Susanna’s new to my lists, sort of. I’ve toyed with her before. She’d honor me; Susanne is my second middle for my mom’s best friend.  I really dislike Susanna with the ‘H’ on the end, that ‘H’ clunks it up too much for me. But Susanna, just beautiful.  I like the potential for Sukie/Sookie and have been wondering if Daisy as a possible nickname isn’t too far-fetched. After all black-eyed susans are a type of daisy, right? So yeah, another way to get Daisy. I love Daisy. My Grandma would be thrilled!  Of course, now the house would be K, L, L, S, J & S, which rather annoys me but not so much that I still want to consider Susanna.


I have a few combos that make me happy in various ways:


Susannah Edith Plum
Susanna Iris Pearl
Susanna Ivy Jane
Susanna Jane Petronel
Susanna Margery Jane
Susanna Caroline Violet
Susanna Elspeth June
Susanna Romilly Violet
Susanna Poppy Adele
Susanna Ottilie Pearl
Susanna Lucy Pearl
Susanna Violet June
Susanna Viola Marilyn
Susanna Zoya Ruby/Alice/Jane/Frances/Maud
Susanna Sylvie June



 There are a few that really stand out to me, but I want to see if any stand out to anyone else. Would you all be so kind as to flip though these and tell me what you like or really hate? I’d really appreciate it!  I’ll state my favorites later.


As always, thanks for stopping by and also for commenting!

Beatrix, Again

I can’t seem to let go of Beatrix, but I am rethinking her combo. Beatrix Poppy Elinor charms me with her upbeat sound and her bright colors but it feels almost too “British” if that makes any sense. But Beatrix, I can’t shake her off. I keep thinking “I hear her a lot online” And that scares me off a bit. I don’t want her to have a dated name, and I’m a touch afraid that Beatrix might. But I like her so! So I’m rethinking middles for her.

Which means,  I’m running a poll at BtN, as usual, and as usual, here are those poll choices;  in case you don’t want to bother clicking.

 Beatrix Elinor Plum – Elinor honors the cousin,  Plum has a luscious sound I just want to be able to say daily!

Beatrix Esme Ruby – Esme for Esmeralda who sounds ridiculous with my surname, Ruby’s for me, my birthstone!

Beatrix Esme Valentine – Mentioned Esme above, Valentine’s for my Pop.

Beatrix Alice Rupinder– Alice should have been my name, to honor thwarted Mom, Rupinder is just a love. I love her feel, her sound and her look. Can’t ask for more!

Beatrix Malu Primrose– I love the sound of Malu (meaning’s pretty awesome too) Primrose is a cousin.

Beatrix Romilly Violet– Finally, Romilly where I would feel more comfortable, Violet for my favorite Auntie on Mom’s side.

 Beatrix Lily Alice – Lily for Grandma Lily, Alice for my Mom again.

Beatrix Oona Pearl– Oona’s a love, I like her swoop, her feel: sleek and Pearl because I like the way it looks and sounds follwing Oona.

and can’t forget to add the standard bearer: Beatrix Poppy Elinor  – Poppies are one of my favorite flowers, the color alone makes me smile. My Uncle Jim thinks Poppy’s for him, they’re apparently his favorite flowers too. And Elinor’s that cousin again.


So, should I even bother? Is Beatrix going to be the next to jump upwards? (this is the same problem I have with Clementine, she’s gone from being #1 two years ago, to being #10, and that’s after being #17 for a good while) Anyway, should I worry, or is Beatrix worth it? And which combo do you like best? I’d love to know. Anyone happening along, feel free to add your 2¢!  New voices are always welcome!


 Update: Down to three combos:
Beatrix Scarlet Jane
Beatrix Elinor Plum
Beatrix Jemima Alice

Have a favorite here? Let me know, if you’re reading!


 I  absolutely love Agatha. I have since I was a kid. I first read Agatha Christie’s “Ten Little Indians” (also known as “And Then There Were None”) when I was 7. I loved it and went on to read just about everything by her  a 7 year old could get her hands on. Thankfully, my Pop was sympathetic to the voracious reader I was then (and still am).  So Agatha not only brings back great memories of Pop, she makes me feel  good! I don’t mind Aggie as a possible nickname but am wondering if I could potentially get Thea out of Agatha as well.  Any other nickname options I’m not seeing?  Somehow, I think not.

 I’ve had her on my list before, as Agatha Esme Bluebell (She started  as Esme Agatha Bluebell, but decided I liked Agatha better up front). I’ve been rethinking the combo, especially since Josephine got a baby doll for Xmas that she named Bluebell! Since then, I’ve  come up with  5 that charm me utterly:

Agatha Esme Plum – Esme’s for G. Auntie Esmeralda (whose name I adore but find too unwieldy with the Scots surname)
Agatha Alice Violet/Agatha Violet Alice (can’t decide which way)  – Alice for me, Violet for my most favorite Auntie.
Agatha Ruby Malu (I find this so fun to say aloud!) – Ruby’s for me, Malu I just adore her light feel!
Agatha Lily Frances – my Grandma & my Mom, ‘nuf said.
Agatha Lucy Rosalie – Lucy was my Mom’s top choice for me, Rosalie I just love. I’ve tried Rosalie just about everywhere but I’m really loving her here!

I just can’t decide among them yet, but maybe with a bit of help I could?  It’s after noon and here’s the Agatha   poll!  So, What do you think of the formidable Agatha and do you like any of my combos for her? 


 As always, Thanks!  😀

Winifred :D

Winifred’s been on my mind for a few days. It’s my newest Auntie’s name (well, she’s been married to Skip for 5 years now, so new is a relative term…) and I like her very much, even though I only email with her and talk on the phone about once a week (someone needs to keep tabs on flaky Skip). I really like the sound of Winifred and find the possibility of Winnie to be most enticing. 😀   I could even pop in a Freda occasionally, I would think. 🙂   So, I’ve definitely been tossing around combos and have settled with this bunch as being most pleasing but cannot narrow it any further.  I’ll be posting them in a poll later on but for now, they’re just here. And here they are:


Winifred Elinor Plum
Winifred Romilly Violet
Winifred Ruby Katharine
Winifred Lily Alice
Winifred Esme Ruby
Winifred Carys Irena
Winifred Esme Ghislaine
Winifred Esme Loveday
Winifred June Kathleen/Winifred Kathleen June (I like this both ways!)
Winifred Poppy Esmée


What do you think of Winifred? Like her, hate her, love her? Think it’s insane to be thinking of Winifred these days? Maybe she’s ready for a comeback?  And, if you’d be so kind, which of the above combos do you like best and why. I’d appreciate it very much!  Thanks!

Florence/Flora once again

  Yes, I’m stuck on Florence again. Florence Lila Ghislaine has been the standing combo for a few weeks now, before that, I don’t think I had a standard bearer. I adore Ghislaine. I don’t care if she’s positively decrepit in France, she sounds beautiful and she’s got family significance. Works for me. It’s Lila that bothers me. She’s pretty, undeniably, but I fear trendy. And Lila’s getting hot, fast. She’s already at 259 (2007) from not being on the charts 10 years before that.  That bothers me. I don’t want trendy. I don’t mind popular, as long as it won’t date horribly in the future.  if it had family significance it might be okay too, but she lacks there. Lily, Laura, Leslie/Lesley yes; but not Lila. 

 So, that whole train of thought made me go digging for combos all over again. And I think I found a real winner or two:  

Florence Mina Ophélie  &  Florence Esmée Plum and of course the standard, Florence Lila Ghislaine

 I like both for various reasons. The former’s got Mina in it. I just lurve Mina. Absolutely. Have Araminta on my list because I could nickname her Mina. (Yes, Wilhelmina’s still on there somewhere too!) And the overall color of  Esmée Plum is divine. Pastel purple and deep plum. They go beautifully with the sunset hues of Florence.   Mina Ophélie is darker, more dusky grayish lavender and blue which is balanced by the rich sunset of Florence.  I would have to flip a coin.


Which would you pick? Why? (if you don’t mind)

Any voice is appreciated! 



Zelda !

Anyone who knows me knows the special place in my heart for Zelda. I love her round, happy sound and she is the neatest shade of plum! Zelda was my very first naming feat, I was all of maybe 16 months old when I got that huge stuffed elephant.  When I was just over 2 I got scarlet fever and she vanished. Mom later told me that she, along with most of my other toys and blankets were burned to keep the disease from spreading. The only place I ever read about toys and such being burned in relation to scarlet fever was in “the Velveteen Rabbit” but I took her word for it (why would she lie?) and I have mourned Zelda’s loss every day since. 

Is it weird to want to use a name because it was the name of a beloved stuffed toy?  Is it weird to want to use say Lucy, even though it was the name of your Grandmother’s toy poodle when you were a small child? I say no! It’s no different than naming your kid Kal El because you were to have been Superman and you’re bitter about it! I suppose Zelda’s not quite as clownish, either. 😉

lovely plum!

lovely plum!


 I think she’s fantastic. Warm, friendly, and happy, indeed she’s got a colorful vibe I just adore her entirely. She goes on & off my lists solely because I wonder at the pairing of Josephine & Zelda. Is it like naming sisters Aurora & Madison? Too different?  I sometimes think so and she comes off the list and other times think no, and she comes back on.
There’s a few famous Zeldas too, besides that silly game princess (and hey, if boys can be named Lincoln/Link, why not Zelda?) There’s Zelda Fitzgerald, Zelda Rubinstein and the  youngest Zelda I can find, Zelda Williams (Robin Williams’ oldest). Granted Zelda Rubinstein was creepy Tangina in the “Poltergeist” flicks but she’s been a steadily lovely actress. Zelda Williams on the other hand, gives me pause. I mean, she’s young (born in 1989) and an actress and I think everyone knows how Hollywood can wreck a girl and hence, her name.  It might be like naming a girl Britney. Then again, if she’s anything like her dad, (her mom, Marsha, seems pretty upright to me too!)  I’d think she was a safe bet.

If you Google Zelda , you literally have to wade though the “legend of Zelda” links to find anything else. Rubinstein & Williams are halfway down & Fitzgerald is below them still! there’s also a Pizzeria in Sacremento, CA and on the second page a most awesome Sweet Shoppe  in Skokie IL. Wow, their stuff looks delicious, I may place an order! They are bookmarked under “Delicious Stuff”!

I have a poll or two going, feel free to vote in them if you’d like. Or just comment here, again, if you’re so inclined. And if you do either, Thanks!  I definitely think Zelda’s worth consideration!