Yeah, I’m inspired. Aurelia Violet was my first thought and came up with these few:

Aurelia Violet Adele
Aurelia Esme Violet
Aurelia Violet Petronel
Aurelia Violet Isobel
Aurelia Pandora Violet
Aurelia Lilas Violet

And then I started drifting a bit:

Aurelia Iris Pearl
Aurelia Saffron Elinor
Aurelia Ruby Mathilde
Aurelia Ruby Adele
Aurelia Rosalie June
Aurelia Sylvie Elinor


I think I’m liking Aurelia Violet Petronel, She feels like a delicate lady from the 18th century; Aurelia Saffron Elinor, Saffron adds a modern kick to delicate  Aurelia, and with Saffron & Elinor being cousins of his, I feel as though non honoring Aurelia’s balanced.   Aurelia Rosalie June just pleases me with her rhythm and Aurelia  Violet Adele & Aurelia Iris Pearl and pretty tied in my head for most beautiful. 

What do *you* think? Anthing jump out at you? And if not, there are more coming, I’m still rattling her around in my head!