The Great Aunts, en masse

I decided to group them all together, the Great Aunts, Grandma’s sisters, Grandpop’s sisters, Babci’s sister & Gagi’s sisters, here they are, the odd bunch of them all. Enjoy!


GrandPop’s Sisters:

Elisabeth Lula Alice / Elsie
Laetitia Amabel Violet / Lettie
Elvira Cora May / Vera

Grandma’s sisters & May’s SIL:

Elisabeth Mary Bea / Bessie
May Dorothea
Lesley Edith
Carolyn Augusta

Babci’s sister:

Genevieve Marianne

Gagi’s sisters:

Klara Malina
Eugenia Mary

His mom has no sisters and her mother had all brothers as well. he has two sisters and between the three of them, we have two girls and four boys.


What do you think of the few Females in the past Family?  🙂