Can I get some thoughts on Genevieve? I find Genevieve incredibly annoying to type out and almost as annoying to write out but despite all that, I find Genevieve growing on me.

It’s a family name for me. I talk about my Babci, Cecilia and her 12 brothers a fair bit, but what I usually leave out is her little sister, Genevieve, who died at 2 from whooping cough. Genevieve and Cecilia are the only two family members who are buried, too. Everyone else has been cremated. So I do visit their graves fairly recently. Babci’s is prominent and up front in the graveyard but Genevieve is tucked away in back with a a tiny headstone, suitable for the toddler she was. Babci never spoke of Genevieve but apparently she had before I was born, my Mom knew the story and passed it along to me. She was apparently a social little thing, visiting all the families around them but contracted whooping cough late one winter and that was that. Took her five days to die. I can only imagine the horror of watching that. So for a long time Genevieve has been off my lists.

But I started thinking the other day, what better way to remember her than to use it again? Maybe I should. No combos yet, still testing just Genevieve. I don’t know what sort of nickname I’d use. Gen/Genna doesn’t appeal, Neve/Eve maybe. But Evie is already so ubiquitous! Can anyone else think of a nickname from Genevieve that might appeal to me?

So, what do you all think of Genevieve? Should I consider her or was I thinking right at first? C’mon, let me have it!

Update on Trixie

Down to four, yes, four combos for her. Absolutely adore all four, help me pick one? Please? Without further ado, here they are, in all their glory on this yucky, snowy day!


Beatrix India Pearl– Not only Trixie, I could call her Bippy (My Mother would laugh)!

Beatrix Violet Jane – sweet, simple and pretty. I wonder though, is she too normal?

Beatrix Ivy Frances – Ivy ’cause I like it, fresh & green. Frances for Mom, as always.

Beatrix Violet Llanfaire– Llanfaire’s just a bit of medieval oddness that appeals to us both, Violet’s for my Auntie, as always.

So, there they are, which ones do you like and which one do you like for me? Tell me whatever crosses your mind about them, I’d love to hear!  And as always, thanks for stopping by!