Here’s my “Up to the Minute” Working List



Cosmo Henry Graham

Cassius Barnaby Rex

Remus Edward Xavier

Lucius Edward Porfirio

Clarence Henry Raphael

August Edward Valentine

Alasdair Barnaby George 


*Sidney Edward Porfirio

*Ignatius Henry August

*Oscar Valentin George

*Raphael Edward Porfirio


I’ve loved Porfirio since I was two years old,

How could it cause damage buried in third?





Cecily Frances Rupinder

Ottoline Alice Marigold

Eulalie Frances Madelief

Beatrix Poppy Elinor

Pomeline Frances Elinor

 – I’ve decided I’ll regret dropping her off the list.

Lucretia Ruby Elinor

Zuleika Esme Violet


*Euphemia Esme Violet/Euphemia Alice Valentine

*Mathilda Esme Primrose

*Beatrix Flora Ophélie 


*’s are the ones likely to be added sometime in the near future.