Beatrix, evermore

Okay, I know I had 4 combos supposedly final in an earlier entry but I’ve since rearranged them and re-thought them. My problem is I find so many combos I like with Beatrix, I find it hard to narrow them down, Completely opposite of Florence! Worse, they all honor in some fashion, and that makes it harder to narrow them down!

Here are the “new & revised Beatrix combos:

Beatrix Esme Valentine – Hard to eliminate this one. Valentine’s for my late Pop and I’m rather fond of her. (Wayne is hard to feminise!)

Beatrix Ruby Marilyn – Ruby’s for me (born in July) Marilyn’s a lovely Aunt. Still alive, which is why she’s in third.

Beatrix Flora Ophélie – Flora’s for Florence (who went by Flora anyway) and Ophélie is my favorite form of the lucious Ophelia without the possibility of oh-feel-ya. (I say oh-FEL-ee-ya anyway).

Beatrix Poppy Elinor – my beloved, starchy  girl. I love her feel & flow but think some days she may be too British feeling, especially next to continental Josephine, with the Spanish middle name.  But I adore her bright, happy feel.

Beatrix Flora Winifred – Winifred’s my newest Aunt by marriage (well, three years now) but she’s a lovely lady and puts up with crazy Uncle Skip quite easily. I’d love to be able to honor her, which is why Winifred ends up in my combos fairly often.


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I’m in love with Beatrix. Almost lost it because of the “Kill Bill” flicks. Loathe those.

But Beatrix love remains (thank you Beatrix Potter!)


I have four combos that make my heart sing, for various reasons,  this is rather how I feel when I say Beatrixgrays20iris20garden

without further ado, here they are:

Beatrix Flora Ophélie – Flora’s for a Florence, Ophélie’s  just gorgeous.

Beatrix Poppy Elinor – Poppies were my Dad’s favorite flower, Elinor’s a cousin.

Beatrix Esme Valentine – Esme for G. Auntie Esmeralda (which is just too unwieldy for this non Spanish chick). Valentine, for my Dad, born on Valentine’s Day and given two names he hated all his life.

Beatrix Violet Cleophée  – Violet for an Aunt, Cleophée because I adore her.  Any form of Cleo’s aces with me, I just find this one rather elegant.

Anyone want to comment on what they like/dislike or why?  Possibly? Or heck, just vote in the poll!