My Rules of Baby Naming

Only three, believe it or not. I’m not nearly the Nazi people think I am! These are the rules I follow when naming,


1. Must mesh with the Surname – It’s a “gone to the girls” Scottish thing.  I’ve got Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, German & Greek ancestry alongside the Scottish. makes it really tricky honoring family while fitting with that crazy surname. Sometimes it works, Sometimes it doesn’t.


2. Absolutely nothing gender-bendery–  I grew up tall, really slender with short hair and a deep Lauren Bacall-ish voice. I was mistaken for a boy at least twice a week before 12. I was so happy to have a name that declared “I AM A GIRL”, that I strive for that with my own kids. I think I’ve succeeded too.


3. Must be familiar but uncommon – My name was top 20 the year I was born and I still dislike being in a room with another person with my name. I hate playing the “who, me?” game, it drives me bananas. I really don’t mind the name being familiar but 200 is where I’m most comfortable.


That’s it, really. I really thought about what drives me to like the names I do, especially as first names. Dug out old notes to compare them against what I thought and really slimmed it down to the most important things in a name, for me.

Without too much analysis of your own motives, what are Your general rules?  😀