Zelda !

Anyone who knows me knows the special place in my heart for Zelda. I love her round, happy sound and she is the neatest shade of plum! Zelda was my very first naming feat, I was all of maybe 16 months old when I got that huge stuffed elephant.  When I was just over 2 I got scarlet fever and she vanished. Mom later told me that she, along with most of my other toys and blankets were burned to keep the disease from spreading. The only place I ever read about toys and such being burned in relation to scarlet fever was in “the Velveteen Rabbit” but I took her word for it (why would she lie?) and I have mourned Zelda’s loss every day since. 

Is it weird to want to use a name because it was the name of a beloved stuffed toy?  Is it weird to want to use say Lucy, even though it was the name of your Grandmother’s toy poodle when you were a small child? I say no! It’s no different than naming your kid Kal El because you were to have been Superman and you’re bitter about it! I suppose Zelda’s not quite as clownish, either. 😉

lovely plum!

lovely plum!


 I think she’s fantastic. Warm, friendly, and happy, indeed she’s got a colorful vibe I just adore her entirely. She goes on & off my lists solely because I wonder at the pairing of Josephine & Zelda. Is it like naming sisters Aurora & Madison? Too different?  I sometimes think so and she comes off the list and other times think no, and she comes back on.
There’s a few famous Zeldas too, besides that silly game princess (and hey, if boys can be named Lincoln/Link, why not Zelda?) There’s Zelda Fitzgerald, Zelda Rubinstein and the  youngest Zelda I can find, Zelda Williams (Robin Williams’ oldest). Granted Zelda Rubinstein was creepy Tangina in the “Poltergeist” flicks but she’s been a steadily lovely actress. Zelda Williams on the other hand, gives me pause. I mean, she’s young (born in 1989) and an actress and I think everyone knows how Hollywood can wreck a girl and hence, her name.  It might be like naming a girl Britney. Then again, if she’s anything like her dad, (her mom, Marsha, seems pretty upright to me too!)  I’d think she was a safe bet.

If you Google Zelda , you literally have to wade though the “legend of Zelda” links to find anything else. Rubinstein & Williams are halfway down & Fitzgerald is below them still! there’s also a Pizzeria in Sacremento, CA and on the second page a most awesome Sweet Shoppe  in Skokie IL. Wow, their stuff looks delicious, I may place an order! They are bookmarked under “Delicious Stuff”!

I have a poll or two going, feel free to vote in them if you’d like. Or just comment here, again, if you’re so inclined. And if you do either, Thanks!  I definitely think Zelda’s worth consideration!

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