot!), Euphemia, Florence, Helen, Lettice/Leticia, Matilda & Maud are some very favorites. I could have a dozen girls and happily name them the previous names.


What do you think of old people’s names? What are your thoughts on medieval names and their possible use today?



Lucretia Redux

Much to my surprise, Lucretia has been up for discussion all of today. Lucretia as been one of my loves for a number of years thanks to her luscious color and soft, silky texture. Lucretia Ruby Elinor has been our top combo for at least the past four months, which is rather long for me. (only Ottoline’s combo has stood longer than any before bestowing upon a child)

So we flipped through the lists to see what appealed this time. Here’s what did:

Lucretia Elinor Maud
Lucretia Elinor Valentine
Lucretia Elinor Minu (I’m so in love with Minu, she’s Persian and means ‘heaven’ awesome!)
Lucretia Ruby Iris
and Lucretia Alice Calliope has crept back on.

Of course, I can’t shake Lucretia Ruby Elinor either!


I ran a poll earlier today, and I know what won over there. I also know which one we prefer. What I’d love to know is ‘What do YOU think of them” and “which one do you like best”?   Would you mind telling me?  Thanks!

And the Boys

I can’t leave the boys out!  Here’s the top ten:

Cosmo – Coz
Cassius – Cash, Cass
Remus – Remy, Rex (due to initials in combo)
August – Augie, Gus
Lucius – Lou, Luc
Clarence – Clancy, Clare, Ren                                               
Alasdair – Alec, AB (due to initials)
Oscar – Oz, Ozzy
Rafael – Rafe
Ignatius – Iggy, Nate, Nat


If you’re interested in them in full combos or you’d like to see the whole list, look here.

Now for the Girls

Figured I’d post the top 10 girls, singly and see what folks think.

Cecily – Celie, Cece, Celia
Ottoline  – Tillie, Ottilie
Beatrix – Bea, Bebe, Trixie
Pomeline – Millie, Polly, Poppy, Molly
Maud – Maudie
Mathilda – Tillie, Maudie, Millie
Lucretia – Lucy, Lulu
Jemima – Mimi, Jemma
Henrietta – Hettie, Hattie, Etta, Harriet
Zuleika – Zuzu, Zooey


And if you want to see the rest of the girls (and these in combos), check them out, here .

My Rules of Baby Naming

Only three, believe it or not. I’m not nearly the Nazi people think I am! These are the rules I follow when naming,


1. Must mesh with the Surname – It’s a “gone to the girls” Scottish thing.  I’ve got Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, German & Greek ancestry alongside the Scottish. makes it really tricky honoring family while fitting with that crazy surname. Sometimes it works, Sometimes it doesn’t.


2. Absolutely nothing gender-bendery–  I grew up tall, really slender with short hair and a deep Lauren Bacall-ish voice. I was mistaken for a boy at least twice a week before 12. I was so happy to have a name that declared “I AM A GIRL”, that I strive for that with my own kids. I think I’ve succeeded too.


3. Must be familiar but uncommon – My name was top 20 the year I was born and I still dislike being in a room with another person with my name. I hate playing the “who, me?” game, it drives me bananas. I really don’t mind the name being familiar but 200 is where I’m most comfortable.


That’s it, really. I really thought about what drives me to like the names I do, especially as first names. Dug out old notes to compare them against what I thought and really slimmed it down to the most important things in a name, for me.

Without too much analysis of your own motives, what are Your general rules?  😀


Yes, you read that right, Lucretia. What a strong, unfussy Lucy!  She’s the only longer form of Lucy that I do like and she’s managed to stay on my working list for almost a year. that’s an amazing feat for a namefreak like me.

I’m sure 99% of the folks who see Lucretia expect Borgia to follow. But my first thought is Lucretia  Coffin Mott, abolitionist & feminist in the 19th century. next thought is former First Lady, Lucretia Rudolph Garfield. Then and only then does my brain go “oh yeah, and Lucretia Borgia”. Whom I think got a bum rap in a History written mainly by men.  There’s a book : “Lucretia Borgia”  by Ferdinand Gregorovius which has an extensive collection of her correspondence and she comes across as a gracious, charming and modest lady there. Interesting reading and if she interests you at all, I suggest reading it. It’s fascinating.

She’s, as I said, been on my working list for almost a year. She’s been on my lists, i general, for far longer. I find her strength completely appealing and totally undeniable. I love her frill, say her :Loo-CREE-sha.  She’s the loveliest shade of blue and this print hangs in my hallway:


It’s by Rembrandt, so I’ll never own anything but a print but even the print is luscious; so rich & vivid. this picture really does no justice to  the actual picture. I think the original is in Minneapolis but am not sure, so if anyone’s inclined to further search on Rembrandt’s second attempt at Lucretia in 1666, and does find where she’s at these days, please let me know. If I’m able to see it in person before I’m an old lady, I would love to!


Anyhow, back to Lucretia as a name for a child of mine…  😀

I’ve had Lucretia Ruby Elinor on my list almost as long as she’s been on the working list. I like the flashy spunk of Ruby and the polished silken Elinor next to the elegant frill that is Lucretia. I think she shines, sapphire, ruby and white and feels nothing patriotic despite the color scheme. She’s all royal, regal and rich. No democrat, Lucretia. Not her. She’s a royal. Elegant, rich, ladylike, completely feminine and above all, steel strong. I think she’s just aces!

Cosmo a Third Time

I’m not crazy, honest. Just feeling badly that the Cosmo combo we had wasn’t entirely pleasing him. He’s worth pleasing, crazy as he can be. 🙂 So we went digging together. Showed him the announcement I found  with George Cosmo on it. Absolutely sold him on George with Cosmo. Interesting, that. 😀


To the point, I’ve got Cosmo polls going today, Cosmo1 and Cosmo2  Just trying out weird things that pleased him last night. It’s so lovely having a partner who’s slightly more name obsessed than I am!

The general pattern between the two polls is Cosmo George. George for St. George.  (he just called and suggested Cosmo Stanley Jude)!  Stanley for my Uncle. Reminded him Stanley was also his evil father as well as my crazy Uncle and he says he likes it anyway. Stanley’s really stolid and I don’t like the family associations on either side but what do you think?   I definitely prefer Cosmo George Something or Cosmo something George over Stanley Jude. 

Some of the combos in the poll that tickle my fancy in one way or another:

Cosmo Lucien George
Cosmo Valentin George
Cosmo George Porfirio (I like the sounds of the s, m, G, P & f together like that.)
Cosmo Valerian George
Cosmo George Reuel

 Why not take a gander at the poll(s) and then tell me what you think? Thoughts,  meanderings, or even opinions are always welcome!  🙂


Tag surfing is so much fun!  I was surfing a few days ago, under “baby names” and ran across this :

Which is pretty cool. If you like, for example, Emily but are turned off by it’s popualrity you can go here and find names that are similar based on the elements in Emily. They’ve got a decent sized database and I’ve been assured it’sstill growing. Why not head on over and check them out?  The link is over there on the right, too, so when this disappears it’s still an accessible site.  Enjoy!

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