Maud, Mina, Edith, Clio, Zelda & Ottilie

I’m having fits. ūüôā Crazy, frothing fits. ūüėÄ Toying with others that seem to fit more with Maud, who just may replace Cecily as my #1. Probably won’t because Cecily honors a bit more but still, the urge is very much there.
So I got to thinking, what else was like Maud?

¬†Digging through my¬†¬†lists, I came up with¬† Mina, Edith, Clio/Cleo, Zelda & Ottilie. They all have the same vintage, more or less and all have that slightly musty, funky vibe I so adore.¬†¬† Zelda’s combos are up in¬†the air again: Zelda Ivy Blithe, Zelda Iris Grey or Zelda Coralie Blithe (I’m rather partial to Coralie). Today’s Poll #1

And Mina’s got a tossup: Mina Lucy Raphaela, Mina Lucy Tamerlaine, Mina Alice Clementine & Mina Alice Rosamonde.¬† With the Mina Alice Bluebell & ¬†Mina Lucy Bluebell ¬†tossed in for good measure. Today’s Poll #2.

 The others are:

Ottilie Alice Mehitabel (loving this right now)
Maud India Scarlett (My beloved)
Edith Esme Violetta – The middles honor big time)
Clio Laetitia Plum/Cleo Portia Isolde/Clio Laetitia Eleanora (I adore Cleo Portia &
 Clio Laetitia, the second middles just appeal broadly).

¬†Go vote in the Poll¬†if you’re so inclined.¬† ūüôā

¬† Ottilie comes close to rivaling Maud’s combo for me, but only close. Nohing else really does, although I like them all ¬†rather well. I could happily have 6 daughters named Maud, Mina, Edith, Clio/Cleo, Zelda¬† & Ottilie.¬† But I digress. Is there anything here that is better than Maud India Scarlett to anyone? Please let me know if there’s one in your eyes. I’d love for someone to try to talk me out of Maud India Scarlett! ¬†


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 


I’ve been thinking about Henrietta again. I’ve liked her since I was little, honest. She was the dainty and well mannered Hippo on New Zoo Revue when I was a tiny thing obsessed with renaming myself on a daily basis. Funny though, my favorite thing to watch then was “The Magic Garden” with Carole & Paula and I never wanted either of their names! (But I still have a soft spot for those two, they’re still friends nearly 40 years later).

Anyway, back to Henrietta. I love her grand, almost stuffy manner and adore her many nicknames, Hattie, Hettie, Harry, Harriet, Etta, Ettie, Attie. And those are just the ones that I can think of at the moment, if I’ve forgotten one or more, enlighten me, please!

So, Henrietta. She’s quite a mouthful with the three syllable surname but then, Josephine’s no slouch there either. I love saying both names in full, I sing Josie’s out more often than you’d think. Henrietta would honor his Grandpop, Henry too, without me resorting to Henry, which I like but is far too popular for my liking. I’ll admire him on everyone else’s kids and send my Barnaby to play with them all! (well, that’s the thought now, anyway).

I like her frouf and her strength, a lovely blend of the two. I had a combo for her, Henrietta Ruby Lilias or Henrietta Lilias Ruby, couldn’t decide which way I preferred the middles.¬†

I also had these at one point or another:

Henrietta Xanthe Violet
Henrietta Leonie Pearl
Henrietta Ruby Valentina
Henrietta Carys Rosine
Henrietta Iris Elinor
Henrietta Lucy Elspeth
Henrietta Cecilia June
Henrietta Ottilie Violet
Henrietta Lucy Kathleen
Henrietta Alice Plum

¬†But I definitely prefer Henrietta Ruby Lilias/Henrietta Lilias Ruby over any of those (although Ottilie Violet makes me think, hmm…)¬† ūüėĬ† I’m not sure Henrietta fits with Josephine overmuch but I do like it and am going to be re-ordering the girls list today, I think.¬†¬† Off to stew over that!


Edward, Florence and three Oddball girls

I’m going over the most classic name on my list for a boy, an Auntie’s name and the combo: Esme Plum, with three different firsts.


¬†Now Edward is one I have a love/hate thing going on with. I hated the Uncle attached to him in my head (what a jerk) but I also have a darling cousin with the same name (the jerk’s oldest boy). And it hasn’t yet repeated in tthe family so¬†I think it’s ripe for the picking.¬† I have a standard for him but was trying out a few other thoughts. Which is your favorite?

Edward Ignatius George
Edward Valerian George
Edward Balthazar George
Edward Constantine George
Edward Apollo George
Edward Wilder George


Have been tossing Florence around in my head again too and am down to these two combos, stalemate. Help me?

Florence Viola Calliope
Florence Lila Ghislaine

And the three Oddballs, which do you like best?

Agatha Esme Plum
Winifred Esme Plum
Ottilie Esme Plum


As usual, any thoughts are greatly appreciated.    Thanks!

Ottoline & Ottilie

Sorry for the lull, I got surprised with a short vacation. It’s been so long since the last one and I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Just got back this afternoon!


She’s alternately my #1 or #2 name. I love her sound: ah-TEE-lee or ah-toe-LEEN. So delicate & sweet but not the slightest bit soft.

Ottilie’s an old name too. Her height was in 1882, at #416. Ottoline, on the other hand, has never ranked and is more or less, a one person name: Ottoline Morrell (Ottoline Violet Anne Cavendish-Bentinck Morrell) a 19th century society hostess. A very open minded one. A personal heroine of mine. Her daughter had Ottoline as a middle name, herself. (I have no clue if she used it often or not, though)

She’s also a character in a children’s mystery¬†series, “Ottoline Brown” is her name. I found a stuffed bear named Ottoline online but have no clue where she comes from. She’s so cute! Here:




Ottoline’s got a lovely sound, a beautiful look and will definitely stand out in the sea of Emily/Emma/Isabella/Madison/Ava/Sophias out there.¬† I think she’s absolutely aces and I love her combo: Ottoline Alice Marigold. I adore sunny Marigold next to refined Alice. They’re just perfect with the gorgeous Ottoline.

Now for the Girls

Figured I’d post the top 10 girls, singly and see what folks think.

Cecily – Celie, Cece, Celia
Ottoline  РTillie, Ottilie
Beatrix – Bea, Bebe, Trixie
Pomeline РMillie, Polly, Poppy, Molly
Maud – Maudie
Mathilda – Tillie, Maudie, Millie
Lucretia – Lucy, Lulu
Jemima – Mimi, Jemma
Henrietta – Hettie, Hattie, Etta, Harriet
Zuleika – Zuzu, Zooey


And if you want to see the rest of the girls (and these in combos), check them out, here .

Nymbler Assocations from Ottilie (Ottoline), Florence, Lucretia (Lucy) & Edith


Mose, Clark, Florian, Porfirio, Urban, Gray, Evander, Tiberius, Fritz, Gustave, Vincent, Clement, Clarence, Lou, Franz, Thelonius, Julian, Chauncey, Octavius, Octavian, Rupert, Francis, Edmund, Amadeo, Algernon,  Willem, Horace, Claus, Amadeus, Tilden, Atticus, Jasper, Caspar,  Claud, Magnus,  Ignatius, Antony, Anastasios,  Leonidas, Benedict,  Sheppard,  Cato,  Rafe,  Silas,  Simeon,  Llewellyn,  Erastus,  Edwin,  Hugo,  Percy, Quincy, Bayard,  Edmond,  Phineas, Maximilian,  Cyrus, August, Zed,  Sylvester, Gus, Constantin,  Julius,  Cicero,  Lazarus,  Casper, Felix, Cassius, Horatio, Lucius, Erasmus, Ephraim, Augustus,   Ambrose, Leander, Theophilus, Marius, Linus.





Myrtle, Frida, Wilhelmine, Millicent, Elinor, Leonore,  Luna,   Wilhelmina, Ophelia, Clarice, Dorothea, Cora,  Louvenia, Rowena,  Louisa, Leontine, Maud, Lenore, Esther, Henrietta, Martha, Zelda, Eulalia, Lucrece, Araminta, Ariadne, Alice, Leonora, Apollonia, Seraphina, Hermione, Leocadia, Ottie, Euphemia, Clotilde,  Violetta, Clarissa, Eugenie, Mathilda, Josephine, Clementine, Frances, Mathilde, Amalia, Antonina, Sylvie, Georgiana, Rosabel, Valentina, Valentine, Cecily, Marguerite, Camilla, Cecilia, Winifred, Filomena, Eugenie, Florence, Edith, Ottilie, Ottoline, Lucretia, Philomena,  Viola, Matilde, Aurelia, Flora, Lavinia, Beatrix, Cornelia.

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