Some Surprising Finds in the MA Top 100!

As you all know, I live in MA. I hear all sorts of odd things when I go out & about, mainly Spanish things, but a smattering of good old standards too. And my particular neighborhood is a veritable treasure chest of unusual choices, for the most part.

So when they released the individual state lists, I went looking at my old state (NJ), which still saddens me to no end, and my new state (MA). I found a few things that made my eyebrows go up a notch and here they are:

(state rank) [national rank]
Tessa (98) [202]
Margaret (85) [180] (Lovely!)
Maeve (75) [638] (told you this was the Land of the Irish! )
Lucy (62) [112]
Charlotte (22) [87] (I knew I was hearing this more than most!)
Sophie (33) [74]
Lila (57) [189]

Jacoby (99) [423]
Maxwell (64) [134]
Hunter (76) [54] (I gave the folks here a bit more credit for good taste than I should have, I suppose. Funnily enough, this is one I never, ever hear!)
Oliver (72) [118] (My brother would laugh!)
Charles (45) [63] (I thought he was a bit lower)
Ryan (1) [18]

Based on how often I hear Michael on little ones around here, I wrongfully assumed it would be #1 here, It’s #2 instead. I do hear Ryan a fair bit but not nearly as often as I hear Michael!

And just for comparisons sake, here’s the top 10 for 2008 for the State of Massachusetts:
1.Ryan /  Ava
2 Michael /  Isabella
3 Jacob / Olivia
4 Matthew /  Emma
5 William /  Sophia
6 John / Abigail
7 Jack / Emily
8 Nicholas / Madison
9 Joseph / Grace
10 Alexander /  Ella

Look at all those vowel starters on the girls! My Josephine is really going to stand out at school! 😀 I’m also pleased to announce that of my top 10, Edith is the only  girl charter this year, at 806and of the boys, Bruno (801), Clarence (938) Arthur (363) and Francis (656) are the only ones charting. And of the top 10, Lilias, Remy, Barnaby & Alasdair have never charted!  WooHoo!

Any surprising finds in your own state that you’re willing to share? 😀

The Great Aunts, en masse

I decided to group them all together, the Great Aunts, Grandma’s sisters, Grandpop’s sisters, Babci’s sister & Gagi’s sisters, here they are, the odd bunch of them all. Enjoy!


GrandPop’s Sisters:

Elisabeth Lula Alice / Elsie
Laetitia Amabel Violet / Lettie
Elvira Cora May / Vera

Grandma’s sisters & May’s SIL:

Elisabeth Mary Bea / Bessie
May Dorothea
Lesley Edith
Carolyn Augusta

Babci’s sister:

Genevieve Marianne

Gagi’s sisters:

Klara Malina
Eugenia Mary

His mom has no sisters and her mother had all brothers as well. he has two sisters and between the three of them, we have two girls and four boys.


What do you think of the few Females in the past Family?  🙂

The Shakespeare Game

Thought I’d post this since it comes up so often when I mention Shakespearean names.

When I was little, my Grandmother and her sister May used to hate doing the dishes, so their mom came up with this to get them to work it out equitably and to get them to read (as well as do a chore!). Whomever is washing gets to quiz; quote a line of Shakespeare and the dryer has to guess where it’s from, bonus points if they can tell who said it and extra bonus points for act and line. It makes us re-read our Shakespeare quite often and keeps us laughing while we do the dishes. A weird but fun game from our family, to anyone who wants to start doing it themselves.

Happy Holidays to All!

Just a quick post today, I’m up to my elbows cooking for 15 due to arrive inside of an hour. The presents are open, everyone’s happy.

I hope you & yours are as contendetly happy as we are right now.


 A picture of my favorite flowers for today:


 And a quick note…thinking Edith again.  Look for more soon!


Peace, Joy & Love to all!


Tag surfing is so much fun!  I was surfing a few days ago, under “baby names” and ran across this :

Which is pretty cool. If you like, for example, Emily but are turned off by it’s popualrity you can go here and find names that are similar based on the elements in Emily. They’ve got a decent sized database and I’ve been assured it’sstill growing. Why not head on over and check them out?  The link is over there on the right, too, so when this disappears it’s still an accessible site.  Enjoy!

The Coolest Thing Online, Alphainventions!

I noticed a few of my visitors coming from a place called, turns out it’s a wicked cool thing. Submit your site and get some hits. Hang around to see what else is on and check them out too. A reciprocal blog fest. Awesome!