Maud has long been on my lists. I mean, it was on my list almost 5 years ago for Josephine. I think she’s lovely. Simple, honey-sweet and delicate. I also think she’s got a bit of a clunk going and to be honest, I love that clunk! Maud, nn Maudie or even Tillie, just because I could!

I’m not toying with combos for her just yet. I’m still weighing how slighted she might feel next to a sister named Josephine. Lovely, regal Josephine and Clunky, sweet Maud.  ehhhh, not quite there yet, I think. 

I just love Maud. Absolutely lovely in a  simple, clear manner. Bang her around in your head for a while, you’ll see what I mean. She’s lovely.

Spent the last hour thinking of potential pairings. Preliminarily:
Maud Celandine
Maud Penelope
Maud Francesca
Maud Pomeline
Maud Primrose
Maud Valentina
Maud Pandora
Maud Ophelia
Maud Violette
Maud Elspeth
Maud Rupinder
Maud Zuleika
Maud Clementine
Maud Henrietta
Maud Euphemia
Maud Ghislaine


See, she’s got potential!  😀


Update: Tried to find second middles for any of these and am coming up fairly enpty handed. Everything sounds better in between Maud & Whatever.   *Sigh*

Florence Redux

Some more tries to pair up Florence:


Florence Valentine Alice
Florence Valentine Rose
Florence Carys Valentine
Florence Mary Ghislaine (Not that I’m particularly fond of Mary)


and some that will be going in a Poll today, if I get the time:

Florence Beatrix Maud
Florence Lilias Pearl
Florence Lila Plum
Florence Beatrix Elanor
Florence Elinor Primrose
Florence Violet Cordelia
Florence Violet Celandine
Florence Violet Isadora

Anything jump out at anyone?

Florence Beatrix Maud, Florence Beatrix Elanor, Florence Elinor Primrose & Florence Violet Isadora are the ones that sort of stick out to me.


Thinking Florence L-, also came up with these two:

Florence Lucy Valentina (Really trying to get a a Valentine/a in there for Pop, somewhere)
Florence Lucy Isobel

And I would kill to find a way to put Florence & Alice together without it being too hissy. Alas, I think that’s a losing battle.


I have been seriously entertaining Florence for a while now. I think she gorgeous and would make a stunningly perfect sister to Josephine. I think Flora’s the darlingest nickname but would also entertain/consider: Fleur, Flory & Flory-Dory. But, there’s a problem. “What could be the problem”,  you ask? Middle names.

I just cannot find the perfect middles to compliment her. Here’s a number of tries to date:

Florence Lucy Isobel
Florence Ivy Elspeth
Florence Scarlett Pearl
Florence Sylvie Malu
Florence Isadora Violet
Florence Aurelia Violet
Florence Lily Elanor
Florence Valentine Jane
Florence Ruby Isabel
Florence Mary Valentine
Florence Ruby Eglantine
Florence Daphne Innogen 
Florence Esme Mathilde
Florence Ruby Jane
Florence Lilian Jane
Florence Lilian May 
Florence Ottilie Elinor 
Florence Romilly Elinor 
Florence Violet Elspeth
Florence Ruby Valentine 
Florence Lilian Frances
Florence Ruby Maud 
Florence Eugenie Maud
Florence Primrose Elinor
Florence Romilly Iris
Florence Rose Ophelia
Florence Edme Jemima
Florence Ottilie Jemima 
Florence Edme Mathilde
Florence Elinor Viola
Florence Violet Echo
Florence India Viola

And that’s not the half of it!  So, you can easily see what I mean. Each of these falls short by mere millimeters, for some reason or other.

Of them, Florence Sylvie Malu, Florence Valentine Jane, Florence Ottilie Elinor,  Florence Rose Ophelia & Florence India Viola come closest to perfect but still not quite there. 

Of those almost theres, is there one that you like over the others, or are they all garbage? I suppose I’m off to brainstorm some more!