Nymbler Assocations from Ottilie (Ottoline), Florence, Lucretia (Lucy) & Edith


Mose, Clark, Florian, Porfirio, Urban, Gray, Evander, Tiberius, Fritz, Gustave, Vincent, Clement, Clarence, Lou, Franz, Thelonius, Julian, Chauncey, Octavius, Octavian, Rupert, Francis, Edmund, Amadeo, Algernon,  Willem, Horace, Claus, Amadeus, Tilden, Atticus, Jasper, Caspar,  Claud, Magnus,  Ignatius, Antony, Anastasios,  Leonidas, Benedict,  Sheppard,  Cato,  Rafe,  Silas,  Simeon,  Llewellyn,  Erastus,  Edwin,  Hugo,  Percy, Quincy, Bayard,  Edmond,  Phineas, Maximilian,  Cyrus, August, Zed,  Sylvester, Gus, Constantin,  Julius,  Cicero,  Lazarus,  Casper, Felix, Cassius, Horatio, Lucius, Erasmus, Ephraim, Augustus,   Ambrose, Leander, Theophilus, Marius, Linus.





Myrtle, Frida, Wilhelmine, Millicent, Elinor, Leonore,  Luna,   Wilhelmina, Ophelia, Clarice, Dorothea, Cora,  Louvenia, Rowena,  Louisa, Leontine, Maud, Lenore, Esther, Henrietta, Martha, Zelda, Eulalia, Lucrece, Araminta, Ariadne, Alice, Leonora, Apollonia, Seraphina, Hermione, Leocadia, Ottie, Euphemia, Clotilde,  Violetta, Clarissa, Eugenie, Mathilda, Josephine, Clementine, Frances, Mathilde, Amalia, Antonina, Sylvie, Georgiana, Rosabel, Valentina, Valentine, Cecily, Marguerite, Camilla, Cecilia, Winifred, Filomena, Eugenie, Florence, Edith, Ottilie, Ottoline, Lucretia, Philomena,  Viola, Matilde, Aurelia, Flora, Lavinia, Beatrix, Cornelia.

Rafael vs. Raphael?

Okay, I’m whitebread American. Granted I’ve got Russian, Polish, Scots & German background and I got the Scots surname out of the deal.  But Rafael is a family name on my late Mother’s side; hangs all over the tree. Raphael is the standard English spelling and for a lot of folks, the default spelling. I’d love to use Rafael/Raphael but am leaning towards Rafael for two reasons:

1. It’s the family spelling and seeing as how he’s stuck with family all his life, Rafael makes a bit more sense.

2. We live in the middle of a huge Brasilian population here in Central MA. I see Rafael more often than Raphael, which may make it easier on him through school. And since he’d be Rafe, again, Rafael makes a touch more sense.

But I’m still waffling. Rafael is sexy, Raphael is the teensiet bit stodgy. I love stodgy but not with Raphael. And the I think Josephine & Raphael, how cheesy is it to have two kids with that ‘ph’ combo in it?

Well, here’s the combo, both ways:

Rafael Edward Porfirio
Raphael Edward Porfiro

Edward’s for an Uncle, Porfirio, I’ve loved him since I was two.  He’s so fun to say: por-FEER-ee-oh. Fun is definitely a priority for me this time.  I have to enjoy saying it over all.

Which do you like better?  Hmm?

Nymbler Suggestions for Lucius, Remus, Cassius & Josephine:

 Clementine, Ophelia, Jemima, Ottilie, Athena, Mehitabel, Josephine, Imogen, Clara, Florence,  Scarlett,  Cleo, Frances, Verity, Clarissa, Esme, Ariadne, Leocadia, Apollonia, Camilla,  Flora, Cecily, Ivy, Genevra, Xanthe,  Zaida, Iris, Euphemia, Araminta, Rosabel, Isadora, Violetta, Portia, Alice, Letitia, Sidony, Aurelia,  Cornelia, Lucretia, Beatrix.

Maximillian, Augustin, Solomon, Zed, Magnus, Sinclair, Leander, Raoul,  Damian, Peregrine, Octavian, Angus, Tilden, Alistair, Tiberius, Ephraim, Napoleon, Theron, Ambrose, Leo, Raphael, Benedict, Merritt, Casper, Maximilian, Amadeus, Llewellyn, August, Alexander, Claus, Rollin, Cicero, Rufus, Percival, Jasper, Simeon, Linus, Julius, Cato, King, Milo, Ulysses, Horatio, Cyrus,  Erastus, Cornelius, Philo,  Lazarus, Phineas, Silas, Anatole, Augustus, Lucius, Remus, Cassius, Felix, Ignatius, Erasmus.

Yes, I like names that really stand out in a crowd. But then, I have kids that stand out in a  crowd, physically and attitude wise. 

See anything you like? Let me know!