___ Mimosa Jane

I admit it, I’m stuck on Mimosa Jane as a pairing. I think it’s fresh & sweet. I know it needs a bit of grounding; Mimosa’s pretty far out but I think Jane does an admirable job of bringing Mim back to earth.

So I went digging, came up with these few. BtN won’t let me poll yet, I have no clue what I did when yesterday but apparently after 2 was my main posting time there. When I get the chance, these will be there, so if you’re so inclined, go look for them there later. Otherwise, here they are for your perusal. Which ones work and do you like any?

Agatha Mimosa Jane
Salome Mimosa Jane
Esmee Mimosa Jane
Romilly Mimosa Jane
Laetitia Mimosa Jane
Cecilia Mimosa Jane
Philippa Mimosa Jane
Sylvie Mimosa Jane
Anthea Mimosa Jane
Sibyl Mimosa Jane

So there they are. There’s three I really dig and would put on the list so quickly! But I’m staying mum on them for now. I really want to see what the rest of you think, first! 😀

As always, thanks for stopping by!