Lucretia Redux

Much to my surprise, Lucretia has been up for discussion all of today. Lucretia as been one of my loves for a number of years thanks to her luscious color and soft, silky texture. Lucretia Ruby Elinor has been our top combo for at least the past four months, which is rather long for me. (only Ottoline’s combo has stood longer than any before bestowing upon a child)

So we flipped through the lists to see what appealed this time. Here’s what did:

Lucretia Elinor Maud
Lucretia Elinor Valentine
Lucretia Elinor Minu (I’m so in love with Minu, she’s Persian and means ‘heaven’ awesome!)
Lucretia Ruby Iris
and Lucretia Alice Calliope has crept back on.

Of course, I can’t shake Lucretia Ruby Elinor either!


I ran a poll earlier today, and I know what won over there. I also know which one we prefer. What I’d love to know is ‘What do YOU think of them” and “which one do you like best”?   Would you mind telling me?  Thanks!

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cat
    Nov 23, 2008 @ 10:37:19

    For me it’s between Lucretia Elinor Maud and Lucretia Ruby Iris. LEM is more regal, while LRI has some beautiful colors. The red of Ruby and the purple of Iris sit beautifully together. Don’t make me choose more than that, because I don’t think I could!


  2. Lola
    Nov 23, 2008 @ 12:47:15

    😀 It’s okay, I won’t make you choose. I know how she generally sits with you. But she really is gorgeous if you just give her a chance!


  3. Emmy Jo
    Nov 24, 2008 @ 14:04:03

    In all honesty, I’m not crazy about Lucretia. Maybe that’s because my redneck cousin Jimmy had a longtime live-in girlfriend named Cretia who was really rather icky.

    Anyway, the combination I think flows the best is Lucretia Elinor Maud. I don’t like the style of these names together, though. Together they sound very heavy and dull. With names like Maud or Lucretia (that have the potential to sound rather fusty), you need a name that’s old-fashioned but still spunky, peppy, stylish, and a bit unexpected. That’s what I love about Maud India Scarlett.

    The best combos to “un-fustify” Lucretia are Lucretia Ruby Elinor and Lucretia Ruby Iris. I have a weird thing about Ruby in the middle slot, though. One of my strange name hang-ups is that I don’t like two-syllable names that end in vowels (like Ruby or Clara) in the middle name slots. They feel too first-namey to me. Still, for someone without my odd hang-up, I think these two are the best combo. As Cat has already said, I love the colors in Lucretia Ruby Iris!


  4. Lola
    Nov 24, 2008 @ 15:50:51

    See, I could never, ever use Ruby as a first name, it’s too brittle for me. And I already have a preponderance of -ee enders in my favorites already. I’m trying to weed them out, to some degree, as my surname ends the same way! Sometimes they
    work well together , sometimes they don’t. 🙂

    I’m actually quite happy that Lucretia’s not loved by all and she’s only liked by a a handful. I’m not worried about sudden popularity, I’m more worried aobut the Lucy factor; shed probably go by Lucy 80% of the time but I want something fuller that will definitely stand out in the sea of them to come and I’m hopeful that the version I love most will suit that. 😀


  5. babynamelover
    May 17, 2009 @ 20:31:42

    Ooh Lucretia Alice Calliope is gorgeous!!! Very regal sounding 🙂


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