Edith, Again!

I’ve been loving Edith/Edie for a good while now and have come up with a good dozen or so combos over that time that appeal to me in one fashion or another. Edith feels starchy and sweet to me, even artsy. The word that comes to mind first when I think Edith? bohemian. Yeah. And I love that. Edith could easily rank #2 if I find the combo that sings to me. All of these do, some in one style or the other but they all sing. Help me decide which one sings best? I’d really appreciate it! Here are the lot of them:

Edith Alice Bertille – the standard bearer. Elegant, luscious and sweet. She’s Barbershop.

Edith Esme Violetta – She’s Opera, without a doubt, Lush and heady.

Edith Rosalie Pearl – She’s a ditty. Sweet and happy.

Edith Malu Violet – She’s a Jungle rhythm. Heavy and full, very, very light on her feet. This one dances too.

Edith Ruby Elinor – She’s a Waltz. Feels very 18th century, to me.

Edith Viola Petronel – She’s musica mundana; universally harmonious. I love the creative vibe I get from her.

Edith Isobel Loveday –  Is Bluesy.  Just feels so blue and gorgeous.

Edith Ruby Pomeline –  Is a whole Orchestra! She’s full & rich. Just beautiful.

Edith Mary Bluebell – is a country tune. Sweet, a little sad but has a rollicking rhythm.

Edith Zenobia Violet –  She’s a Tango.  A little spicy and  sultry. 😉

Edith Romilly Lenore –  She’s a classical piece. She feels very faerie tale-ish to me. Light-hearted but has a dark streak. So lush!


 Alright, there’s the different music types I get from each combo,  am I crazy or do you feel it too? At least a little bit?  Maybe?  Any up there that leap out at you as absolutely perfect? I’d love to know! 


 as always, Thanks!

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  1. Eva
    Feb 13, 2009 @ 20:12:13

    All these combos are amazing! I agree with your description for each combo. I personally see colors when I hear names. To me, Edith is a bright blue. I love the nickname Edie, I think that’s adorable.

    my favorites are:
    Edith Rosalie Pearl, Edith Isobel Loveday, Edith Romilly Lenore, Edith Zenobia Violet, Edith Mary Bluebell and Edith Ruby Elinor.

    Hmmm,, I think I’m leaning towards Rosalie Pearl. But I love the flow of Zenobia Violet. But Mary Bluebell is just darling! This is quite hard, you have such amazing combos do choose from. I think my favorite is Edith Rosalie Pearl, I just like the overall feel I get from it. My second choice is Edith Zenobia Violet, I really like the Tango-feel it has that you mentioned. 🙂


  2. Lola
    Feb 13, 2009 @ 20:57:52

    😀 You’re funny! Zenobia’s his give in for Zuleika, which is very hard to pair! I figure she’s pretty neat in the middle and since he likes that Z, he can have it there. Edith Rosalie Pearl almost feels default to me and I do worry about Rosalie for two reasons, 1. is Twilight. I did read the series (took me about a week, total) and while it was okay, it’s not something I’m gaga over (I can understand why some are, though, Edward’s awesome!) but I still think Rosalie’s got a chance to soar. And 2. Josephine’s middle is Rosamel. Rosamel & Rosalie? Too matchy, perhaps? I still like the combo very much but it gives me a slight pause for those two reasons.

    Edith Zenobia Violet may just end up the winner because she’s far out enough for him, but grounded enough for me. I’m still rooting for Edith Viola Petronel, both middles honor in a roundabout way, Viola for Violet, Petronel for Pyotr/Peter. My Babci would approve, Pyotr was her favorite brother. And Petronel should be far out enough for him! 🙂


  3. Caitlin B
    Feb 13, 2009 @ 22:51:16

    I love your descriptions – so accurate! But not immediately obvious to me, I admit.

    Edith Viola Petronel would be my favorite. I can sense your excitement over her through your description. She excites me, too.

    2nd place would be the waltz. Very elegant.

    And the runner up, although I don’t think she’ll ever be the one chosen, is Edith Mary Bluebell. So cute!


  4. Emmy Jo
    Feb 14, 2009 @ 13:50:06

    My favorites are Edith Esme Violetta and Edith Zenobia Violet. I definitely understand what you mean about the different types of music. After all, wasn’t I the one who said a while back that Edith Esme Violetta feels so musical and makes me want to sing it? 🙂

    This is one of my favorite posts of yours, by the way. Very fun to read!


  5. Lola
    Feb 14, 2009 @ 15:29:28

    Thanks Emmy Jo! 😀 You were indeed the one who wanted to sing Edith Esme Violetta. I find Edith in general very singable, same with Cleo. Although Edith is a sweet sound, Cleo’s a lush Opera, if that makes any sense. Maybe that’s why Cleo simply appeals as well. *shrug* must stew on that a while, I think!.
    I think Edith Zenobia Violet is the overall winner here. She seems fairly universally liked and is one that pleases both of equally. Edith Viola Petronel is a runner up. I can picture, EZV as lighter whereas EVP is darker to me. One I could easily see picking based on looks.

    Thanks Emmy Jo!


  6. Emma
    Feb 15, 2009 @ 18:41:56

    Ohh loveday with Edith. So good. What a beautiful combo that is.
    I gravitate towards Edith Viola Petronel because I have a tendency to group Edith, Alice, and Petron(ella, elle, illa, el) together in a fantasy sibset of mine. Viola feels strange to me in any context because I’m a violist.
    Love Zenobia with Edith too, genius.
    All your combos are beautiful and your descriptions spot on; I think my favorite is still Edith Alice Bertille. Absolutely wonderful. I have got to start thinking about Bertille some more now. (Although I would like to pronounce it Ber-TEEL, which I think is okay because I’d probably not end up shortlisting it.)

    But if you do feel the need to leave EAB behind, I really earnestly hope you go for something with Loveday in it, whether sweet Isobel is there or not. Edith Loveday. How beautiful.


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