Near Misses

I say ‘Near Misses’ because I’ve loved the following  names for a long while but just can’t make myself want to use them for various reasons.  Here they are, with the reasons:



Romilly– She’s too surnamey for first name use. I love her but she just doesn’t work with the sibset.

Elspeth– this may still end up on the list, as she’d honor me and Grandma, both.  She’s a bit too Scottish to fit perfectly with the sibset, too but If I can find a way around the Ellie (the elephant) she might end up if I can’t come up with an alternative!  Hence, the ‘near miss’, for now.

Xanthe– She was on my working list for a year as Xanthe Rosalind Elinor. I still adore the combo but she is far too exotic to work with the existing sibset. Leo, Simon, Josephine & Xanthe? nah.

Imogen – I think she’s awesome. And he came up with Io as a neat nickname option should she not like Immy.  I like her clean, spare feel but think she’s lopsided with the set.  She’s a ‘very near miss’.

Allegra – Darn allergy medicine! The lightest, most lovely name in existence and a drug co. swipes it for a medicine name.  *sigh* I tried putting her in the middle, but she overshadows everything I pair her with. I’d much rather her up front, which I can’t make myself do.  *insert huge sigh here* 

Annora – Lovely medieval Annora. I love that the Ann part links her visually to the family’s Ann- population and still gives me Annie/Anna or Nora as nickname options.  But everyone I mention her to hears Honora instead of Annora. It drives me banana. I will not do that to a child.

Philippa – So lilting and charming. I’ve had Philippa on and off my lists for a few years now. The reason for the near miss? I have a dear friend in Sweden, where Pippa (he potential nickname) is a rude word. Yvonne (the Swedish GF) is a part of my extended family structure (with the seriously disfunctional childhoods we both had, we are so not traditional in defining family). So Philippa’s a no-go for me. But oh how I wish!

Agatha – I think she’s charming. Stuffy, yes. A bit stiff, even. But I love her sound. and I love the way she looks written down.  I even find Aggie suitably “witchy’ sounding for me.  But he thinks ‘mothbally English lady’ and will not even try to warm up to her. I bring up Agatha and he goes “humph’. *sigh*  She’d go right to the top if I could get him to come around.  Another “very near miss” indeed.

Penelope –  Another awesome lady. She’s horsey enough to suit and elegant enough to balance out beautifully.The near miss here? I hate Penny, don’t mind Poppy and somewhat like Nellie. I call Josephine Poppy somewhat often and don’t want to duplicate. Nellie full time bothers me.

Winifred – My Uncle Skip’s new wife (5 years now, I think). I think she’s gorgeous. Fearsome strong in looks but so light & lilting in sound.  Another one I can’t get him to warm up to, at all. Not even Winnie makes him think twice.

Scarlett – I love her color (duh) 😀 and find her spunky. Another “no way” from the other half. “Too celebrity” ” “Too cheesy” “Too, Too, Too”.  And after working in interior design for  awhile, Scarlet is too color for me.

Dorothea– Honors my Babci is a roundabout way. She was Cecylia Anna Dorota (anglicised to Cecilia at 15). Dorota is pretty but Dorothea is suitably stern enough for me. Would even honor Uncle Ted in a backwards way too (Ted’s a Theodore).   But he hates Dorothea, Dorothy and any other possible variant I could possibly come up with to offer. He won’t say why either. We each get one “no way, no how” free of charge (no explanation necessary). This is one of his.  She’d be #2 if I could get around that somehow.



Hugo– I’ve had him at the top of my list for at least a year.  But he shot him down with a “gotten too trendy” recently. Hugo Balthazar John.  *sigh*  I really liked him too, warm, fuzzy, hefty Hugo.

Arthur – a paternal Great Uncle would be honored with him. And I love his “kingly” sound. he’s a near miss because I  can tolerate Artie but loathe Art. Art is a field of study for me. And I’m too verbally lazy to enforce Arthur all the time.  It’s a shame too. I really, really love him but only in full.

Constantin/e–   Strong, handsome and familial (he was the oldest of my Babci’s 12 brothers). I even like his nickname options.  But he’s just not playing well with the siblings. 

Rupert – I love him, stuffy, warm, friendly dude he is. But this is his other “no way, no how” card.  I have to live with admiring him from afar.

Rufus– Simply awesome.  I think he’s fantastic and he fits perfectly into the sibset. But he’s got no nicknames and he think he’s old mannish. He’s on the “near misses” because  I’m still working on warming him up to him. He seems a bit more friendly than Remus. and Remus is #3. I think Rufus could replace him, easily.

Duncan – He sounds great with the surname, he’s got a smooth, easy sound. Unfortunately, he also reminds everyone I mention him to of Dunkin’ Donuts. 

Otto –  I’ve loved short, happy Otto since I was a kid.  he’s also one of the few palindromes I don’t mind on a person.  But I swear if I hear “My name is Otto, I like to get blotto” one more time, I’ll scream. Otto sounds athletic to me, too. He’s a very, very near miss.

Roland– I’ve been charmed by Roland since I was about 12. I love his rich, round sound and his knightly feel. I really like Rollo (RAHL-oh) and think between the two, he’ll age well. He’s a near miss because he sounds odd with everything I try to pair him with.

Linus – He’s sweet. Linus is what my Mom used to call my blanket toting kid brother when he was small. He;s sharp, handsome and the Peanuts link really doesn’t hurt him.  Neither does Torvalds or ‘Sabrina’. My hang up? Yet another L name! Two in a family is difficult, but three? I don’t know. He may end up on the lists yet, but for now, he stays here.

Quincy– Four words: Going to the girls.  So sad. It makes me think of Jack Klugman. (Who is also the reason I like Oscar!)

Calvin – I like him. He’s crisp, smooth and handsome. I don’t mind Cal, occasionally, even.  My reasoning is odd but effectively renders him unusable for me:  he’s a two-syllable, end in -n sound boys name. He’ll blend right into the masses. I hate that. 

Sidney– His Grandpop’s name. I find Sidney charmingly stuffy yet warm & friendly. I even like Sid. Sid is happy, open & free sounding, artistic, even.  Unfortunately Sidney’s effectively girly now. Naing a boy Sidney is making him say no, S-I-D… the Boy spelling”! just as my mom had to “No E-S, the girl spelling”! most of her life.  I can’t do that to a kid. But oh, I find Sidney charming.


 Anything on here you think I shouldn’t? Anything you’d rather see used? Let me know what you think! I’d love to know.