Yep, I’m thinking about Oscar again.  I’ve been thinking how awesome he is and like him despite his popularity. At least, I do right now. His popularity is what killed him for me before. The most comfortable spot for me, rank wise in the low 200’s to mid 500’s. More or less popular usually makes me pause.  Oscar’s actually in the top 200 but fell a teensy bit between 2006 and 2007 : 118 to 121. If he had climbed into the top 100, he’d be off my lists but as is, the fall allows me to still toy with Oscar.  

Oscar Valentin George was my combo of choice.  I had also liked  Oscar Gabriel Edward & Oscar Taliesin John.  But Oscar Valentin George is the one I keep coming back to.


 I think he sounds pretty awesome with the boys and is pretty snazzy looking with Josie as well. My brother would just love a nephew he could call “Ozzy”, too. Me, I’m more prone to simply Oz, which delights my Aussie bud Jason to no end.  So Oscar’s looking like a winner for a few reasons. I don’t love him like I do Rufus or even Cosmo but think he makes a more mainstream option.  He feels a bit too mainstream to me, whose used to old people names on her kids (remember, Leo & Simon are going on 23!) but I do like him enough to consider him.  Now, The other half doesn’t mind Oscar but prefers Rufus, Cosmo & Remy (which is one I utterly love). Arthur is my ‘normal” dude on the list, among the oddballs, and I like him a bit more than Oscar. So, should I bother putting Oscar on the official list or no? What do you think?  Oscar or Arthur?  Or both?


Any thoughts at all would be appreciated! All he says in response to Oscar is “yeah, he’s okay”, which is about as “yeah, whatever” as he’s ever given. I need some input on Oscar! Help!  😀