Barnaby – the underappreciated

Today’s Barnaby’s day. I’m besotted with him.   I love his sound in full enough that I’m starting to consider him as a first name. He’s a snazzy dude, say him aloud. All that fun in a sound but colored such a starchy burgundy!

I wish I could think of another possible nickname for him besides Barney, that is. It’s the only reason I keep him in the middle. But I digress. Barnaby. He’s happy, cheerful; heck, sprightly!  He’s suave, snappy, he’s fantastic!  I could happily live with a  boy child named Barnaby.

Thinking of combos last night. I seem to like Edward with Barnaby. Barnaby Edward, Barnaby ___ Edward. I must entertain other ideas!  Edward does honor Mom’s eldest brother, though. 


Now to complete:
Barnaby Edward Maxfield – for my favorite Artist, ever:  Maxfield Parrish.
Barnaby Milo Edward – is Milo too jaunty next to Barnaby?
Barnaby Edward Jasper – Just diggin’  Jasper, man.
Barnaby Edward Maxim – Maxim’s another of the 12 G. Uncles.
Barnaby Edward Arthur – Arthur’s another G. Uncle, but on Pop’s side, not Mom’s.
Barnaby Edward Finbar – too much -bar sound here or okay?
Barnaby Edward John – To honor the other half.
Barnaby Oscar Edward – Jazzy Oscar’s got the right vibe for me here.
Barnaby Edward Rex – ’cause Rex is just awesome and by association… 🙂


Wow, that was just a haf hour’s worth of brainstorming!  So do you see anything you like up there? There’s a poll   already going, if you care to click & vote. Or just post here, c0omments are always welcome!


And, if you can think of any other nicknames for Barnaby, please tell me! All I’ve got is Bee, B and Barney. How bad is Barney, really?