Harold & Philo

You read that right. Harold & Philo are the newest dudes on my “thinking” list right now.

Now Harold is one I know is not going to get much love from anyone. But I’m loving his starchy feel. And his nickname Hal is absolutely the bees knees for me. I loathe Harry. It sound sloppy coming out of my mouth but Hal snaps. 🙂 I’m wild about Hal.

Thinking about Philo too. Philip’s been a fave forever but I mostly love Phil. I know, and I cannot make myself use just a nickname on the birth certificate. And Philip makes him make faces, he also hates the Phillip spelling. So I’ve been thinking of Philo as a jauntier Philip and an equally easy way to get Phil, should I want to.
I’m working on combos as I type. Thinking along the lines of Harold Xavier John or Harold William George. Not that I’m wanting to bury my beloved George in third place but there he fits.
Philo’s trickier to pair. More uncommon middles don’t help him any. So things like Philo Willem James or Philo George Stephen perhaps. I really need to work more on these two handsome guys. Well, I think so. What about you? Any thoughts on either of them? I’d love to hear if you do! 😀