Florence/Flora once again

  Yes, I’m stuck on Florence again. Florence Lila Ghislaine has been the standing combo for a few weeks now, before that, I don’t think I had a standard bearer. I adore Ghislaine. I don’t care if she’s positively decrepit in France, she sounds beautiful and she’s got family significance. Works for me. It’s Lila that bothers me. She’s pretty, undeniably, but I fear trendy. And Lila’s getting hot, fast. She’s already at 259 (2007) from not being on the charts 10 years before that.  That bothers me. I don’t want trendy. I don’t mind popular, as long as it won’t date horribly in the future.  if it had family significance it might be okay too, but she lacks there. Lily, Laura, Leslie/Lesley yes; but not Lila. 

 So, that whole train of thought made me go digging for combos all over again. And I think I found a real winner or two:  

Florence Mina Ophélie  &  Florence Esmée Plum and of course the standard, Florence Lila Ghislaine

 I like both for various reasons. The former’s got Mina in it. I just lurve Mina. Absolutely. Have Araminta on my list because I could nickname her Mina. (Yes, Wilhelmina’s still on there somewhere too!) And the overall color of  Esmée Plum is divine. Pastel purple and deep plum. They go beautifully with the sunset hues of Florence.   Mina Ophélie is darker, more dusky grayish lavender and blue which is balanced by the rich sunset of Florence.  I would have to flip a coin.


Which would you pick? Why? (if you don’t mind)

Any voice is appreciated! 



Clarence, expanded

 I like warm & fuzzy things.  Clarence is one of them. Yes, he’s warm, fuzzy,  friendly,  happy, strong and handsome.  I’ve liked him for a good while now, a year and a half, maybe a bit more. I think he’s pretty awesome, actually.  I only have one small problem,  I’m still looking for his perfect combo.  Here’s what I’ve gone through already:

Clarence Henry Rafael
Clarence Henry Xavier 
Clarence Dashiell Henry
Clarence Henry Valentin 
Clarence Gavriel George
Clarence Gabriel Arthur
Clarence Alastair George
Clarence Rohan George
Clarence Edward Fionn
Clarence Henry Gavriil 
Clarence Gavriil Finn 
Clarence Gavriel George
Clarence Henry Rafael 
Clarence Arthur Gabriel 
Clarence Henry Neville
Clarence Edward Rafael
Clarence Edward Jude 
Clarence Edward Bruce 
Clarence Edward Reuel 
Clarence Henry Reuel

My goodness, that’s a lot of Clarences!  And worse, there’s more:

Clarence Fintan Hugh
Clarence John Reuel
Clarence Hugo James
Clarence Edward Jude
Clarence Arthur Jude
Clarence Arthur Finlay
Clarence William Alasdair
Clarence Julien Edward

I’ve tentatively settled with Clarence Henry Rafael but am also liking Clarence Henry Reuel (The best way to honor Tolkien!),  Clarence Rohan George, Clarence Edward Fionn & Clarence Dashiell Henry (or maybe Clarence Henry Dashiell?).  Clarence Fintan Hugh’s pretty awesome and I really dig Clarence Arthur Finlay. Worse yet, he doesn’t have a preference, he just likes Clarence, and says he honestly doesn’t care what he’s paired with. Clarence is his #1 choice, Cosmo’s mine. We’ve come to an agreement on Cosmo (Cosmo Henry Gavriil) but nothing even close with Clarence. I really do like him but am having such trouble!

Something still feels missing, though. Clarence almost sparkles with Henry Reuel & Edward Fionn but almost isn’t good enough. Clarence Arthur Finlay is probably the sparkliest one for me. What do you think? 😀