Inspirations from Elspeth & Margery

I figured, since these two are such big hits about now (Margery & Elspeth are #2 & 3 atm), I should look around for other names that feel similar, see if anything jumps out at me. Came up with these:

Graeme/Graham                                                         Susannah
Gerard                                                                                 Aurora
Crispin                                                                                Rafaela
Reid/Reed                                                                         Marian/Marion
Sinclair                                                                               Edna
Elias                                                                                     Niamh
Declan                                                                                 Eleri
Bram                                                                                    Rosemary
Clark                                                                                    Amelia
Hugh                                                                                   Willa
Hollis                                                                                  Eleanor
Kenneth                                                                         Bryony
Simon                                                                             Alice
Duncan                                                                             Anne
Charles                                                                              Anna
Bertram                                                                           Verity
Archibald                                                                        June
Callum                                                                             Beatrix
Arthur                                                                            Maisie
Evander                                                                           Sibyl
August                                                                           Effie
Rupert                                                                           Fiona
Edward                                                                         Maeve
Finn                                                                                 Cecily


As you can see  there are a fair amount of my ‘already on the list favorites’ up there already. Which tells me I’m at least staying within my own stylistic arena and I think that’s good. 🙂  beyond the few already on my lists, is there anything up there I should add to my lists? Whether it be the “working list”, the “collected favorites” list or just the “Names I admire” list, anything strike you as decent up there?

Anything you like and think I should too?  Let me know!


As always, thanks for stopping by!


On the heels of May, is Margery, nn Maisie, May or Daisy. This set of combos is the result of emailing back & forth all day, just so you know. I did stew on them ’til almost suppertime and have found a few in here I really find appealing. What do you think?

Margery Iris Adele– Iris makes me think of Grandma’s old place, this time of year, the irises would be everywhere! Adele I adore but stick here because he often says AY-dell, which drives me bananas. Here, he’s less likely to.

Margery Elinor Blythe – Elinor’s for the cousin, Blythe is one he really seems to like because he’s always putting it at the end like this. But he never seems to want it up front. Weird, yes but I think the combo’s pretty. 

Margery India Blythe – Alright, I’m still on that “India in the middle” kick. I just love it to pieces. And yeah, He put Blythe here too. I kind of like the imagery I get from this one.

Margery Alice Pearl– Alice for Me, Pearl because he came out of nowhere with it. I think wow, SNL babies here (Maya Rudolph has Pearl, Tina Fey, Alice)  But when I pointed that out, he went “huh?” so maybe it’s just me.

Margery Flora Jane – Flora for Florence, who I’m just not comfortable with up front (Josephine & Florence were my Mother’s two oldest half sisters) But Flora’s light and pretty and charms me to pieces. Jane for Mom.

Margery Esme Violet – Esme for G. Auntie Esmeralda, lovely woman, (clunky but gorgeous, not working with my surname name), Violet for Auntie Violet (Mom’s next oldest sister, the sweetest woman, treated me as her own)

Margery Lilias Pearl – Lilias is the Scots form of Lily, which is what Grandma Lilian was known as. Pearl, again, comes out of nowhere from him. I’ve asked his Mom, there’s no Pearl in the family!

Margery Elinor Primrose – Elinor &Primrose are cousins on his side, and I’m cool with that since Margery’s a cousin on mine!

Margery Elvira Lily – El-VEER-ah; was one of Grandma Lily’s sisters in law, And Lily’s for Lilian!

Margery Sibyl Violet – I’m just completely taken by Sibyl at the moment. I figure it can’t hurt much in the middle, right? and Violet’s for the special Aunt.



So there are the possibilities, anything grab you, pop out at you, anything you like?  I’d love to know! 


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May and her spicier variants

My Great Aunt May was a fabulous woman. Married months before WW1, widowed during, never remarried. Had a blast travelling the world and became a patron of the arts. Some of my earliest memories are of being at old Newark airport, waiting for her to arrive. Well, her or the Grandparents.  I’ve been told repeatedly by the family that she is the member I am most like. Which is cool, she was an awesome lady. But I know she always felt her name was too gentle and demure for her and while I like May exactly as she is, I was thinking “What would be a good way to spice May up, in a way May might like”?


So I went digging and came up with these variants that appeal in various ways:

Maybelle/Mabel (more Maybelle than Mabel, which reminds me of maple syrup: blech)

I thought about relating May to Mary (hence how Marian & Marigold got on this list). And if that works, I could also use Marilyn, for that lovely, living Auntie of mine.

But maybe my best bet is either Marguerite, nn Maisie (sound honoring) or just May. I considered Marguerite for Josephine briefly but in the end, just didn’t like it enough to keep it on the lists. I still do like it but am wondering if I like it enough. Somehow, I’m not sure I do. Maybe I should just think about May, alone. I’m not fond of May up front, so maybe in the middle somewhere?


What do you think of simple May and potentially, Margery nn Maisie?   Any of the others?  Worth trying to pair or no?


Susanna’s new to my lists, sort of. I’ve toyed with her before. She’d honor me; Susanne is my second middle for my mom’s best friend.  I really dislike Susanna with the ‘H’ on the end, that ‘H’ clunks it up too much for me. But Susanna, just beautiful.  I like the potential for Sukie/Sookie and have been wondering if Daisy as a possible nickname isn’t too far-fetched. After all black-eyed susans are a type of daisy, right? So yeah, another way to get Daisy. I love Daisy. My Grandma would be thrilled!  Of course, now the house would be K, L, L, S, J & S, which rather annoys me but not so much that I still want to consider Susanna.


I have a few combos that make me happy in various ways:


Susannah Edith Plum
Susanna Iris Pearl
Susanna Ivy Jane
Susanna Jane Petronel
Susanna Margery Jane
Susanna Caroline Violet
Susanna Elspeth June
Susanna Romilly Violet
Susanna Poppy Adele
Susanna Ottilie Pearl
Susanna Lucy Pearl
Susanna Violet June
Susanna Viola Marilyn
Susanna Zoya Ruby/Alice/Jane/Frances/Maud
Susanna Sylvie June



 There are a few that really stand out to me, but I want to see if any stand out to anyone else. Would you all be so kind as to flip though these and tell me what you like or really hate? I’d really appreciate it!  I’ll state my favorites later.


As always, thanks for stopping by and also for commenting!

Margery Elspeth-Elspeth Margery

I mentioned this combo a few days ago on Cat’s blog. And of course, that made me start thinking again. As if I’m not already up to my ears with girls names I like and can’t choose between!   😀  So anyway,  I’m trying a few combos out with this pair. Margery Elspeth or Elspeth Margery. I can’t decide which way I prefer it. Margery would be Daisy as it’s the one Marg- nickname that hasn’t been used yet in the family or maybe Pearl once in a  great while. Elspeth is for my Elisabeth, which was for Grandma. Elspeth would likely get Lily (again, for Grandma) or Elsa/Elsie or maybe even Bess. I like them both together, either way I turn them. I added a second middle but still can’t decide which way I like them. See, here:

Margery Elspeth Jemima
Margery Elspeth Lenore
Margery Elspeth Primrose
Margery Elspeth Louisa
Margery Elspeth Violet

Elspeth Margery Jemima
Elspeth Margery Lenore
Elspeth Margery Primrose
Elspeth Margery Louisa
Elspeth Margery Violet


And now you see my dilemma, I like them both ways! Margery Elspeth Violet in particular and Elspeth Margery Primrose.  The Jemima ones I almost want to flip again and make them Jemima Elspeth Margery or Jemima Margery Elspeth, but that’s a whole different post, apparently. 

I think Elspeth fits with Josephine the tiniest bit better, but That doesn’t make me like Margery any less. Margery’s been my favorite form of Margaret for years. I have a cousin named Margery that I haven’t seen in at least 20 years  (one of the many hazards of a great big family).  And the possibility of the lovely medieval Margery, nn Daisy is almost too pleasurable to bear.  So sweet yet grows up well.    Elspeth charms me. I find her strong with a storybook feel. Not much, just a touch. I think it’s the -speth that does it. I think Bess is my favorite nickname for any of the Elis/zabeth variants and Elis/zabeth. Bess charms me with her bounce and verve, yet feels soft and ladylike. My Mom would approve of Elspeth, nn Bess  I bet.  Lily &  Elsa/Elsie would be alternatives like Fifi & Posie are for Josephine.

So you see my dilemma. I couldn’t decide flipping a coin.  Anyone want to help me decide? I’d appreciate it greatly!  😀