Yes, still loving Cleo. She’s simply velvet on my tongue and sings a sweet contralto coming out of my mouth.
I’ve had Cleo Portia Rupinder as a combo for a few weeks, and while I’m completely enamoured with her, it seems no one else is. So I thought I’d give Cleo a few more shots, see if anything else pops out at anyone. Here are my attempts last night:

Cleo India Apolline
Cleo Frances Matilde
Cleo Laetitia Valentine
Cleo Poppy Mehitabel
Cleo Iris Pandora
Cleo Penelope Iris
Cleo Saffron Isobel
Cleo Esme Genevra
Cleo Junia Eglantine

Yeah, they’re all oddballs. There’s a few up there I like quite a bit but don’t think anything comes close to Cleo Portia Rupinder. Of course, she’s not likely to be used, with Clementine India Maud still in place on the lists. But I keep adding her too because she seems so entrancing, another short, sweet dear. What  do you think, folks? Anything there worth saving?

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  1. appellationmountain
    Feb 16, 2009 @ 17:45:52

    The thing about Cleo Portia Rupinder is that there’s nowhere to hide. I always wonder if my children will grow up and be rather vanilla. Not that I’m the world’s most daring soul, but I can see my kids rebelling by becoming stockbrokers. Or dentists. Something aggressively safe and respectable.

    So I guess I tend to like combos that honor the possibility that my children will rebel by becoming *more* normal than me. Which means that Cleo Frances Matilde appeals more than Cleo Portia Rupinder – not on her own merits exactly, but because she has the ultra-safe Frances as an escape hatch – just in case she grows up and says, “Mom, why did you name me …”

    It’s sort of the same way I feel about Emma Grace, the name friends chose for their daughter because they wanted to pick a “normal” name. I have ten bucks riding that she grows up to be a fabulous, avant garde performance artist/community activist/costume designer. (I’m sure I will like her immensely.)

    Still, I *wish* I had the moxie to use something like Cleo Portia Rupinder. Because she really, really is gorgeous!


  2. Lola
    Feb 16, 2009 @ 18:49:37

    It’s funny, I *do* have the moxie to use CPR (hah, love those initials!) . The kids are all rather firey and “do your own thing, who cares what anyone thinks” types. I am too, but I’ve had to grow into it. I was not nearly as open & mouthy as a kid. By 15, however, I was. I think I’m just going to have to stick Cleo Portia Rupinder in my back pocket and sit on her. I might still have another girl I think is right for her. I’m not counting anything out just yet! 😀


  3. Eva
    Feb 17, 2009 @ 08:30:55

    I *love* Cleo Iris Pandora! I love Pandora so much. It goes well with Cleo – they are both so exotic!


  4. Lola
    Feb 17, 2009 @ 09:57:17

    Aww, thanks Eva. I’ll stick Cleo Iris Pandora in my back pocket! My ‘MIL’ would be thrilled.


  5. Ysa
    Feb 17, 2009 @ 21:20:10

    Thought I’d pop in to stick up for the oddball. I love Cleo Portia Rupinder. Cleo is different, yet fits in well enough with the population of Chloes and such to be backed up with the two oddballs. Portia is a cute little piglet, and the Porsche car thing isn’t as pronounced as a middle name. Rupinder is exotic, but quite usable, in my opinion. While Indian in origin, it doesn’t seem culture clashy here. Portia and Rupinder together form a really unusual color combination: coral pink and pine green. I quite like it. Anyway, if you were to lose hope in CPR (Ah, the puns to be made, so many possibilities :P), Cleo Poppy Mehitabel and Cleo Junia Eglantine are pretty awesome themselves. I think Cleo needs something quirky and unusual to back her up, otherwise she seems significantly paler.


    • Lola
      Feb 17, 2009 @ 21:47:09

      I agree, Ysa! (Lovely to see you here, thanks for stopping by!) Cleo feels pretty ordinary to me, especially when I sit her down next to the rest of my top names: Ottilie? Odd; Clementine? A bit mainstream; Maud? Cleo feels almost modern next to Maud! I could go on but you get the picture. Rupinder’s been a HUGE gp for a good four or five years now. Having a best friend married to an Indian really expanded my universe, for sure. And since Nalin sees nothing wrong with me using Rupinder where she is, I’m leaving her there.


  6. Cleo
    Oct 08, 2009 @ 15:34:30

    Growing up as a Cleo, it really is a great name 🙂
    Everyone can pronounce it when they see it but it’s not popular (I’m yet to meet another Cleo). And the fact that it ends in ‘o’ is so unlike other girly names, it really flows well. The only problem is quite a few people call me Chloe (which I now HATE as a name!) or ask me if I’m named after the Renault Clio car…
    My parents decided not to use middle names so my initials are just CK, which I really like. But Cleo Iris Pandora is a pretty cool name! And the fact that Cleo has the Cleopatra/Greek muse of History conotation is nice too!


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