The Wildcards

I’ve got names I adore but find a bit hard to use in one manner or another. I try anyway. Figured I’d toss them out for the heck of it today. Here, for your perusal:


The Guys:

Clarence/Clancy– I adore him and he’s actually in the top 10 despite my problem with him. He’s strong, handsome & angelic. I love his gentle feel. My problem? His combo. I’ve tenatively got Clarence Henry Rafael, which is lovely and while I can live with it, it doesn’t make Clarence shine. I want him to sparkle. Any suggestions? 

Malcolm  – He’s a long time love. I mean, Leo was nearly Malcolm, long time. I love his combo too Malcolm Barnaby Edward/Malcolm Edward Barnaby (haven’t decided which way I like it best yet). My problem? I need someone to tell me Malcolm MacK isn’t as clowny sounding as I think it is.  He even sounds awesome with the sibset. *sigh* Talk me into him!

– He’s a family surname of sorts (my Stepmom’s maiden name) and I really like his combo: Bruno Henry Valentin.  I like him lots and think he sounds pretty great with the sibset. My probelm with him? The other half’s not too sure about him and others think he’s a dog. It shouldn’t bother me (doesn’t with Cosmo), but for some reason, that does.

Blaise– I love his brainy, artistic feel and think he goes most superbly with the sibset but I don’t even have him paired, everyone instinctively spells him Blaze, Ugh.

Perry – I adore his easy, breezy style and his lighthearted feel.  I first think Perry White or Perry Mason but even Perry the platypus doesn’t bother me.  I don’t have him paired either, the other half think it’s going to the girls. Anyone have an argument for Perry on a boy?


The Gals:

Romilly – Yes, she’s placename-y (doesn’t bother me, I have cousins in one of the Romillys), and Romy honors a  Rosemary indirectly (that works in my huge family). Milly/Millie, she’s just sweet.  I love her two combos: Romilly Alice Kathleen (honors more, Kathleen’s my sister, Alice was to have been my name) & Romilly Elinor Blythe (Blythe I just like here, very much). My problem? She’s quite odd with the sibset. *sigh*

Pandora– I so would love to use this as a first name, to heck with it to meshing with the sibs. It honors, and I love both her sound and her meaning ‘all gifts’. But “the box” teasing may be too much in middle school as a first so I have her in the middle: Cecily Pandora Jane. Tell me it’s alright, please.  🙂

Araminta– Another one I’ve loved for a good while. I love her frill, her feel and her femininity. She’s lovely but not weak. And Min/Minna & Mina as possible nicknames enchant me to no end. I love her combo: Araminta Alice Green. If anyone knows their “Freedom Train” (not the 1976 one, either) history, they’ll know where Green came from here.  I need Min/Mina somewhere and this works best for me. And Green is so calm and clean, too. Not like the blues or pinks.

Esmeralda– The name of my G. Grandma’s oldest sister. Utterly lovely and breaks down to the tiny & divine Esme.  My problem? She’s quite a bit clashy with the surname: Esmeralda MacK? I don’t think so.  

Wilhelmina – I’ve loved her for at least 5 years.  And I love her potential obvious nicknames: Willa & Mina. My problem? She’s impossible to pair.  Anyone have any ideas?

Xanthe– Love, love, love Xanthe’s breezy sound and snazzy looks. Her meaning’s wicked cool too. I even adore her combo: Xanthe Rosalind Elinor. Problem? Josephine & Xanthe?  Mmm, I don’t think so. Talk me into it, if you do.


And there they are. Lovely, one & all and for the most part usable but not always for me.

7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Katharine
    Nov 26, 2008 @ 12:05:07

    Out of the boys, I’m liking Bruno Henry Valentin the most. He would fit superbly with his siblings, mind you so would Malcolm Barnaby Edward or what about – Barnaby Edward Malcolm?

    I love love love Romilly Alice Kathleen, we have a few favourite girls names in common you and I, but this is the only combination that exactly matches one of mine! It’s an awesome combo but I have to agree, doesn’t mesh that well with the sibling set.

    Pandora – I adore her! I grew up with a Pandora and heard all the ‘box’ jokes imaginable but don’t worry, once introductions have been made they wear off pretty quickly. Cecily Pandora Jane is a beautiful combination and sits elegantly alongside sister Josephine.

    Wilhelmina and Esmeralda arn’t really my thing but I do like Araminta’s almost over-the-top frilliness and the pairing with Alice and Green makes her sound softer than I thought possible.

    I agree that Xanthe is snazzy (love that word!) but unfortunately I cwon’t be the one to convince you about her because I can’t quite see her pairing with Josephine either.


  2. Lola
    Nov 26, 2008 @ 16:07:07

    Thanks for stopping by Katharine! I can’t sell Barnaby as a first name. It’s too Barney for him. (and I sort of agree, I don’t like the Barney potential). But Malcolm Barnaby Edward puts Edward where I love him, way in the middle (thanks to an unhappy family assocation) and keeps Barnaby where I’m comfortable wiith him too. Thanks for the second on Bruno Henry Valentin, He’s been a favorite of mine for over a year but I can’t get him to let me add it. Maybe if he sees him getting a bit of love online. Okay, Bruno tomorrow, expanded!

    You have Romilly Alice Kathleen on your list? Wow! I’ve never seen her paired as such anywhere, thought she’d be pretty original. Since she doesn’t go with my set, she’s all yours dear!
    Thanks for agreeing, on Araminta. She’s just lovely and I would love to be able to use her. Green does soften her, which is odd, until you look at Araminta through my eyes, she’s green too. (a lovely grass in spring green, in fact). You know, I have a bitmore play room with the girls, I may just add her because she charms me completely.

    I’m telling my MIL that someone else loves Pandora (I may give her the link if he hasn’t already and let her see for herself). Nice to have my thoughts validated like that. Cecily Pandora Jane is absolutely the “If I had a girl tomorrow” name!

    Thanks again, Katharine!


  3. Emmy Jo
    Nov 27, 2008 @ 03:40:40

    I don’t know your full last name, but I think Malcolm MacK would sound great. It’s very Scottish, but not clownish at all. I love Malcolm; he’s my favorite of your wildcard boys. I also like Perry, perhaps because of the “Emily of New Moon” books by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Unfortunately, I can’t think up any good combos for him at the moment.

    My favorite of your wildcard girls is Wilhelmina. She fits in really with with Leo, Simon, and Josephine. I don’t think she’s impossible to pair. I like Wilhelmina Elinor Katherine, Wilhelmina Caroline Violet, or Wilhelmina Katherine Elisa. Of course, you might prefer to dress her up with something more unusual in the middle, but I think that pairing her with strong classics helps accentuate her old-fashioned charm.


  4. Lola
    Nov 27, 2008 @ 08:29:03

    Thanks Emmy Jo! I forgot about “Emily of New Moon”, Haven’t read that in years. I’ll think on Perry combos today, maybe I’ll post some tomorrow.
    I’ll bring up Wilhelmina again over supper, perhaps. Later, if not. Maybe he’ll have a fresh idea or three. I do love her sound. Wilhelmina Caroline Violet’s a nice start!

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


  5. Katharine
    Nov 27, 2008 @ 08:59:24

    The pleasure is all mine Lola, I always enjoy reading your name combinations but never seem to have the time to post much of a response but since I’m off work with the flu at the moment, I have plenty of time to wallow in names…

    It’s a complete fluke that we both have the name Romilly Alice Kathleen on our lists. Romilly, I’ve adored ever since I first heard her years ago and she just seems to fit so nicely with Alice. I thought about Romilly Beatrice or Romilly Constance but I always return to Romilly Alice, it has such a nice flow to it. And like yourself, I have included Kathleen in honour of a family member.

    Alas, I don’t think that I will be able to use this delightful combination either as Romilly sounds too rhymey with my boyfriend’s surname which is also 3 syllables and ends in Y. Do you still think I could get away with it?! Say if you do, it would make my day!


  6. Lola
    Nov 27, 2008 @ 10:12:11

    Well, I have a Josie MacK—ee, (also three syllables) and it doesn’t seem to bother anyone, So why not? If there’s another sound in Ronilly that repeats in the surname, I’d say no but if it’s just the endings, it’s no bother! Off to play with the turkey (sometimes it’s fun being a Yank!) I’ll check in as I can.


  7. Katharine
    Nov 27, 2008 @ 11:37:39

    Ohhh I’m pleased you’ve said that! Opps I forgot that it’s thanksgiving for you guys, have a good one…


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