Bruno Revisited

I mentioned Bruno yesterday as a wildcard.  Mentioned him again at supper.  I actually got an interested look. And then he said “Again”?

 Yes, “Again”   and proceeded to bring up the following:

My Stepmom. I’m not her favorite person on the planet nor is she mine but her kids and I are great friends and I figure that counts for something. And it couldn’t hurt any if she thought we were honoring, eh? 😉 

 On top of that, which is something I know made him think about it seriously, I thought I’d talk here about him this way:

He means “brown” literally, but to this synaesthetic soul he’s blue.

And such a gorgeous shade, too.   He’s a Saint’s name (Saint Bruno of Cologne,  founded the Carthusian Order), rather than a Pope name (which is what I seem to be drawn to overall). He sounds artistic, accomplished and overall, just awesome.  I can easily see a Bruno being an artist of some sort (photography, perhaps?), there seems to be a preponderance of photographers and chefs/ restaurants named Bruno/Bruno’s. 

He’s absolutely perfect with the sibset,  Doesn’t nickname down easily, similar to the older boys and feels supremely cheerful.


So what if he’s a dog in “Cinderella” and a thousand other dogs elsewhere in the world? Hasn’t stopped anyone from using Max, has it?   Not a concern, dog name, BAH!  I also like his link to Lewis Carroll: Sylvie & Bruno.  Lewis Carroll is a favorite of ours. Jabberwocky is something we read (and recite occasionally) for fun. Of course it means if it’s twins, Sylvie’s out for a girl, forevermore.

Bruno Henry Valentin honors three different family members from three different branches of the family. I count that a plus and a half.  And overall, I think he’s pretty darn snazzy!  Bruno’s aces with me!