Edward, Florence and three Oddball girls

I’m going over the most classic name on my list for a boy, an Auntie’s name and the combo: Esme Plum, with three different firsts.


 Now Edward is one I have a love/hate thing going on with. I hated the Uncle attached to him in my head (what a jerk) but I also have a darling cousin with the same name (the jerk’s oldest boy). And it hasn’t yet repeated in tthe family so I think it’s ripe for the picking.  I have a standard for him but was trying out a few other thoughts. Which is your favorite?

Edward Ignatius George
Edward Valerian George
Edward Balthazar George
Edward Constantine George
Edward Apollo George
Edward Wilder George


Have been tossing Florence around in my head again too and am down to these two combos, stalemate. Help me?

Florence Viola Calliope
Florence Lila Ghislaine

And the three Oddballs, which do you like best?

Agatha Esme Plum
Winifred Esme Plum
Ottilie Esme Plum


As usual, any thoughts are greatly appreciated.    Thanks!

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cat
    Dec 27, 2008 @ 13:58:29

    Well, I love Edward. As of right now he’s easily my favorite Ed name and a family name besides. He was my dad’s favorite uncle, and might work well to honor some Ednas on my mom’s side. Her grandmother was Edna, who had a daughter, Edna, and my aunt’s middle name is Edna! My favorite is easily Edward Balthazar George. It makes Edward more dangerous, if you catch my drift. It’s very dashing.

    Florence Lila Ghislane, you know. Florence Viola Calliope is very nice too, but, well, it’s Ghislane.

    Agatha Esme Plum is my favorite here. Partially because I’ve been loving Agatha lately anyway, and also because it’s purple like Plum. I think it flows the best.


  2. Lola
    Dec 27, 2008 @ 15:47:49

    Interesting to hear Agatha’s purple for you, she’s a very pale lavender for me and I mean really pale, barely so lavender. In fact, that combo is glaringly offbeat to me, barely lavender, yellow orange & well, duh, plum! I think it appeals for that glaring color scheme more than anything. I’m a sucker for anything psychedelic. My Mom always said I’d been born 20 years too late.
    Just one teensy problem with Agatha… any nicknames besides Aggie? My brain’s dead on this one! Would Thea fly? Maybe she’ll just have to be Pookie or something else completely unrelated.

    Thanks for the vote for EBG. I like him best too, but wanted to try out a few different sets, He’s a bit offput that EBG has been on our lists, unchanged, since Josephine. And yes, I had figured you’d say Florence Lila Ghislaine. 🙂 My Great Grandma & you would have gotten along like a house on fire! 😀


  3. appellationmountain
    Dec 28, 2008 @ 16:09:27

    I’m not sure about Edward. I mean – it’s impossible to *not* like Edward. And I find the nn Ned charming. But Edward doesn’t thrill me. Still, Edward Wilder George is pretty cool as combos go.

    For girls, I love Agatha Esme Plum. I think Aggie could really fit with all the little girls called Abby and Maddie. Florence is growing on me, too, especially with the nn Flory. Plus Ghislaine? Gorgeous!


  4. Lola
    Dec 28, 2008 @ 16:42:35

    oh don’t get me wrong, Edward doesn’t thrill me, either but I do like him. And with the family connection; impossible to dismiss entirely. He’s way down on the list, near #20, I think. I’ve got Edward Balthazar George & Edward Wilder George tied in the list right now. he likes Wilder and I’m loathe to dismiss him right off. So he may stay.

    You don’t think Aggie’d blend right in with those Abby/Maddie gals already in overload around here. Every second 7 year old is Abby or Maddie it seems. I keep trying to find a possible nickname to Agatha that might stand out. If not, I’m back to Mathilda which sound-wise, stands out a bit more. And Tillie sets her further apart by sound. I like that much better! One of the benefits for truly uncommon names is that they sound different from everything else and it’s easier to get that kid’s attention. Much easier.
    Thanks for stopping by Verity!


  5. Lola
    Dec 28, 2008 @ 16:43:37

    Oh, Flory is adorable! I was thinking Flora more, but Flory (or Florrie) is an awesome option too!


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