Short post today, I’m feeling a bit under the weather. 

  I like this moniker, quite a bit, actually. There’s something very appealing about her looks or maybe it’s her sound,  don’t know.  But she’s been on my lists, in various places for nearly two years now. I just can’t shake her off. I had her up front: Romilly Alice Kathleen and I swear, I’d love to use it, as is.  I think she’s perfect!  

Of course, she’s place namey and surnamey and only recently actually name-namey. 😛    Because of that, I’ve tried her in the middle in a host of combinations and have only recently found a combo I’m even remotely happy with: Winifred Romilly Violet.  But even then, I’d rather Romilly Alice Kathleen. *Sigh*

I’ve searched around and see it mainly as  a surname and I’ve seen it on someone else’s daughter, where it’s absolutely lovely. And think just maybe, it could stand to be on a few more girls!  I know she’s not exactly perfect next to sister Josephine but really, is Romilly all that bad? What do you think? 

ETA: Running a Romilly poll today. We discussed her last night and came up with a few, somewhat pleasing alternatives. Take a peek and vote, if you want. Otherwise, here’s what’s on the poll:

Romilly Cerys Violet
Romilly Alice Kathleen
Romilly Alice Isobel
Romilly Iris Petronel
Romilly Lilias Jane
Romilly Elspeth Pearl
Romilly Violet Pearl

 I have a favorite and a close runner up here. He has no major favorite, he just likes them all.  Can you help me?