I’m quite enamored with Helen at the moment.  It’s a definite family name for me, I have three Aunts with the name (well, 2 Helens 1 Helena) but I prefer simple Helen to Helena these days, even. And the last Helen is on her last legs as I type this. She’s not doing well at all.


I think it’s brilliantly simple and beautifully strong. Helen’s warm honey to me,  and I’m liking her a whole lot. Tried my hand at combos, preliminarily anyway. Here’s what I came up with, and is now narrowed a bit:


Helen Saffron Adele
Helen Calliope Jane
Helen Ursula Violet
Helen Isolde Ruby
Helen Aurelia Violet
Helen Rosamond Lily
Helen Tilley Violet


I decided to try Saffron out with Helen because they’re almost the same color (not shade) to me, Saffron’s yellow/orange gold and Helen’s honey gold. Ursula is one I just like.  ur -SU- lah.  Primrose is just a bit of whimsy I didn’t think would hurt Helen much and I tried the familial Tilley out in full, I figure, if Leo, Simon & Josephine have a family surname in the middle, Tilley should work too.  Of course, Jane, Lily, Ruby, Violet, Marigold, Ottilie & Lucy have significance and Isolde, Camilla, Calliope, Aurelia, Plum & Adele are just ones we like.  But I figure with two family names, I can spare a bit for something we just really like!


 Anything jump out at you as emminently usable? Am I on the right track, at least? What do you think, anything? 


As always, thanks a million for stopping by!

The Freaks

It’s a bit mean of a title but I mentioned yesterday there’s a handful of names I’d love to use even though they don’t fit with the rest of the kids. Thought I’d toss them out here, see if you agree!

Without further ado, here are the freaks on my name lists:

Leonore (obviously, if Cleo rhymes, this *is* Leo)!



I try to stick these in the middle but I would adore to use any of these up front. Do you think I could get away with any of these, or should I just keep thinking about them as potential middles? What do you think?  😀


As always, thanks a million for stopping by! 

The Girly Wildcards

I have far too many wildcards, those combos I love but not as much as the top ones. Or in some cases, more, but I find them a tiny bit unwieldy for day to day use.


Ideally, I’d have a top 10 and 10 wildcards. Recently I’ve added three names to the wildcard list, bringing the total up to 16 Wildcards. There’s already 11 girls in the top 10 (I know, I know…) so I need to cull these down to three or four at best and am having the hardest time getting rid of any of them!


Ottilie Alice Ghislaine – Tillie, Ottilie, Leeloo, Lina
Susanna Ottilie Pearl – Sukie, Zuzu, Zanna   
Pomeline Frances Elinor – Poppy, Polly, Millie, Molly, Lina

Laetitia Amabel Violet – Lettie, Etta, Lettice
Araminta Lucy Violet – Minna, Mina
Euphemia Elinor Glory – Effie, Mia, Fifi
Elspeth Margery Violet – Elsa, Elsie
Aurelia Romilly Jane – Goldie, Rellie
Mathilda Lucy Elanor – Tillie, Maud, Maudie
Henrietta Ruby Lilias – Hattie, Hettie,  Etta, Harriet
Lucretia Ruby Iris – Lucy, Lulu, Lux
Jemima Frances Ruby – Mimi, Jemma
Zuleika Esme Violet – Zuzu, Zooey
Zenaida Ruby Frances – Zen, Zeni,  Aida, Zinnia, Flower
Florence Lila Ghislaine – Flora, Flory, Fleur, Ren
Romilly Alice Kathleen – Romy, Millie


If pushed, I’d say probably the bolded 4 are the biggest loves but I’m already mourning the loss of 6 others not bolded. If you had to pick 4 from this list to use on a girl, which 4 would you pick and why? See why I’m having problems?   Any help at all would be completely appreciated!  Thanks!

Araminta & Aurelia

 Brought up Aurelia yesterday, he countered with Araminta.

Now, Araminta’s been on the list before and has been hanging out in the Wildcards recently.  Araminta Lucy Violet or Araminta Alice Green, I waffle as to which I prefer although he’s come down firmly in Araminta Lucy Violet’s camp, so she may be the default winner here.  I’ve been thinking Araminta Daisy Jane too.


 Aurelia’s down to three:

Aurelia Violet Petronel
Aurelia India Pearl
Aurelia Romilly Jane


Now I like both names and if you Google Araminta, there’s an absolute cutie with the name, just a bit over a year old now.  I’m not posting any more on her, don’t want to invade anyone’s privacy. But go ahead & Google, she’s the first link, in a wordpress blog.  So cute!  Whereas this is the littlest Aurelia I can find: Baby Aurelia  And she’s about Josie’s age ! 

I also find a sister set: Aurelia and Annalise which makes me cry a little, Anneliese, not Annalise !  But I think their Mom has an Etsy shop (I haven’t dug further) and they’re probably adorable.


So of these:
Araminta Alice Green
Araminta Lucy Violet
Araminta Daisy Jane
Aurelia Violet Petronel
Aurelia India Pearl
Aurelia Romilly Jane

Which would you pick  and why?   Most of you visiting know why these are in the order they’re in but I’ll elaborate if you want me to, in a comment, later. 

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Aurelia, part deux

Told you there was more Aurelia in my head!
Aurelia Rosalie Jane & Aurelia Iris Pearl are staying for now as well as what may well be my standard bearer: Aurelia Violet Petronel. Adding to those are these:

Aurelia India Pearl
Aurelia Ivy Katharine
Aurelia Romilly Jane
Aurelia Esme Katharine
Aurelia Zenobia Jane
Aurelia Ottilie Jane
Aurelia Lily Katharine

Anything there strike you as better than Aurelia Rosalie Jane, Aurelia Iris Pearl or Aurelia Violet Petronel? Especially Aurelia Violet Petronel!


I’m quite enamoured with Aurelia right now. She’s feminine, uncommon, beautiful and strong. I like that she doesn’t really have an obvious nickname although I have a few odd things in mind;  Goldie in particular.  I’m going to sit on the less obvious, I’m already seeing other people suggest Clementine/Cleo and I’m tired of seeing that already.  So like I said, I’m sitting on the less obvious possible nicknames for Aurelia.  


Yeah, I’m inspired. Aurelia Violet was my first thought and came up with these few:

Aurelia Violet Adele
Aurelia Esme Violet
Aurelia Violet Petronel
Aurelia Violet Isobel
Aurelia Pandora Violet
Aurelia Lilas Violet

And then I started drifting a bit:

Aurelia Iris Pearl
Aurelia Saffron Elinor
Aurelia Ruby Mathilde
Aurelia Ruby Adele
Aurelia Rosalie June
Aurelia Sylvie Elinor


I think I’m liking Aurelia Violet Petronel, She feels like a delicate lady from the 18th century; Aurelia Saffron Elinor, Saffron adds a modern kick to delicate  Aurelia, and with Saffron & Elinor being cousins of his, I feel as though non honoring Aurelia’s balanced.   Aurelia Rosalie June just pleases me with her rhythm and Aurelia  Violet Adele & Aurelia Iris Pearl and pretty tied in my head for most beautiful. 

What do *you* think? Anthing jump out at you? And if not, there are more coming, I’m still rattling her around in my head!

Some of the Newer Infatuations

I have a few names floating around the edges of my lists, don’t know if they’ll make it on the lists or not so I thought I’d toss them out here for you all to dissect. Tell me what you think of these:


Zoltan – is one of those names that hang about the family tree that intrigue me. But it’s so far back there that I wonder if it’s really usable anymore.  I think he’s cool, has power and verve, what’s not to love about Zoltan?

Eugenie – for Eugenia, which is too rich for me. Eugenie, with just the simple  English pronunciation is fine with me. Don’t know about using it, was Napoleon’s first wife, and I’ve already used the name of his second wife. How weird would that be?

Graham – Yeah, he’s showing up on my lists again. It was his Granddad Henry’s middle and after all the Monty Python, I’m loving Graham Chapman again (yes, I know he’s dead…) 😦  Graham Arthur?

Tullia/Tula– Something about that Tu- sound is really appealing to me right now. The oo sound is really pretty!  Related to all the Lu- names floating around my lists, in my head. And Ruby.

Zoya– One of the few simple Russian, names on  the family tree. Zoy-ah. the Russian equivalent of trendy and frequently misspelled Zoe.  I think she’s pretty cool and beautiful too. But it Zoya too odd next to Josephine/Josie?

Belinda– Yeah, really. I’ve always liked Belinda’s happy sound and open feel. And I think it’s one that will age pretty well. But I’m not sure about sistering with Josephine.  *shrug* I think she’s lovely.

Alaric – One of those medieval names that appeals. I could happily name a boy Alaric Morgan ___ .  But then, would anyone get where that came from? He is one of my favorite literary characters, so noble and strong. handsome as he** didn’t hurt either!

Caspar – I like Jasper, really I do, but Caspar’s the related family name. I would love to use this but wonder how usable he really is.  I think he is, but want to hear from others on this! Caspar Felix? Caspar Edward? Caspar John?

Perry– I’ve loved the light & airy Perry for years. Mom used to listen to Perry Como, the cousins watched Perry White take chunks out of Clark Kent and in my own Generation, Perry Farrell doesn’t hurt Perry at all.  He feels jazzy and debonair to me. I’ve thought about Peregrin, nn Perry but would happily just use Perry. Usable, or no? Perry Willem & Perry Felix are floating around my head right now.

Aurelia -This has been floating around my thoughts for a long while. I think Aurelia’s absolutely beautiful and perfectly wonderful. I think she stands up well next to Josephine and already have Aurelia Violet kicking around in my head as a starter combo, which is a good sign for usability, to me. What do you all think of her?