Cosmo – Yeah, Cosmo

Today is Cosmo’s day.

Cosmo was my Great Granddad’s name, my Paternal Grandmother’s Pop. He was really ancient when I was a kid. I mean, I thought he was a hundred when I was 6. He was actually 98 then. Died the week before my 8th birthday.  Two weeks shy of 100. He was never without his cane, an intricately carved affair with  gold knob at the top. He moved slowly when he did move but always had a smile on his face. He used to tell us stories of fishing in the Mediterranean as a young man.  He grew up in Thessaloníki, according to the family History. (not that I ever thought to ask where in Greece he was from when I was a kid!). I wish I had thought to ask. I would’ve asked why he wandered into Southern Germany in his early 30’s (where he swept G/Grandma Rosamel off her feet). But alas, the things we think of after the fact. I went to Thessaloniki at 18, a present from my Uncle. I love the country and the area. I’ve said it before,  there are places I’ve been that I wish I’d never gone home. Thessaloniki is one of them. 



Cosmo strikes me as cheerful and happy. Warm, friendly and fun too.  He’s almost pugnacious, in fact. A very confident sounding moniker.
Any kid of mine seems to have a swagger. Even Josephine, who’s got a shy streak has a swagger when she’s comfortable. And it’s getting bigger. Leo had the biggest swagger as a kid, nothing stopped him and no one could try to tell him not to do something. Simon was a bit more laid back, but again, don’t try to tell him not to do something. They get that bit from me. Even as a kid, if you told me I couldn’t, I would, just because. If Mom wanted to not to do something because she thought it ws dangerous, she learned to say “You shouldn’t” not “You can’t”. Even now, tell me I can’t and I will.  😀


 Cosmo Henry Graham MacK. Sounds handsome, charming; successful and happy, doesn’t he? (H.G. Was his G.Grandpa) How could he sound any less? As expansive as the Universe that is his name, Cosmo truly is a wonderful sounding and feeling moniker. And it’s fun to write out too! (Try it for yourself, Cosmo.. see? 🙂  )

C – O – S -M – O!


Some of the runner up combos, just in case you thought, oh, G. Grandpa/G.Grandpa – that’s default!

Cosmo Vincent Rafael
Cosmo Alasdair George
Cosmo Valentin George
Cosmo Edward George
Cosmo Lucien George (He was besotted with Lucien because it feels like a Lycan name (even though it’s spelled Lucian in the movie), yes, he’s an ‘Underworld’ fan – and I don’t say that lightly)
Cosmo Henry Sofiel
Cosmo Aurelius George
Cosmo Francis Graham
Cosmo Eliot Graham
Cosmo Edmund Graham
Cosmo Henry Gavriil (who is still my personal favorite)
Cosmo Henry Damian (He rather fancies this one)
Cosmo Henry George


So you can see, Cosmo Henry Graham was no default choice!

I realise that some folks are always going to say “But that’s a magazine;… drink;… stupid fairy;… crazy neighbor on Seinfeld” but I figure when they meet him, it’ll blow away the other preconceived thoughts and be simply Him.  I thoroughly love Cosmo.


 Yep, she’s definitely on the list now. Granted she’s in #7 spot right now,  but I have a feeling she’s going to be climbing higher before long. She’s very appealing!  😀

Mathilda’s pronounced the same as Matilda and feels quite a bit more regal to me (I know the precedent runs the other way) and does not make me think of kangaroos. I think I’d call her Tillie (for the family Tilley) or Maudie at least once in a  while. Josephine goes by Josie, Poppy, Fifi, Effie and the full Josephine about equally. Mathilda, Tillie/Maudie works for me!

Mathilda Esme Primrose MacK. Oh yes, I do like her.

The full Girl list looks like this right now:

Cecily Pandora Jane (I’ve been won over to the dark side, I’m in love with Pandora!)
Ottoline Alice Marigold
Eulalie Frances Madelief
Beatrix Flora Ophélie
Pomeline Frances Elinor
Lucretia Ruby Elinor
Mathilda Esme Primrose


Now, I have to admit, Ottoline & Pomeline (rhymey though they may be) are the two that have been on my lsit the longest, close to three years now for both of them. Pomeline hasn’t always been in the top 10 but she’s never left them. Ottoline has drifted between #’s 1 & 2 for that whole time. I think she’s just awesome but am not sure how liveable she is, entirely. I’d’ve loved to have a distinctive name like that as a kid, myself. But how to guage the “need” for that before you see them? I’ve no idea.

And just as an added fun plug:

Has the coolest site for not only some of the loveliest stationery I’ve seen in a good while, they allow you to personalise everything form birth announcements to business cards (and everyhting in between (Kids calling cards? Awesome!)  I like to go there, pick out a buisness card and put my combos on it with the surname. (I must admit, that’s what really sold me on Ottoline Alice Marigold MacK. Stunning. Absolutely stunning written down. And so fun to write out too! )