Yep, Tallulah. I’ve toyed with her before, she was my Grandpop’s mom. And I love her loose and funky sound. I never knew her, but I have cousins who did and would remember her for my kids, which is kind of nice.  She came up yesterday as an alternative to Tullia by the lovely Melissa2 on the Nameberry boards. And I was immediately intrigued.  Intrigued to the point that I was coming up with combos last night while watching re-runs of Star Trek (yeah, we have the whole run on DVD) ! I’m quite happy with a few of these, wanna see? 🙂


Tallulah Poppy Frances
Tallulah Daisy Kathleen
Tallulah Viola June
Tallulah Alice Marigold
Tallulah Sophie Plum
Tallulah Katharine Violet
Tallulah Margery Violet
Tallulah Ivy Isobel
Tallulah Violet Irene
Tallulah Catherine Plum

Like I said, I’m fond of a few of these. I’m not saying which few now. maybe later!

What do you think of Tallulah? Like her or not? Too weird with Josephine? Tell me!  😀


 As always, Thanks!