Am re-thinking Matilda And Mathilda lately. I generally prefer Mathilda, looks less “Waltzing Matilda” to me but I am warming up to the spelling. 

I’ve had Mathilda Lucy Elanor for a good few months now and I’m still quite taken with her. Lucy for Mom & me, Elanor for da Man. Yeah, if it was good enough for Sam’s girl, it’s good enough for one of mine. 😀  So I’m not looking for anything new there, but Matilda? Yeah, I’ll play with her for a bit, see if anything jumps out at me, maybe you’d like to give me your two cents on these few?:


Matilda Violet Kathleen
Matilda Elspeth Violet
Matilda Esme Violet
Matilda Katharine Violet
Matilda Rosemary Violet
Matilda Saskia Violet
Matilda Violet Llanfaire
Matilda Flora Violet
Matilda Lucy Violet
Matilda Violet Winifred
Matilda Cerys Violet
Matilda Lily Violet
Matilda Sibyl Violet

Like I said, I’m just playing around. There’s a couple there that interest me but I’ll leave that ’til later and see what everyone else thinks first. I’m more interested in your opinions thatn mine, anyway! 


 So, anything there grab ya? Let me know!   And, as always, thanks a million for stopping by!  😀