The EEEE- boys

Ivan, particular.  ee-VAHN, how hard is it? My goodness. And I wonder why we Yanks don’t. I mean, take Igor. How do you say it?  ee-GORE, I think everyone’s heard in in Frankenstein, at least once. And if we can manage ee-GORE, why not ee-VAHN?

 As EYE-van, he’s flat, clunky and bland. As ee-VAHN, he’s Strong, handsome & sharp.  Doesn’t he sound completely luscious this way?  I find ee-VAHN so much more appealing, don’t you?  I’m actually wondering if  it’s worth correcting everyone and sundry for. Today, I say Yes!  Ivan’s wonderful!

Ivan’s got a bum rap here in the States, as a symbol for USSR during the cold war. He’s also been a fairly devastating hurricane but he’s also been the name of several hundred artists (one of my favorites: Ivan Kolisnyk).

Lovely, isn't it?

Lovely, isn't it?


How hard would it be to enforce ee-VAHN, do you think? I’m really tempted to try! I think Ivan’s a force to be recokned with, one awesome dude of a name.

Top Boys List

I figure I should really post the top boys, since I did the girls a few days ago.  Top Girls  It’s only fair to give the bucks a turn!

 So, without further ado,

Cosmo Henry Graham ♥
Cassius Barnaby Rex
Remus Edward Xavier
August Edward Valentine
Lucius Edward Porfirio
Clarence Henry Rafael
Alasdair Barnaby George
Rafael Edward Porfirio

Ignatius Henry August
Sidney Edward Porfirio
Casimir Amadeus John
Maxim Edgar Rafael