My Favorite Old Folks

I like old people, always have. I had more fun hanging out with my Grandmother and her sisters, their husbands and their friends as a kid, even.

Never said I wasn’t odd! ūüėÄ

Some of them are back now: Lillian/Lilian¬†& Caroline (never left),¬†John and Josephine’s on her way.¬† While the rest of them are becoming rather obscure or in danger of vanishing completely: Arthur, Roland, Warren, Harvey, Clarence, Philip/Phillip and Leslie on a boy. Frances, May, Sylvia, Florence, Margery.

Helen, Margaret & Edward are the only three falling but not in danger of vanishing just yet.

All of those names are family names for me (if you hadn’t guessed)

I’ve been thinking about them, the old folks I used to know (they’re all long gone now). I wonder of any of their names¬†will come back?¬†¬† I think most of them are neat. Arthur & Roland and knightly and dashing, Philip/Phillip feels princely (maybe I’ve watched too much “Sleeping Beauty? Hmm)? ūüėȬ†¬† Warren feels artsy and creative to me, Harvey feels almost happy, Clarence is warm and softly handsome¬†and I so wish Leslie had stayed boy. I mean Lesley is the girly version, why¬†did they¬†take Leslie? Poor GrandPop!¬†¬†
May is sweetly charming, Frances is zippy and sweet, and Florence fits in with the place name girls. I’m surprised actually, that Sylvia hasn’t popped up yet. She’s simple yet three syllables, has a ‘v’ and a ‘y’ and seemingly fits in with the Audrey/Ava/Vivian crowd.¬†

I’ve also been wondering how medieval Margery might come across by herself or maybe as an alternate nickname for Margaret?¬† I’ve always been a sucker for ancient names and medieval names fit that nicely.¬† Margery,¬†Edith, Cecily, Beatrix, Amabel, Clarice (I’ve loved Clarice since I was a tot!), Euphemia, Florence, Helen, Lettice/Leticia, Matilda¬†& Maud are some very favorites. I could have a dozen girls and happily name them the previous names.


What do you think of old people’s names? What are your thoughts on medieval names and their possible use today?



The Popular Kids I Like

Just in case you’ve been reading this blog and think I completely shun anything remotely normal, I thought I’d post a list of the guys & gals that I like, ranked in the top 100. I like them, but could never bring myself to use them. I still like hearing these on other people’s kids!


The Girls – rank in 2007:

Isabel – 86
Lily – 27
Elizabeth – 10
Katherine – 39
Anna – 25
Lillian – 33
Sophie – 82
Caroline – 99

And The Boys – rank in 2007:

William – 8
Alexander – 11
James – 15
John – 19
Nicholas – 20
Gabriel -28
Robert – 47
Diego – 58
Julian – 66
Xavier – 68
Sebastian – 72
Henry – 91
Steven Р97 
Timothy – 100

Some of these I wish were higher ranking, so I’d hear them a bit more. Especially on the boys side, Robert, Steven & Timothy particulalrly please me and I don’t think I’ll ever tire of Sophie, Elizabeth, Katherine & Lillian.


So, I do like some popular, mainstream, completly normal names. I just choose to go off the beaten path a bit more than most.