My Rules of Baby Naming

Only three, believe it or not. I’m not nearly the Nazi people think I am! These are the rules I follow when naming,


1. Must mesh with the Surname – It’s a “gone to the girls” Scottish thing.  I’ve got Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, German & Greek ancestry alongside the Scottish. makes it really tricky honoring family while fitting with that crazy surname. Sometimes it works, Sometimes it doesn’t.


2. Absolutely nothing gender-bendery–  I grew up tall, really slender with short hair and a deep Lauren Bacall-ish voice. I was mistaken for a boy at least twice a week before 12. I was so happy to have a name that declared “I AM A GIRL”, that I strive for that with my own kids. I think I’ve succeeded too.


3. Must be familiar but uncommon – My name was top 20 the year I was born and I still dislike being in a room with another person with my name. I hate playing the “who, me?” game, it drives me bananas. I really don’t mind the name being familiar but 200 is where I’m most comfortable.


That’s it, really. I really thought about what drives me to like the names I do, especially as first names. Dug out old notes to compare them against what I thought and really slimmed it down to the most important things in a name, for me.

Without too much analysis of your own motives, what are Your general rules?  😀


Tag surfing is so much fun!  I was surfing a few days ago, under “baby names” and ran across this :

Which is pretty cool. If you like, for example, Emily but are turned off by it’s popualrity you can go here and find names that are similar based on the elements in Emily. They’ve got a decent sized database and I’ve been assured it’sstill growing. Why not head on over and check them out?  The link is over there on the right, too, so when this disappears it’s still an accessible site.  Enjoy!