Araminta & Aurelia

 Brought up Aurelia yesterday, he countered with Araminta.

Now, Araminta’s been on the list before and has been hanging out in the Wildcards recently.  Araminta Lucy Violet or Araminta Alice Green, I waffle as to which I prefer although he’s come down firmly in Araminta Lucy Violet’s camp, so she may be the default winner here.  I’ve been thinking Araminta Daisy Jane too.


 Aurelia’s down to three:

Aurelia Violet Petronel
Aurelia India Pearl
Aurelia Romilly Jane


Now I like both names and if you Google Araminta, there’s an absolute cutie with the name, just a bit over a year old now.  I’m not posting any more on her, don’t want to invade anyone’s privacy. But go ahead & Google, she’s the first link, in a wordpress blog.  So cute!  Whereas this is the littlest Aurelia I can find: Baby Aurelia  And she’s about Josie’s age ! 

I also find a sister set: Aurelia and Annalise which makes me cry a little, Anneliese, not Annalise !  But I think their Mom has an Etsy shop (I haven’t dug further) and they’re probably adorable.


So of these:
Araminta Alice Green
Araminta Lucy Violet
Araminta Daisy Jane
Aurelia Violet Petronel
Aurelia India Pearl
Aurelia Romilly Jane

Which would you pick  and why?   Most of you visiting know why these are in the order they’re in but I’ll elaborate if you want me to, in a comment, later. 

As always, thanks for stopping by!

14 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christina Fonseca
    Mar 16, 2009 @ 22:03:37

    Aurelia Romilly Jane *sigh*.

    Rare Aurelia, whimsical Romilly, proper Jane. Very dignified and pretty combo – love it!


  2. Sarah
    Mar 17, 2009 @ 05:13:11

    No way! I’m barracking for India Pearl for my baby due in May!

    You have to choose Aurelia India Pearl. LOVE IT!


  3. Lola
    Mar 17, 2009 @ 09:04:53

    Thanks Christine! I’ve been looking for a home for Romilly forever and I think this one’s going to stick. I think it’s perfect!

    Sarah, I have India in two other combos (Maud India Scarlett & Clementine India Jane) Three sort of feels like overkill to me but she is pretty! India Pearl is just a divine combo, your girl’s going to have a gorgeous name! When in May are you due? My Josie’s a May baby!

    I suppose Araminta gets no love at all, then. I hate to tell him!


  4. R.L.
    Mar 17, 2009 @ 10:33:34

    Another vote for Aurelia Romilly Jane. Very pretty.

    Of the Aramintas, I do like Araminta Alice Green as well, but prefer Aurelia. I love Josephine and Aurelia together.


  5. Lola
    Mar 17, 2009 @ 12:24:07

    Aurelia Romilly Jane is the winner then. Now I just have to figure out where she goes on the big list! 😀


  6. Sarah
    Mar 18, 2009 @ 05:01:59

    Aurelia India Pearl is my favourite India combo. Aurelia is pretty. India is wild(ish). Pearl is sensibly classic. You have to choose it!

    I’m due on the 28th of May. We don’t know if its a girl yet but we just love our girls names. India, Adelaide and September. I really like India. He really likes September. We both really like Adelaide. And considering that we aren’t really staisfied with any middle name combinations with Adelaide and September it looks like India Pearl is the likely go for a girl at the moment.

    Aurelia Romilly Jane is also nice – I do prefer Aurelia India Pearl.


    • Lola
      Mar 18, 2009 @ 10:17:25

      Wow! Josie’s the 27th of May! Thanks for the secondary boost, but it’s a moot point by now. We just culled the entire girls wildcard list and are now working on eliminating the boys. That’s an easier job, I think. Then we have to try to narrow it down to 10 each with two “Just in case” names.

      Good luck with yours, please let us know when you do have the baby! (please?)



  7. Sarah
    Mar 19, 2009 @ 02:51:38

    You will know what I call her/him. I am now minding my self hoping he/she is born 1 day early!


  8. Lola
    Mar 19, 2009 @ 09:33:34

    I’ll be checking in to make sure. 🙂 I’ll keep my fingers crossed for an easy delivery for you!


  9. Bizzy
    Mar 19, 2009 @ 17:02:45

    Hi, again, Lola! In answer to your question, Clara is doing very well, thank you, and getting so big! I’m glad to hear Josie is doing well and spunky as ever. I popped in on your Imogen discussion, and I’m not sure if she’ll make the next sister for us, either. We’re more fond of Penelope lately, and Clara loves to say it. : ) Imogen Violet is in the top 3 for us, but I’d be happy to share her, although I know you have other faves that would likely come first. ; )

    Anyway, about this post, I had to give some support to Araminta Alice Green! I’ve never cared too much for Aurelia, maybe because she is one step away from Aurora, which I find to be a mouthful. Araminta is another story! It’s crisp and no-nonsense, while at the same time being sweet and frilly. I also love Minnie so much. Araminta Alice Green is the perfect complement to Araminta. I just love it! Araminta Lucy Violet is so sweet, but perhaps too sweet in comparison, and Araminta Daisy Jane is my second favorite. I love Jane to ground a combo while still being beautiful.

    Aurelia Romilly Jane is my favorite Aurelia combo, though, so I am glad she won, despite my preference for Araminta. : )


  10. Lola
    Mar 19, 2009 @ 18:14:15

    Bizzy, you guessed right! Araminta’s the one that made the cut. He prefers crisp Araminta to fuzzy Aurelia (I first heard Aurelia in some biopic of JRR Tolkien when I was a kid myself, have liked it since, in a theortical sort of way but I just can’t make it shine anywhere, wheras Araminta is wasy to do that to. We’ve been tossing out ideas for middles all day and it’s come down to two different ones, in case we end up not liking Araminta Alice Green (I am so digging that!) So here’s all three next to each other (If you check back, tell me what you think, since you’re about the only other person who likes AAG)

    Araminta Ruby Isobel
    Araminta Alice Green
    Araminta Violet Pearl

    What do you think? 😀


  11. Bizzy
    Mar 19, 2009 @ 18:47:16

    I think they’re all three beautiful! If I had to break it down, though, I’d have a hard time choosing between Araminta Alice Green and Araminta Ruby Isobel. They both have such different ‘feels’ to me!

    Araminta Alice Green- These just seem so perfect together, like they were made for each other. The whole combo has such a light and refreshing feel. It’s a tad more serious than ARI…

    Araminta Ruby Isobel- This one is musical and fun, and Ruby brings out the spunk in both Araminta and Isobel! I love what it does for Araminta, especially.

    Araminta Violet Pearl is so lovely, but it seems a bit prim in comparison. I think Violet and Pearl are maybe a bit too precious together, for me. I’d love Araminta Violet-something else, though. I think you have winners in both AAG and ARI, though! Good luck trying to choose between them! : )


  12. Bizzy
    Mar 19, 2009 @ 19:16:40

    Araminta Violet Isobel is a great compromise between ARI and AVP! Love this, too!


  13. Lola
    Mar 19, 2009 @ 19:48:58

    Oooh, that’s lovely! Thanks, I’ll grab that and toss it at him in a bit, see what he thinks. I think Araminta might be moving off the wildcard list and exchanging places with; I don’t know, Winifred, maybe. I’m really groovin’ to Araminta tonight, no clue why! 🙂


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